A wise man was once asked, "Teacher, why does mankind commit so much evil?"

The teacher said, "Long ago, before any men walked the earth, there lived beings who came from other stars. They knew neither ignorance nor want and were skilled in all things. They saw the beasts of the Earth and agreed to produce from them a people greater than themselves. Thus, they set out to take the great apes and alter them to be intelligent and self-aware.

"But before the endeavor had begun, there was one among them who felt this was a mistake. Why should they give up their supremacy in the world to one of their own creations, when instead they could be made to serve their makers? He spoke of this, and was rebuked by the others, who said that all thinking minds deserve to live in peace, to thereby expand the world's knowledge and avoid the infliction of harm on one another. The defector feigned acceptance, but when the others accepted him back, he smote them all, and continued the project according to his own design.

"He crafted the human mind so as to favor pettiness and selfishness above all else, and have each individual convinced that it and it alone was born with knowledge of the absolute truth through instinct and emotion, instead of by reason and forethought. The new humans thus shunned logic and refused to learn from error. Moreover, to ensure that his creations could never work together to threaten him, but instead only live in eternal strife among themselves, he made them blind to their own faults, but had the faults of their fellows laid bare for all to see. He lastly instilled in them the unyielding desire to dominate one another, so that suffering would prevail long after he was gone. When his work was complete, he released man upon the world, satisfied that it could never wreak anything but evil for ever."