Hello, Author here. My name is Adriana and this is the description to this "book," "novella," "way-for-me-to-stay-sane."

In this story, you will experience a young girl named Alaska who's had nothing short of a rough life. All throughout her life, all she wanted was to fit in. She grew up in a small town where if you weren't born pretty, popularity saw it's way out the door. After years of sexual abuse, Alaska finds herself ridden with mental illness. She resorts to self-mutilation and various drugs in order to cope with the stress of her PTSD, depressive bipolar disorder, social anxiety, and loneliness. This is her story from start to finish, through trials and tribulations, you will experience the fast life associated with drug addiction, the mindset of a young person struggling with mental illness and self-harm, but more importantly, you will also experience her first bittersweet taste of love. Will Alaska continue on her path to destruction, or will she take control of her life? Read and find out.

Okay, so I wanna give a little bit of background about how I thought of the topic for this story. I, myself, grew up in a small town. Yes, there are smaller towns than the one that I inhabit, but it's small compared to like Baltimore or NYC. The title of the story, Hurry Up and Wait, was actually given to me by a local homeless man, who had told me that he had become homeless almost 2 years ago due to an injury that caused him to stop working. He said he was waiting on the government for assistance but, in his words, "The government just plays this game of hurry up and wait." Another inspiration for the title comes from personal experience. Where I live, the opioid crisis is real. I have watched heroine, crack, and pills destroy some of the best people I know. I've seen the drug runs, I've seen the outcomes, I've seen the death. Hurry up and wait always seems to apply to drug deals (aka: the dealer rushes the addict to the meeting spot and then makes them wait fifteen minutes.) Anyways, I hope you guys enjoy the story, and if you or anyone you know is struggling with suicidal thoughts/tendencies, or drug/alcohol addiction, please call your local hotlines and doctors for help. Remember, life's a gift, not a given right, cherish it.

Thanks again!