Chapter 2: Merbros

A magic was in the air that night as Jed walked along the side of the lake, his bare feet against the wet grass. He saw a splash in the lake and thought it was a fish. As he looked closer he saw that it was two of them, two mermen swimming together. He sat at the edge of the lake to watch them. They were beautiful, with colorful tails. One had blue and white, and the other with green and yellow. They noticed Jed and swam over, splashing him a little.

"Hey, watch the flame!" Jed shouted.

"Sorry dude!" The merman with the blue and white fin said.

"It's fine... I can't let my fire go out." Jed said.

"I'm Triden, and this is my merbro Buck." He said, as Buck popped out from beneath the water.

"Hey there!" Buck greeted.

A loud thunder suddenly struck from behind them over the lake, and it started to rain. They all looked up at the darkened sky, to see a giant eye look down on them. Jed noticed Andrew standing on the other side of the lake casting a spell into the sky. It was him who summoned this giant eye. But, it looked as though the eye was being controlled. The rain was it's tears and Andrew had an evil smile on his face.

"Oculius!" Triden shouted.

"What's going on?" Buck asked.

"Our watchful eye is being controlled." Triden said.

"By Andrew, the incubus over there." Jed said, pointing to the other side of the lake.

"By him? We must stop him!" Triden yelled.

"Don't bother, he's too strong. Besides, I love him." Jed said, just smiling.

"What?! How can you?!" Buck asked confused.

"He's hot..." Jed stated.

"We need your help dude. He is draining our powers." Triden said.

"What can I do?" Jed asked.

"Join us, please." Buck said.

"I can turn you into a merman, so you can swim with us over to him." Triden said.

Jed nodded and let out his hand. Triden stung him with a fin and turned Jed into a pink merman so he is able to withstand the water without putting his flame out. They all swam beneath the water together down where it's wetter, trying to avoid the strikes of dark lightning cast by the evil eye. Triden and Buck tried to fight back with good lightning, but it was no match for them. Jed swam over to Andrew on the other side of the lake...

"Jed, where are you going?" Triden shouted.

"Distract the eye, I'm going after Andrew!" Jed shouted.

"You can't!" Buck yelled.

"I'll be fine, stay strong bros!" Jed shouted, as he nodded and swam away.

Jed came to the surface next to Andrew and gave him a big grin. Andrew looked down at him and smiled.

"Hey Jedster." Andrew said smiling.

"Hey top guy. What you doin?" Jed asked.

"Destroying your merbros. What's with this merman thing anyways?" Andrew asked.

"They are just mermen, why are you doing this?" Jed asked, as he sat on the edge of the lake.

"Wait, you're a merman now too?" Andrew asked.

"Yes, please don't harm them." Jed said.

"Sorry dude..." Andrew apologized.

Just then, a flash of light came from the sky. An angel descended with giant wings wielding a sword. He struck Andrew down, cum flying from his dick as he hit the ground. The angel was beautiful, perfect slender body, gorgeous face and a killer smile.

"Wait... what's going on here?!" The angel asked angrily.

"Don't hurt him!" Jed shouted.

"Fuck man... What the hell?!" Andrew yelled in his deep voice.

"What do you mean don't hurt him? He is causing this corruption!" The angel shouted.

"Who are you?" Jed asked..

"I... am Aithen!" He shouted, smiting the incubus away from the lake.

A flash of light hit the darkness and Andrew was sent away to another part of the world, leaving a pool of his white seed behind. The rain started to stop and the lightning ceased to hit the water. Triden and Buck emerged from the water and looked over at Jed and Aithen. Jed waved and smiled, then Aithen took Jed away to make love to him in the clouds, making passionate love to his ass. This would be the beginning of a great adventure, full of passion, drama, joy and tears. Jed was happy he found this place and wanted to stay forever. His new best friend Aithen and everyone he would meet.