I walked along the streets of Eseyn. It was busy as usual wagons and people moving all across Old Eseyn Way. My name is Lucy Oulgrell a simple merchant woman. While I'm the last member of the somewhat known Oulgrell family. We made our fame by my grandfather Jacob Oulgrell who was skilled both in martial prowess. Along with being a shrewd businessman who could tell a strong investment at first glance.

Soon her married my grandmother Elise and along came their only child my father Hector. My father proved himself in the merchant arts but volunteered in the Voluntarius Army. He rose to the rank of captain of the currency saving the Army some much exhausted resources. He married my mother a simple farm girl Amy. My grandfather threatened to disown my father for marrying a commoner. It was only by my grandmothers intervention that we we're allowed in his manor.

I too joined the Voluntarius Army and rose to the rank of Serjeant. My bubbly and kind personality inspired my like my grandfather I was skilled in close combat. However my personality also won the day in my squad. Our line however is talked about poorly in some aspect as every member of our house suffers from sleepwalking and nightmares. We had nineteen workers quit. Disturbed by our "possession". Pushing all bad thoughts aside I walked to the trade office.

I walked in clerks were looking and passing papers left and right. I walked up to the counter a gnome was busy and paid no attention to me. I coughed she looked up. "A Miss Oulgrell on time as always" she smiled warmly. She escorted me to the trade commonsiner. The trade commissioner was a respected dwarf who knew his numbers both profits and losses. We talked small talk then went straight to the important matters. I was told my families food stall was getting a decent turnout, the family winery was producing well with many wanting more of the Oulgrell's Pride Wine. I guess you could say my grandfather set up this shops as a stable future for his family.

He opened up a bottle of brandy and we both toasted to great profits. I walked out of the office and walked around the park. I sat on a bench admiring the Gentle Eseyn Pond as the park was named. I pulled out my small book on foreign flowers dreaming of seeing the lands beyond. The sun started to go down I walked back to my families manor.

Compared to other manor's in the area mine was fairly modest. Made from simple ashwood on the outside with white windows, and a simple oak door. The inside had a simple yet preety green rug and oak stairwell. Yawning I moved up the stairs the family painting humble greeting me as I thanked the servants serving me my night tea. I laid down into bed thanking my grandfather and father for my stable future. "Hopefully I have a restful night" I smiled before shutting my eyelids.