Who does he think he is? I thought as I walked home from the bus stop that afternoon. Don't go dancing with the devil? Pft! He acts like he knows me or something. I sighed, if only that attempt the other night would have worked. I walked into my house and my mother was nowhere to be found. I assumed she'd gone out with a friend or something, so I just sulked up to my room and started practicing playing guitar.

I'd only started teaching myself about a month prior to this, so I wasn't too good at it. I had the simpler chords down, but as far as anything with a sharp, flat, or that required reading tabs...yeah...not so much. About an hour into plucking random melodies on the strings and humming miscellaneous tunes with it, the door bell rang. "She really needs to quit online shopping." I muttered as I made the way to the front door.

I opened the door, whilst yawning, expecting to have to sign a clipboard for UPS or something. However, what stood in the doorway made me WISH she'd ordered something online. "K-Kile?" I stammered over his name. This was so not cool.

"Oh! Alaska! Hello...are your parents home?" He smiled politely.

"U-Uh, no! Well, my dad's a dead beat, drug addict. Mom's not here right now." I started to close the door.

"Oh, alright, Alaska. I just wanted to let the owner know that I have just moved in down the street. I am looking forward to being your neighbor and your instructor. Have a nice day." He dismissed himself and started walking away. I then noticed that he had a giant, pitch-black Great Dane by his side. I was shocked I hadn't noticed the dog earlier. This was totally not cool.

This guy was up to something. I didn't know what or why, but I knew I had to keep my guard up. He was gonna do something horrible and I just knew it. I just had to find some dirt. First, what he said in the classroom was totally mixing religion and government. Schools didn't involve religion anymore, so why would a teacher warn me about "dancing with the devil?" Plus, it wasn't even his business what I do in the first place.

I was find this guy out, no matter how long it took.


I noticed myself becoming distant from the only two friends I had in the previous couple of weeks. I had spent so much time trying to find dirt on Kile, that I completely forgot what a social life was. I decided to give up for one day to hang out with Allison and Ruby, two girls who I'd known for basically my whole life, who lived just blocks away. I apologized for my isolation and had asked them to walk with me to the neighborhood's park that day from Allison's house. They accepted my apology and said they'd been busy with cheerleading anyways. I know, right. Me? Befriend...cheerleaders? Absurd, I know, but these girls weren't like the school's cheerleaders, they were quite pretty, but definitely not stuck up their own ass. I guess there were benefits to non-profit cheerleading organizations.

"Did you guys hear that new song by Imagine Us?" Allison asked as we walked down the street. To break it down, Allison liked pop music, the color pink, and watermelon-flavored EVERYTHING. This was your typical teenage white girl with her blonde hair, slim figure, and dull taste in humor. But, I still loved her all the same.

"I heard it, though I wish I didn't." Ruby, on the other note, liked rap music, some of my alternative and rock, the color blue, and blueberry smoothies. She was the dare devil out of us, and if I wanted to get involved with any drugs other than weed, she'd probably be down to experiment with me. I don't know why these girls based their lifestyle off of their colors, though. Like everything in Allison's room was pink, and everything in Ruby's room was blue. My room was white with pot leaf flags on the wall. I didn't live my life by order, I lived it by will. They really should take my advice sometimes.

As the two of them had their lover's quarrel about music, I noticed we were passing my house and approaching Kile's. His house was extravagant, with a beautiful garden out front. It looked very welcoming, but the entire vibe that the place gave off gave me a case of the heebie-jeebies. All of a sudden, I had an excruciating migraine and fell to the ground. Allison and Ruby started to ask me if I could hear them and if I was okay, but the pain was so unbearable that I couldn't answer. Allison left Ruby with me and ran towards Kile's house. Before I could protest, everything went black.


I woke up dizzy and nauseous, lying in what I assumed to be a guest bedroom by the bare walls and the empty dresser. As I slowly gathered the strength to sit up, I heard voices coming from down the hallway. Only fragments of the conversation were audible to me, but it was scary to say the least.

"...I told you not to possess that one..."

"But, Brother, I forgot which one you were referring to...oh and she just so pretty..."

What did they mean "possess?" I didn't necessarily want the answer, but I knew I needed it. I now had suspicions of this Kile guy. What if he was the ringleader of a Satanic occult? What if he wanted to sacrifice me? I was genuinely freaked out.

I shuffled towards the doorway and out into the hallway. Whoever was talking had left and I started down the stairs. As I reached the first step, Kile came around the corner with some hot tea. "Oh, Alaska, are you feeling alright, dear? You had quite the fainting spell, you really shouldn't be walking."

"Cut the crap. Who are you and what do you want with me?" I stood my ground.

"I-I...It's just...I'm your instructor and I really don't think it's appropriate for you to be at my residence after school hours. So I made this tea as a payment for your silence..." He stammered as if I'd caught him off guard...good...

"Yeah, I don't think that's true, is it? Why did I hear the word "possess" earlier when you were talking with someone in the hallway?" I continued to stand my ground.

"Oh...my, my...Father is going to murder me." Kile led me to the living room, where I saw the other man sitting in a chair.

"Brother, Father will be pissed, are you sure you want to tell her?" The other man sat still and polite, an open book on his lap.

"I can trust her." Kile's eyes never left mine for one second. "Alaska, the truth is, when you tried to kill yourself, I was sent by my father to reap you. As in, get your soul from your body and take you to your hearing."

"...What..." I said flatly. This guy was a lunatic.

Kile sighed as if he knew I wasn't going to believe him. "I was the demon that was sent from Hell to take you to your hearing with God in Heaven, where he would have ultimately sent you to Hell, because in the Bible, you can't fucking kill yourself and be at peace, no-o-o-o-o, you get to burn for all eternity."

"Okay? And what's going to make me believe you're a demon?"

"This." He said shortly and then his eyes started to glow red. His pupils became slits and then he jumped out of his seat and literally STOOD on the ceiling. Upside down...without falling.

"I'm going crazy." I put my head in my hands. "So, if you were the demon sent to reap me...why are you still here?"

"Well, I can't leave until you die." He said unamused. "But, don't jump to conclusions, I am not allowed to kill you. Nor is my brother here. And, my real name is Sebastian. And this is Claudius. You have every right to fear me, but you sort of have to deal with me for now on."

I sighed. This was great. Now, my demons are living next door instead of in my head. "You have GOT to be kidding me...this is all that I need. It's not the Boy Next Door, now it's the fucking Demon Next Door."

"Ha-HAAA! She's a funny one." Claudius chuckled at my remark.

Kile smiled in amusement. "Oh, and I forgot to tell you...we're not any ordinary demons. Our father happens to be Satan himself."

"Jesus...now I have to deal with top rank demons. Awesome. Just what I call fun." I said sarcastically and then stood up. "I'm going home...I have a lot to think over tonight."

With that, I let myself out of the house and walked home. I plopped on my bed and my mind rushed with all sorts of thoughts about wanting to end it again, wanting to punch Kile-I mean Sebastian in the face, and just overall confusion of the whole situation. It felt like I was going insane. However, I had a feeling that life was going to get a hell of a lot more interesting.