Amelia Primrose _

A British girl (perhaps?) falls from the sky and is discovered and taken care of. She is holding an incredible secret and will save the world when she grows up, but not before she gets over her original name that was found on a tag near her at birth, and her hyper fascination with gardens. In reality, she is a fairy from another world known only to a select few in a secret black ops organization run by her mother Katheryn Primrose.

Chapter 1: A girl is found

Chapter 2: The Gardens, darn it

Chapter 3: Primrose? I'm a pompadill

Chapter 4: Amelia of Green Fables?

Chapter 1: A girl is found

One day a young couple was walking through a garden in Lancashire. "I'd rather adopt a child, personally" said Katheryn Primrose.
"Oh? Like that one there?" asked Zach Primrose, pointing to a small baby in a basket on the ground directly in front of them. It had a tag that read:


"Pompadill? What a dreadful name. I'm so glad we're going to change it to Primrose!" said Sophia.

Years later...

"PRIMROSE? I'm a pompadill, darn it!" said a spunky young twelve year old girl.
"Darling, these are roses" said her mother, showing her a picture of a flower garden. Amelia was instantly enchanted with it.
"Ohhhhh, I guess, I still feel like I'm a pompadill, but primrose is okay I guess!" said Amelia.
"Yes, dear, that's right!" said Sophia.
"NO NO NOooo, Primrose is horrible, I'm a POMPADILL! I guess," shouted Amelia, crying.
"Primrose, dear, primrose, we're the Primrose family" said Katheryn.
"Pompadill!" yelled Amelia.
"Primrose!" shouted Katheryn.

To be continued...