John and Bonnie reached Gallop's End Gultch. There was a huge pile of rocks there, and not much else. The rocks themselves were the size of mammoths, and
were quite a spectacle to look at. Some said they guarded an old mine entrane. But beyond that? Nothing.

"Someone died here a long time ago trying to save his fellow miners by holding up the timber," said John.

"Says here his name was Big Bad Rohn!" said Bonnie.

"Yeah, somethin' like that" replied John.

"I do declare, I'm impressed John. Your gunslingin' power is so durn impressive the ol feller is too scared to show up" said Bonnie.

"You really mean that, right?" said John.

"I do, John. I believe you!" said Bonnie.

"Good," replied John, happily embracing his wife. Suddenly, the two of them heard something. They saw a shadowy cowboy figure atop the large overbearing rocks.
He could be seen lifting up a boulder, about to toss it on John and Bonnie.

"LOOK OUT!" shrieked Bonnie. John pulled Bonnie away as swiftly as possible. The shadowy figure then seemingly vanished after tossing a rock at them.
"Hoo. That must have been him! I'm going up there. Believe me, that wasn't some crazy woman, you believe me right?" said John. Bonnie nodded. John climbed up the rocks, and the shadowy man appeared again, this time swinging a gun from his holster.
"Who are you? Why won't you ever tell me who you are and why you never die?" asked John.
"It's not important who I am and it's not important why I never die, I want your lady, that ain't now lie" said the shadowy cowboy.
They marched ten paces and then drew their guns. As usual, John was quicker on the draw than the shadow man and he once again killed him. Yet this time, the rock began to glow. John took a giant leap off of it, and viewed
the amazing sight with his wife. Suddenly the rock grew arms and legs and began speaking.
"The fellow finally came to terms with his fate," said the rock creature.
"Well that makes me mighty proud of my husband for helping him do so" said Bonnie.

"Some souls dwell within rocks, but come out at times in order to train others for their future" said the rock creature. John took his wife into a corner nearbye.

"Now, Bonnie, Bonnie dear, rocks don't just get up and talk, why aren't you more surprised by this? Did we have too much Southern comfort?" asked John.
"No, Johnny, I'm Bonnie and I believe rocks watch over us, always have and always will" said Bonnie.
"Okay well you hold tight and don't lose your cool. I'm gonna try to reason with him" said John. But when John went up to the rock man, he had tunneled down
a deep hole in the ground in less than a few minutes. He then tossed John in like he was a sack of old potatoes and he landed in what seemed like an abandoned mine. But it was anything but abandoned. To John's shock there were many miners at work. John joined them, but said nothing. His wife, wondering where he was, attempted to enter the mine, but the entry was blocked by a very large tree that had fell in front of it. The ceiling of the underground lair began to crack and the miners were in a panic. But John carried a lantern and guided the miners to the exit, blocked by a tree. John, using all his strength, pushed the tree away and picked
it up to the amazement of his wife, and after tossing the tree away, the miners cheered.
"Who are you fellers?" asked Bonnie.
"We're dwarves. We were mining gems for Rohn" explained a small dwarf.
"Who's Rohn?" asked John.
"Him!" replied the dwarf pointing to the same shadowy figure again. The rock creature had fallen over to his side, and looked as though he had been killed.
"Won't be long now and some local important folks are gonna show up and convert your land to a railway station. There ain't nuttin' you can do about it either"
said the shadow man. John snickered and sneered.
"Tell that to the screaming sinners in Hell" said John, pulling out his gun and shooting the shadowy figure for the upteenth time. The rock creature came back
to life. John then saw a stagecoach carrying some government men in it. They were about to pull up to aquire John's land when they saw the rock creature and swiftly
went away. The rock creature then curled up and seemingly died, but left a note.

"You're one hell of a man, John. Best get out of here"

The rock then grew glowing yellow eyes and large feet and began chasing John and his wife Bonnie. They got on their horse and headed far far away from the rock
man, finally outdoing his speed, leaving him in the dust. They ended up in a faraway town. John and Bonnie decided to stay in Coltbit City and live out the rest
of their years there. They weren't sure if this event was something they'd tell their grandkids but they did tell some of the townsfolk, not expecting to be
believed. And for the most part, they were not. To avoid being made fun of, they faked their deaths, changed their names and took up new jobs at the edge of town.

"And that's the story," said Jack, AKA John. "The charming hostess of this joint who you met? She's already my wife, she's Bonnie. Yes, I'm Johnny"
"Why can't I tell anyone?" asked Bill.
"Because Jim is still in the room, and that's not his real name!" said John. Jim, who was sitting a few tables away began turning into a large shadow man, then John coldly shot him dead at point-blank range. He then blew steam off of his pistol. Bill could not believe his eyes.

"Some legends are best left under the rocks" said John. Nuggets of gold began falling from nowhere onto the table. His wife came back into the room, shocked.

"You struck gold, but how?" asked Bonnie AKA Sally.

"Not telling, but let's just say I passed a rigorous test!" replied John.

"Like it says in the good book: He that overcometh shall inherit all things" said Bill.

Moral: Keep facing your problems. Even if it seems redundant, it MIGHT all pay off eventually...given the right fracture in time or miracle from God.