another poem for your poem-hunger tummy.



It starts in a single room,

Darkness, and sudden light and sounds of pain.

In arms slick, sweat, cries silenced suddenly.

Summer sky and frozen lake meet.

Soft greetings, and strange feelings.

A new much bigger world,

to explore.

Bright lights, and new garish color.

Whispered words,

In languages two.

"Ангел, angel"

Soft sounds in a single room.

Cries, and sniffles.

Others, like me.

Only identified by the strange,

Things, encircling our wrists'.

Restrained and held down

By help not understood.

Too many tubes,

Like before,

But then there was only one.

And she was there another,

Warm and familiar, the same

But different. Together as one.

Then there was new.

Gone were the walls

Like my little soft sticks.

Something the big person

Called handsies.

The transport made a louder sound

than anything before.

A car? I think

that's what home called it.

We were at a big place.

And the all was cold.

Everything was louder there,

The smallest cry, was the loudest scream.

but there were less people.

I liked that.

Softness like the other,

I cannot remember her

Now nothing from the beginning.

Fading, fading

Going, going

Gone before I knew,

Who she even was.