This is a wonderful fiction story as a cartoon, including with creative ideas

It's amazing, fun, adventurous,it has Action, Friendship, it's a movie.

This story starts with a normal place called Springfield, Illinois on a ordinary night, the moon's out, and it's peaceful.

Inside this town, there's lots of families, but out of all of them.

The family that will interest you is the walkers, there a an African American family, that seem like people that you like and hate at the same time.

Pretty much an average family, and with all normal families, there were will weird moments.

The family weird moments started on an average day, starting on 8:00 pm, with them having a movie night.

Mostly everybody are in the living room, there's cousins, sister,and an grandma.

One of these cousins is Sana, who has with long black hair, brown skin, wearing a white T-shirt, and black pants. Also, she is seven-years-old.

This girl is flipping channels, looking bored, and annoying the other members of the family.

Seeing the family annoyed, she calls one of her cousins name: "Kanisha!"

Sana voices bounces to a bedroom, that seems like an average room: dressers, a tv on a dresser, book selves with books, journals,pencil box, and a small locker on a dresser; A bed with a phone, remote, and a laptop on it.

Inside this bedroom, there's a girl with two braided hair, wearing glasses, wearing an white shirt, and pink pants as pajammas gazing at the beauty of the room, while singing.

Behind this girl, is three girls doing completely different things.

These girls are Kisa,Dumbra, and Sciencia are seen in the eyes of the girl mentioned before.

This girl name is Kanisha and the other girls are her imaginary friends.

Sciencia,a girl with long brown hair, white skin, wearing test tube hat on her head, triangle-shaped white dress with test tubes around it like a belt, and white shoes with test tubes on it.

Kisa is a blonde with long hair,golden earrings, red lipstick, wearing a pink shirt with glitter on, blue designer pants, and pink boots.

Dumbra has black hair in the ponytail,white skin,brown shirt,white pants, black shoes

Sciencia is making a model of robotic pig, that also an security bot.

Kisa is sewing rainbow cloth with an highly advanced sewing machine, which is a mixed between a typewriter, and a normal sewing machine.

Dumbra is working with weapons from an aliens, that are used for alien wars, which is a tradition for her family.

Kanisha hears Sana, stop singing and yells back "What?"

"Girl, we starting the movie, but all the movie on are trash", Sana tells her cousin.

"Typical, I'l be right down", said Kanisha.

"Please don't talk to your imaginary friends, through the movie again", a girl named Dena reminds her cousin.

Dena has a braided black hair in a ponytail, brown skin, wearing a blue t-shirt, dark blue jeans, and pink shoes.

Kanisha rolles he eyes in annoyance, since her cousins always make fun of her imaginary friends.

"I won't", said Kanisha.

Kanisha looks at Kisa, who is making three outfits floating. The outfits are for an secret agent, ninja, and a queen.

"Pretty good, if I say so myself", Kisa bragged.

"Who's are those for?" asked Dumbra, shining her ax.

"For us", answered Kisa.

Kanisha looks at the ninja, and the secret agent outfit with glitter in her eyes, but she blanks at the queen outfit.

Sciencia snaps at Kanisha, which makes her remember that she need to go .

Kanisha runs downstairs, which is when Sciencia chuckles.

The story goes to Scientists at a secret base in Nevada, they are making a machine, that's a mixes with a giant teapot, rocket, and a laptop has a griffin on it.

The scientists are building a machine, that's for an army, ironically the leader with some soldiers are following him.

"Are you almost finished?" asked The leader.

"Yes, sir, just need to twist this antenna", The scientist tells the leader.

The scientist realizes the antenna is still in his hand, so The leader takes it, and put it on the machine.

The leader tries to twist, but gets electricuted, and the other soldiers intervene.

As the soldiers intervene, one of them sees the off button, and pushes it.

The leader questions whether the machine works, so the scientist looks through the telescope to find a test subject.

The laser agrees with the terms of the scientist, and he finds a house.

The leader tells one of the soldiers to find the background on the family in the house and ironically the family is the walkers.

The soldier tells that the walkers are average are not in high in the society.

The leader smiles, tells the scientist to fire,and calls one of the soldiers, a mysterious man with short brown hair, white skin, wearing an white shirt, brown jacket,brown pants, and red boots with a laser named Devin.

"Soldier, I need you to check out this family, and bring them back here", The leader commanded.

"But...sir,My family's wedding is going to start. You said, this will be quick", Devin panicked.

"The wedding will have to wait, since your family, isn't there", The leader tells Devin.

The leader reveals on a big screen, there's an eight-year-old brunette with long brown hair, wearing an silver shirt, pink pants, and white sneakers named Susan, a thirty-year-old blond man with long hair,wearing an brown watch, black shirt, brown pants named Duncan, and a Thirty-two-year-old woman with long blue hair, wearing a red chinese dress, and blue heels named Diamond being held in a cell.

The leader also shows Diamond,Devin,Duncan, and even Susan going on secret missions, that with enemies of the leader.

This makes Devin nervous,the leader gives a creepy smile,and Devin agrees to the leaders terms.

Back with the walkers, Kanisha showing her family, the movie called 'Fairytale: a dark tale'.

Kania, the 16-year-old sister of Kanisha, is coming with a bag of cookies,popcorn,candy corn, other snacks for each of the girls in the family.

Kania has straight black hair,brown skin, wearing an blue shirt, black jeans, and pink shoes.

Shania compliments Kania home-made snacks.

Shania is the last cousin, a 28-year-old girl with black curly hair, brown skin, wearing orange shirt, blue jeans, and white shoes eating cookies.

"Where did you find this movie?" asked Sana, looking at Kanisha.

Kanisha is on the couch on the other side, eating popcorn, with Kisa's outfit behind her.

"Top 10 darkest Disney live action movies", Kanisha answers Dena's question.

"How are you could sit through that, without jumping or screaming?" asked Dena.

Before Kanisha answers the Dena's question, Sana points out that Dena is the family scaredy cat.

Dena tries to deny Sana's point, but that's when the family sees the lights flickering, and all kinds of technology.

The family stands up looking at the lights, when a green cloud surrounds the house.

Kanisha looks in the window, that's behind the TV, and notices the green smoke.

Seeing the green smoke, Kanisha shakes her head, not noticing Shania behind looking in the window as well.

Shania reassures Kanisha, that she is not seeing things, sees the clouds too.

Everybody else looks at it except Kania, who looking for information on her phone, but it's glitching.

Kanisha runs upstairs to see her imaginary friends are okay.

Sciencia,Dumbra, and Kisa look outside.

Sciencia phases through the window, holding her robotic pig to scan the green smoke, while wearing protective gloves.

Sciencia figures out it's rare radioactive sonic wave as it just forming, and tells Kanisha, they should call the army.

Kisa giggles, knowing that the army would never believe this, and would think this is a joke.

Kanisha stops Kisa and Sciencia's conversation, and points out, that her window is broke, which let's the green smoke in.

They fell in silent, slowly back up, and tries to escape the green smoke.

The green smoke turns into wave, which sounds like a high-pitch scream, and the family cover their ears.

In-between that moment, there's a dome being put around the walker's house, so it won't affect any other citizens.

While the radioactive wave is active gets into the family and the imaginary friend's DNA, which feels like electricity was flowing through their vein, and giving them the key to the powers of the Earth.

Aftr that happens, everybody in the house is unconscious, except Sciencia

"Good thing, I made sure that the protective gloes, would protect me from a radio active wave or any nuclear explosion", said Sciencia, dragging her friends back in their room.

Sciencia pushes the red button that gives an electric shock, which wakes the girls up.

Dumbra gets up, while looking at the window, she sees a helicopter, which shows the soldier\secret agent Devin.

Kanisha gets up, and walks towards the bathroom, feeling dizzy.

Kisa asks for an explanation from Sciencia, in a dramatic way, making her voice squeak.

Sciencia explains as much as she could, while Dumbra uses a bazooka against Devin, but the soldier uses a shield to protect himself.

Kisa,and Sciencia notices that they hear the explosion from Dumbra's bazooka.

Kanisha hears the explosion too, and runs to her room.

Dumbra looks through her telescope, about to shoot a highly-advanced bullet, that destroys the propellers on the helicopter.

Seeing how her imaginary friend's weapon actually caused real damage, Kanisha goes to her family.

Unfortunately, she doesn't see her family, except her grandma, and Dena in the closet.

Dena is crying on Kiana\Kanisha's granny's shoulder, a sixty-year-old woman with black hair, brown skin,wearing a blue plaid dress as if ready for church on Sunday.

Kiana asks Kanisha if the soldiers gone, Kanisha nodds, and Kiana describes while the fami,y was hit by the sonic wave. Soldiers came, took most of the fasmily, and since it happened so fast.

Kiana couldn't act too quickly, so hide with Dena.

Kanisha reaches her hand to Dena, hugs her, and tells he cousin, she will be okay.

Dena and Kanisha help Kiana up and out of the closet.

Upstairs, Kisa looks in the bathroom mirror, realizes that she is real, and not an imaginary.

Sciencia already figured out, that her and her friend are real.

Kisa puts on more make up, then joins Sciencia and Dumbra who are smiling about being real.

Together, the girls squeal,since they always dream about being real. So, they would have fun with Kanisha.

Kanisha sits down couch, trying to figure out, what to do.

Dena points out, that the agent Devin left his card, and hands to Kznisha.

Touching Devin's card, Kanisha gets a vision of Devin, showing him and his soldiers with her family having hand cuffs on inside the helicopter.

This shocks Kanisha, and at the same time she hears Sciencia coming up with a plan to deal with Devin.

Sciencia holds on to her best friends, and with Dumbra's ax teleports them downstairs.

Sciencia,Dumbra, and Kisa introduces themselves to Dena and Kiana.

The story goes to the family being taken to Nevada's secret base, when they woke up.

"What happened?" asked Sana, rubbing her head.

"I'll tell you what happened, we got kidnapped", said Shania.

"How humiliating", complained Kania.

"Uh...girls", said Sana, seeing her hands turn to lava.

"Hey, where's Kanisha,Dena, and granny?" wondered Kania.

"Their back at home", Shania realized.

"GIRLS!" Yelled Sana.

"WHAT?!" Shania and Kania yelled back.

Kania and Shania sees Sana lava hands, that melts the handcuffs, and says "Whoa!"

Sana melts Kania and Shania's handcuffs.

"Good job,sis", Shania congratulates Sana.

"Thank you, even though I don't know, how I did it", said Sana.

"The wave", said Shania.

"What?" asked Kania.

"The sonic wave gave radioactive energy, which must've got affected by it, and gave us powers", Shania explained.

"Cool, and a little bit scary", said Kania.

"Scary? This is the greatest discovery in a life time", said Shania, with a smile.

"Which is why we got to get out of here", Kania tells Shania.

"How? We're 50 feet up in air", Sana points out.

Shania puts her in a ponytail,thinking, and notices a ladder. This put Shania's plan into action.

Shania tells Sana to melt the door, and Kania releases the ladder.

Together, the girls climb down the ladder, which is when they see Kanisha with a big smile

"What took you so long?" Shania wondered.

"Good to see you, too",said Kanisha.

Kanisha on the van, grabs Sana, and Dena with fairy wings creates a shield.

Dena with fairy wings creates a shield because of the soldiers are shooting at them.

"Idiot,What the hell are you ding? We're suppose to bring them alive",Devin reminds him, grabbing the soldier's gun.

Devin and the soldier sees Dumbra wearing a secret agent outfit,sunglasses, tapping her ax in her hand.

"Who the hell are you?" asked The soldier.

Dumbra walks up to the soldier and Devin with her ax, making them nervous.

"I'm Dumbra qua walker, that's the hell I am", said Dumbra, holding the ax under the soldiers neck.

"" asked Devin,seriously.

"Revenge", Dumbra tells them.

Dumbra slowly cuts the soldier's neck,making blood coming out, the soldier is holding his neck.

The soldier finally fainted,and Devin tries to back away from Dumbra, and ends up hanging up on the edge of the helicopter.

"please,don't kill me, I'm a victim", Devin begged.

"That's what they all say, give me a reason why I should trust you", said Dumbra, not believing Devin's change of character.

Devin reaches in his pocket, getting his wallet, and throws it to Dumbra.

Dumbra sees Duncan,Devin,Diamond,and Susan hugging in a picture.

"I'm a secret agent secretly working against my leader,but the leader found out and took my family. So, I had no choice", said Devin.

"He's telling the truth, I can feel it", Kiana told Dumbra, through a microphone, feeling her new powers.

Dumbra helps Devin up, and agrees to let him go.

"Thank you", said Devin, feeling relieved.

"But, if you try anything dumb to escape us, I'll stab you in the heart. Unlike your friend who got a warning cut", Dumbra warns Devin.

Devin looks at the soldier, who's on the floor, he also confused when Dumbra says us.

Then, Devin sees Kisa, and Sciencia beside Dumbra.

Kisa grabs Devin's arm, jump out of the helicopter, and angel wings come out.

Devin smiles at Kisa, and she slaps him on the face.

"Understand this,we are only saving you because of Kiana. Beside that you are an enemy, and for I care you can burn in hell", Kisa tells Devin.

Kisa throws Devin into the van, and inside everybody is angry, except Kanisha and Kiana.

Kanisha helps Devin up, and asks "Where are your family?"

"Nevada, it's only a few miles away", said Devin.

Kanisha takes Devin's hands,and transports the jail cell, where

"I hope daddy is okay", Susan wished.

"Me too, sweetie", Diamond agrees

"He better be, he's the only one keeping this organization in tact, and he still owes me fifty thousand dollars", Duncan complains.

Kanisha and Devin shows up, that gets the family attention.

"Daddy!" squeals Susan.

"Hi, little zebra", Devin replied.

"Devin,you got some explaining to do..", said Duncan.

"Devin,who's she?" Diamond interrupted.

Kanisha covers Devin's mouth, walks up to Diamond, and says "She has a name,it's Kanisha, and I'm here because of him, my family's life is in danger".

"Daddy, is that true?" asked Susan.

"I had to, they were going to expose us", said Devin.

Kanisha uses her tail to slice the cell, and releases Devin's family.

Susan hugs Kanisha,and whispers,"Thank you".

"Your welcome", Kanisha whispers.

Fix soldiers are in their way, so Diamond,Duncan,Susan,Devin,and Kanisha knock them down.

Kanisha teleports them back to the van.

"Diamond?" wondered Shania.

"Shania", said Diamond.

Diamond and Shania hug, and mentions they're old friends from high school.

Nobody questions this, and Kiana drives to a mansion, where Devin's family lives.

Outside of the mansion in the field, has group of family members holding guns, even some kids.

Devin walks up to them,calming them down, and the family apologizes.

Sana tells them it's okay, she's getting used to it.

The Walkers along walk into the mansion, where Diamond gives them cake, that results the Walkers to relax.

"I'm sorry, that my husband got you into all this trouble", Diamond apologizes.

"It's okay, we're just glad that everybody got out unharmed", Kiana responded.

"Well, I'm glad to hear that", said Diamond,drinking tea.

"Thanks for cake, but we can't stay here forever", said Kiana.

"Why not, it's safe, and you have friends?" asked Susan.

"That's true, but we can't hide, we have lives and I have school", said Kanisha.

Susan feels sad hearing her friend wanting to go, so Kanisha reassures Susan she will come back.

Shania says goodbye to Diamond, then Walkers teleports back at their home.

Once they return home, everybody goes to the living room, Sana turns on the tv.

As the TV turns on, Kanisha with Sciencia and Shania's help create protection shield.

"Kanisha, are we still going to have secret identities?" Dena wondered.

"Yeah,why", answered Kanisha, leaning on a chair.

Sana points out that there are camera man,and news reporters out there with the others having signs, that say "mutants'.

"Uh oh!" Dena worries.

Back at the base, the leader looking through a camera seeing everything at Kanisha's house.

"Sweet victory!" The leader cheers.

"Remember, that girl is the key to freeing me", said a shadow with a cloak and reveals to have red eyes.

"Of course", says The leader in fear.

Back at Kanisha's house.

"Get ready everybody, trouble is coming". Kanisha warning everybody.

This is just the beginning, but kind of the end.