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zombie chronicles was the prologue to this

A new beginning

Previously: Damon's POV;

bolted upright in a hospitle, and headbuted a docter, "ow, my nose. God damn, is that how you wake up, cause I feel sorry for whoever had to get you up for school." I was looking around so fast I almost gave myself whiplash. "Where the fuck am I!" "you're in the central hospital" I felt like a cornered animal, afraid, alone, and to make it worse I had no memory to draw on, anything before the zombie apocalypse was gone. A doctor tried to sedate me so I clocked him "WHY CAN'T I REMEMBER ANYTHING!?" silence, the doctor whos nose I broke spoke up "you were in an accident, you went to the grocery store for your grandmother, and someone tried to bomb the place, the timer wasn't set up right and counted down at a fourth of the rate it should have so you tried to throw it out the door, you succeeded but the pressure wave from the explosion put you in a coma, we used a brain interface device to induce a dream state and keep your brain active, to prevent any neurological side effects of being in a coma, I saw on your facebook that you liked zombie games and futuristic technology that became the core of dream world" I took a minute to process that, "stranger things have happened." he looked shocked "you're not going to kill me, I'm halfway responsible for putting you two though hell" I frowned "'you two' did you invent sheared dreaming or something?" "ah… busted, another person was put into a coma by the explosion, I was monitoring the dream world, you've met Abby right?" as if on cue a doctor crashed through the certan to my left "I'msorrypleasedon'tkillme" abby stood their in a hospital gown "WHY!?" I stood, somehow "hey, stand down." she looked at me "your real?"

Damon's POV (present):

As my brain finished powering up I noticed that Abby and I were being kept in a private wing of the hospital, because I couldn't hear anyone else, "listen, you are free to go, just, stick together, or at least keep in touch. You're clothes are in this cabinet" the doctor patted the cabinet next to him.

5 minutes later

After changing into my old clothes I began to calm down, apparently I liked shorts and tank tops, Abby was wearing black jogging pants and a black hoodie, and glasses, which were also black. "Dear god, are you trying to turn yourself into a walking space heater?" "I think I like this style." "you have no memory either?" "nothing." we walked out the main doors and my jaw dropped "flying cars everywhere… oh my god" "well… well… well…" Abby got stuck in a loop, great. I lightly punched her arm, "we- ow, you have sharp knuckles" I instinctively pulled out my phone, google maps auto launched with a destination picked out, an apartment downtown, a note appeared in the notification box: 'bring your new friend' I pressed the 'call air-cab' buton and a mostly glass box with a quad router on top touched down after about thirty seconds. "This is where we part ways" I looked at abby "where are you going to go?" I asked, "let's find out." she searched her pockets but came up empty, "you can come with me." she wrapped me in a bone crushing hug and started thanking me vigorously, "ribs, ribs, can't breathe, can't breathe" she backed off, the glass doors opened and we got in, I sat on the left, "so, where are we going?" I pressed start and we lifted off "short answer: a apartment downtown, actual answer: I have absolutely no Idea".

-Line break-

We had been flying for twenty minutes in silence when Abby broke down crying "you have no Idea what I've been through" I almost asked when I realised: that's not something I should do at two thousand feet, so instead I shut down, I had no idea how to deal with this, I knew how to fight zombies, repair exosuits, and fight gods, but when it came to people I was the north side of useless. So I wrapped my arm around her and let her lean her head on my shoulder for the next five minutes, then we stopped, and started ascending, I checked the flight destination: mars "FUCK" abby looked at the terminal and immediately stopped crying, she sat upright and let me do my thing. Google still worked at five thousand feet, so I googled how to manually fly a air-cab, there was a control panel under the seat, it engaged on the key prase "manual controls" so I said that and the panel slide out and raised up to chest level, on my left was a throttle, on my right was a joystick, I instantly knew what to do, I pulled back on the throttle and nothing happened. Cursing and swearing I kept reading the article, to engage manual control I had to reboot the quad router, manually, with the kill switch just above the left side of the cab, I buckled my seatbelt and pushed hard on the door till it popped open, I undid my seatbelt and abby grabbed my arm "what are you doing?" "rebooting the copter" "don't we need that to land?" I wrenched my arm free and stood on my seat, using my hand to feel for the buton, I must have hit it cause the roar of the rotors stopped, I sat down and saw that the nav cleared, I taped the door close icon, and buckled my seatbelt, abby had buckled hers and was holding on for dear life, I tried the throttle, nothing. "Well shit" a red error message read 'routers rebooting' the altimeter stopped climbing at 13,013 feet, "unlucky thirteen"

-Line break-

Fun fact, air-cabs don't tumble or roll in free fall, at five thousand feet the routers came back on, so I gunned the throttle and the entire cab started shaking, I reduced to half throttle and pushed the joystick forwards, and almost took out a police car (what business do cops have at four and a half thousand feet?) I increased the throttle, trying to convert downward momentum into forward momentum. I locked the throttle and googled what air-cabs were made of, thermoplastic polycarbonate, so basically indestructible, "abby, I have an idea, I am going to land, it's going to be rough" the router system started throwing errors and on top of that we were falling faster. The routers screamed as I hacked the system and disengaged the limiters, I have no idea how but I did, and the routers apparently were not built to stop rapid descents as they tore off at one and a half thousand feet, "I meant to say: prepare for crash landing" we happened to crash right through a parking garage, that was the last thing I saw.

-Line break-

Abby's POV:

I came to leaning against a sparking console, I sat up and tried to look through the windscreen but what I saw made no sense, I expected destruction, the parking garage was intact, baring the impact crater from the crash landing, I stepped out of the air-cab and looked around, the entire place was normal, and then I saw my body, lying unconscious in the cab "ohmygod" I started breathing heavy, "am I dead?" when I asked I wasn't expecting a response "far from it." I wiped around and was met by a gaze that only someone whos see everything could have, she looked old enough to be someone's mom, but at the same time seemed timeless, "and who ex- that can wait, care to elaborate?" "this is the astral plane… and that on its own explains nothing, humans are multidimensional beings with multiple bodies, you are currently knocked out, freeing your astral body, this plane of reality exists in the same physical space as the reality you're used to but it vibrates at a higher frequency, so most people are oblivious to its existence, being its own plane of existence does mean physics are not the same." I was shocked, how does one take being told that they have multiple bodies?

"Why… how…" I shook my head "why does this place look normal, my friend crashed a air-cab right through it?" she thought for a moment "time is not a linear thing, and the force of the crash popped you out of your bodie and displaced you to a possible future, one where you died in the crash, they repaired the building and left the car their with you inside it, as a reminder to people to not drink and drive, it's sick if you ask me" I was struggling to understand. "Come, I can sense your distress, let's have a drink" "I don't think I'm old enough." she actually laughed "it's fine, the age limit on drinking where were going is fourteen" "I'm sorry, I must have misheard, did you say fourteen?" "yes, martian bars are lax with the age limit" "and how do we get to mars? Fly?" I was being sarcastic so when she levitated in the air I sat right down, "... how?" my mind just blew a fuse and stopped questioning things "you can fly too, anyone can, if it helps then launch like superman" "who?" she facepalmed, "just will it to happen" she took off right through the roof, without any damage.

-Line break-

I was unable to even levitate, so I climbed to the roof and found my new friend standing on the edge "do you know how I learned? I jumped from a building and in that act of letting go of my fear of heights I was able to fly, of course I had more than seven stories, I had a hundred and seventy" I considered this route "what happens if I hit the ground?" "I am ninety percent sure you'll be fine, unless you believe otherwise, then it's fifty fifty." "I've had worse odds, I think" I jumped and I kept going up, and up, and up. "Holy cow I'm flying" my new friend materialized beside my "how-" "that's a lot harder, lets see how fast you are" she took off and I blasted off in pursuit.

-Line break-

We touched down at the base of Olympus Mons and sure as hell wasn't expecting an actual bar to be their, looked like it was taken right out of an old western "looks a tad old western to me, what do they call these things in the old west?" she shrugged "hell if I know" we walked in and I was met with stares, as in, everything stopped. "She's over the age limit" and everything went back to how it was. "What the fu-" she clamped a hand over my mouth "don't finish that word, there is a zero tolerance policy for swearing here" she released me and we found a seat, a server came around and did a double take when he saw me, "she needs something to take the edge off" he ignored her and looked right into my eyes "why can't I read your memories?" my new friend grabbed his arm "she has amnesia, I know her, she's over fourteen." he huffed and walked away "so… I never got your name." she face palmed "I knew I forgot something, my name is ellie" our drinks appeared right on the table "how… I'm done asking questions." "bottoms up," I felt nervous "I don't think I should do this" "you survived a cataclysmic impact, you owe it to yourself to loosen up, I saw what you experienced, a little alcohol won't hurt." I considered it, then I picked up the glass "to loosening up." and I chugged the entire thing, "oh MAN," I felt something alright "that has one heeeeelp of a kiiilic to it" ellie laughed "that is actually the best near miss someone has had in here, the last guy tried to argue the slightest mispronunciation made it a different word" I almost laughed at that "I don't feel any different" trust me, you will, just wait a few minutes".

-five minutes later-

I grabbed a dart and walked back to the other side of the bar, pure elation flowing through me, and I threw it like a frisbee, but more enthusiastically, I couldn't tell where it landed but it had to be a bullseye because I am so unbelievably good at this game, "come on! Who wants to challenge the darts queen!?" (in retrospect, I hate drunk me) "your just a kid, leave" "or what? You'll ask more louder?" elli spoke up "she is just not used to being drunk, let her be drunk in not peice, you don't know what she's been through" he walked right up to me "or maybe she should leave, you look too young to be in here" he pushed me but when he made contact everything changed, we were standing in a wide open plains. "The fuck did you do!?" I rolled my eyes, "I didn't do anything you punk ass bitch!" I stormed up to him but stopped when he started glowing gold, his hair stood up and turned gold "I will wipe you from existence, I don't know how, but you brought this to the dream plane, and here, I AM A GOD!" he drew his hand back by his hips as a blue glow lit up "KAAAAAAA… MEEEEEEE...HAAAAAAAA" fear tore its way through me, I wanted to wake up, more than anything, and then I bolted awake, in the air-cab, damon was shaking me "please wake up." I pushed his hand over and moned "if this is what a hangover is then shoot me now" "as much as I would like to ask about that we have company, let me do the talking, I was the one who crashed this"

I honestly have no idea what the average chapter length is going to be but if chapters start to feel like marathons then let me know