"I see you've been busy occeair" the man said as he took another drag. "Oh relax I'm your dad not your fuking friend" "who" "I see you've swaped places with my son salvator" I looked down on my hands. "Be careful with renasmay she has a tendency to posses those she feeds off of" the man laughed. "This is the dream realm you may call me simon" "Simon as in" "Simon as in the alter" "Your not simon" I laughed. "I am." "Why use an alias. Odin, Thor, Q" "Don't say the last name" "Try to get published. That's my advice. Submit sherlock unaltered and leave the asylum out of it cherry" "Cherry sh'es" "Adam's x not yours damon" I looked down begrungingly. "Tell you what. I'll let you salvators walk in the "vahalla" sun if you can promise my balder safe return" he said balder in air quoations. Clearly using filler words. "The book wasn't meant to be that dark. I promise rick wanted it that way" "Your elana will be fine damon and so will your saskue just be careful with him, and trust me you really don't want to wear fangs to that bar" "The party? Fun. Balder insisted we do the test not your fault I'm sure" he smiled a sarcastic thing. "So tell adam he's free to stay with us and the "veltori" but he has to kin my daughter instead of my son. And I do mean my sun." "Are you" "Stop guessing damon adams already figured it out" "Be careful around db. ANd make sure to post this story to facebook. Ellwood is waiting" "Why us?" "Because. Your my favorite characters." "That's not what I'm asking." 'SOmeone's figured it out. But you are only half right" "Talk to you soon. Stefan" "bye for now" "You have many stories to right." my dad took another swig swalling a glass laughing at the reflection within it. I closed the book. I was going insane.