Take #2: drowning.

i think: i'll make a
corner of this temporary
hell our paradise.

you're the sea and i'm
drifting, i hear your voice
and it's a siren's call.

but you give me a place,
an illusion, somewhere i can
let part of myself rest.

how many times will i feel
this? hook, line and sinker,
i'm drowning in your freedom.

and it's a painful reminder
of who we are, of what we
love, of what we should hide.

but i still - i still want you,
dream you, i still stay, neck deep
in warmth, choking on hope and fear.

good at pretending, just like i'm
steady, moving away as fast as their
eyes can catch us (but i'm falling).

and i have only one focus, can't
even blink - pink all over you,
blue veins singing for our silence.

it's a meaner setting, long stares
and at fingertips reach traded for
the haze of that something i wanted.

from you, for you - i can only taste
the longing, i'm keeping this dream,
spilled over every word and movement.

call it what you want (can't show it,
don't say my name), i know running away
from you would be running away from home.

traitorous heart won't behave, and this
heat comes in waves, breathless, i want for
each second we're allowed to steal and forget.

i swear (won't show it) i'll keep this corner
of hell as pure as the words that wait between
your lips - mine to breathe, mine to drown in.