Not far from the clearing of the towering golden gates, situated near the apple trees and maple was a clearing so peaceful and enigmatic.

A place where cherubs flew free and angels admired. It was there in that clearing he stood, just shy of the river bend, gazing out far beyond what the naked eye could see, contemplating and deciphering.

His heavy midnight wings stretched out, casting an ominous dark shadow across the once clear river.

A cage awaited him, just beyond the gates. A cage he felt like he couldn't escape from. Until now.

"Gabriel." A deep, peace filled voice cut through the peaceful quiet.

Gabriel hung his head in disappointment at being discovered. He sighed, "Michael."

He turned a fraction to regard his brother, his wings retracting.

Michael's mouth lifted into a half smile, "Are you having doubts, brother?" He was wickedly amused.

Gabriel deliberated for a moment, choosing his next words carefully, "I suppose I am. Has Selaphiel been notified?" Gabriel asked quietly.

Michael stepped forward, shoulder to shoulder with his brother, "She has. She has accepted what is to come."

Gabriel's icy blue eyes narrowed, "It's almost time."

Michael stared up at the vast sky, "The rest of The Seven are prepared."

At these words, Gabriel's fists clenched in sudden rage, "You told The Seven?" He growled quietly.

"I had to. We are part of The Seven. We need the rest of them."

Gabriel shook his head. He was wary of who to trust in this circumstance, "Selaphiel was enough." He muttered sourly, "If the rebels get to the girl..." He trailed off, shaking his head in disgust.

Michael shared his concern, "I am aware. But have faith, dear brother. She is stronger than you know."

Gabriel closed his eyes for a moment, willing himself to calm.

He had been hand chosen to obey and serve, to praise and give thanks to one who was just and righteous. He had became bored of his station, the gates a cage holding him back. A cage he couldn't escape from.

His wings, a shackle reminding him he could do no sin.

Lucifer had begun his retaliation, and now hate and cruelty had spread.

The girl, growing more powerful and stronger than he knew, was in more danger than she thought.