Chapter 5

The rest of the summer played out surprisingly well. Tammy went to the pool with Erin a couple of times and she was now more relaxed. She was working her job as a waitress at the Greenville Denny's, getting ready for community college, and keeping the house running - she paid the bills, did the grocery shopping, and the laundry. I helped out as much as I could.

I got the dishwasher job at Johnny C's and I was jogging to get in shape for football camp, running a little further each time to build up my endurance.

Erin was showing up at the house more often - there wasn't as much stress and gloom with my mother gone and Tammy didn't suspect anything going on between Erin and me. All three of us were relaxed and enjoying ourselves.

There hadn't been any more sex between Erin and me, but that was really okay. I was enjoying my quality time with her (sometimes with Tammy along as a trio), having meaningful conversations and just hanging out without worrying about the sex part.

Jimmy even joined us a few times - we played Monopoly and Scrabble as foursomes at the kitchen table and it really was fun - a nice distraction from our missing depressed mother and our dead father.

Sometimes I'd just sit there at the table and observe Erin in all her beauty, chewing on her lip as she tried to come up with a winning word in Scrabble, or displaying a sexy sense of arrogant triumph when she dropped the hammer on one of us during a Monopoly game. Whether or not she was aware that she was driving me crazy with her seductive mannerisms almost didn't matter.

I stopped worrying about what might happen if Tammy found out something was going on between me and Erin. Tammy had adjusted to her new routine, free from the burden of my mother's depression.

Tammy worked second shift at Denny's three days during the week and most Sundays, from 11 a.m. to 7 p.m. so when Erin wasn't at the pool or working and I was home, she'd stop by when Tammy was working. We hadn't talked about our relationship (if that's what it was) much since that day my mother went away, but I had no reason to believe Erin wasn't interested in me sexually anymore.

One afternoon, I took a long jog trying to beat an approaching afternoon thunderstorm - I got home and took a shower (even though I wasn't supposed to with the lightning bolts flashing across the sky!).

I returned to my bedroom with just a towel wrapped around my waist and I was gleefully surprised to find Erin sitting on the foot of my bed. She was wearing short jean cutoffs and a halter top, her tanned legs crossed, one of them swaying in the air.

"Well, hello," I grinned.

"Are we having sex again?" She asked.

"I hope so," I smirked.

"Oh, good, I thought maybe you lost interest," she said with relief.

"Not a chance," I assured her, taking a seat next to her on the bed. "You're beautiful," I let her know.

She stared into my eyes. "I've been so horny," she confessed.

"Good," I laughed. "Kiss me!"

Erin did what I hoped she'd do, sucking my lips off of my mouth. I pulled her closer and she wrapped her arm around my shoulder while I placed my hand on the small of her back as we continued to kiss.

It didn't take me long to become aroused, my dick pushing the towel up between my legs. I slid my hand down inside the back of Erin's cutoffs and I squeezed her buns. She pressed her groin against my pup tent.

Erin kissed my neck, working her way down my chest and as she got lower, she grabbed the towel and pulled it off my body so I was naked. She kissed me again and she took my cock firmly in her palm.

"Do want me to suck your dick again?" she asked.

"God, yes," I exhaled.

She leaned over and wrapped her lips around my penis, looking up at me as she slid me in and out of her mouth a few times. I dropped my head back in pleasure and I grabbed the back of her head with my hands.

Erin was slow and passionate with her expertise, guiding her wet tongue along the bottom of my shaft and deep throating me several times while her lips slid along the head of my dick, licking it several times until I once again exploded in her mouth and she sucked me in like I really was a slurpee.

I fell back on the bed with groans and when I finally opened my eyes I saw that Erin was naked, lying next to me on the bed. Her breasts were amazing.

"Your turn," She announced with a seductive grin.

I rolled over and stuck my face between her legs. I had never attempted such a thing but if I really was a man now I owed her the attempt.

"Are you nervous?" Erin asked as I stared at her exposed womanhood close up, her pubic hair thinly hiding the slit she had showed me that first time she seduced me.

"No," I said, biting my lip with uncertainty.

"Just relax, figure it out, and enjoy yourself," she told me.

I kissed her spot and she arched her back. I stuck my hands under her ass and I lifted her off the bed as I pressed my lips and tongue against her opening. I could feel Erin relax and quietly whimper.

Erin ran her hands through my hair as I gave her pleasure. Whenever I did something she liked, she'd pull on my hair. She moaned when I started to finger her and I was amazed at how wet she had become down there. It was dripping on my face and I continued doing what I wasn't even sure I was doing until she withered and screamed out with pleasure as she climaxed.

I looked up, proud that I had pleasured her, Erin reached down with her arms, grabbing me under my arm pits and pulling me up her body so she could grab my face with both of her hands and kiss me.

"Fuck me," she whispered into my mouth.

Our bodies were already lined up so I rubbed the head of my dick against her opening and, because she was already wet, I was able to easily slide my shaft inside of her while kissing her.

I slowly thrusted inside of her again and again until I felt her quivering. I slid my hands under her ass and lifted her off the mattress as she began to vibrate under me as she bellowed out in her orgasm.

When it was over, she grabbed my face and kissed me passionately. We were sweaty and it was raining outside and we smelled of sex as I lay on top of her trying to catch my breath, feeling her breasts squeezed against my chest. I kissed her again.

"You definitely are a man now," Erin assured me with a giggle.

We fell asleep. It was dark when I awoke and it was still raining, with some heat lightning flashing across the night sky. I thought I saw an image standing in the bedroom doorway and when the next flash lighted the room for a second I realized it was Tammy staring at me and Erin in my bed. We were under a sheet so I didn't have to be humiliated by my sister seeing me naked but she knew what was going on.

"Well, this definitely explains the change in attitude," Tammy remarked when she saw I was awake.

Erin stirred. "Oh, fuck," she said when she realized Tammy had caught us in the post-act. "Tammy, I…"

Tammy walked across the room and slid into the bed next to Erin. "It's okay," she announced. "We could all use some love these days."

"She's Erin of Mercy," I explained.