Keep off of this pizza

before I cut you into slices!

A lotta cojones for a cowardly entrance!

I came to say sorry.

Please go fuck yourself.

We're under new management.

Let's go stop the press!

Perhaps I must know what happened recently, you guys.

There's been reports, changing of guards,

regarding a soldier in the army:

it's Gunny, y'see?

The formerly Ragnall!

The patriot's sainthood!

Last month was his sunrise!

You shouldn't even be here, man!

Thank you but don't you come back

Now, ya hear?!

But that man is

Nevermore. I understand it's hard

You're tore us apart, loser!

But there is still some hope!

You want me to just die…?

Recollect what you were

Recollect what happened to Armey

Should I drag you sixfold.

Please not two nought one two

Wherefore then not?

I won't revisit

The beans which had failed, while you ate them well


Armey lived not too long

Zsa was years away

Mama needs her and you needed to leave

Consider this

Clandestine command

Call it refused reluctantly

Don't fuck with the formula or they'll know

The wretched ability

Let alone my true colors

Never forget them, faker…!