"You're never going to make it in this world" the old man said taking a long drag from his cigerette. Despite my amnesia and shapshifting prowlece I recognized him even though I didn't know why. "I'm going to change that" He sighed and put out his cigreettte at the table. "I don't sugest such a mistake" I looked down and bit my lip. My red hair hiding my true nature. "I won't be a pawn for nazis, or games, I will make this war work in my favor. Dad I'll save the day I'l-" Before I could finish. He raised his hand and put his finger to his lips. "Shhhh" "I know you will….but now is not the time for talk of such things…." "the other me...I'll I'll get him in on it. We'll work together using our dreams!" My dad shooshed me once more. "Dionisis if that is your name today, you need to learn to be yourself. Stop tring to imitate others" I sighed. "But these are all me….just scattered through time…" "that I' afarid" odin took a puff. "Is only half the truth…" "also im not odin" he said with a laugh. "So many fathers so little time." I remarked amused. "Candy, you'll find your way. Just keep breathing, keep singing, and stay sweet like cherries" "I promise" he got up to leave. "Oh and one mroe thing?" "y-yA?" "don't froget your dreams" and in a whisp my father, my friend was gone.a