There was a cave which nobody dared go into, for they were too scared. They knew of the legend of this very skilled man whose name was unknown. Not a single soul knew his name.

Ancient history tells us that he fought bravely against a ferociously fighting dragon. They battled for hours until finally, the dragon was slaughtered. There is a rumour that the dragon was blocking the way through to the very end of the chamber, where there were all sorts of weird but friendly creatures. This is unconfirmed, as only one man could have known. He died shortly after his defeat of the dragon and was honoured as the first person in the world to successfully slay a dragon.

This cave just happened to be a five minute walk from Michael's house. The entrance of the cave had been boarded up for reasons the government refused, point-blank, to reveal to the public.

"I'm sorry," said the Prime Minister flatly every time he was interrogated. "But this is private information I don't believe the community needs to be aware of." After which, he would slam the door violently in the reporter's nervous-looking face.

Michael wandered off fearfully to the entrance of the tunnel. He remarked to himself that there was a hole between the boards, just big enough for him to wiggle through. He looked very slowly around him, being very careful not to overlook anything. Then, quickly making up his mind, he managed to get his whole body through before anyone could spot him and notify the Prime Minster that somebody was trying to discover his secrets. Unfortunately for him, that was exactly what Michael was trying to achieve.