A/N: As with the previous volume, none of these poems take place within the canon in which my fictional works take place. That being said, a few of the poems within this compilation are based on some of the stories that I've either posted or will post soon, so depending on how much of my work you've read, some of these might seem familiar.

A Complicated Romantic Setup:

He is a veteran employee at a corporation.

She is his brand spanking new co-worker.

Both are insurance agents who work on the tenth floor,

And are often prone to working as many shifts as they can.

They are practically made for each other,

But they just don't know it yet.

But God knows they might discover this soon.

He is a reclusive loner and a twenty-nine-year-old virgin.

They have drastically different personalities and lifestyles.

She is an extrovert who has slept around for years.

And they eventually discover each other at a corporate Happy Hour.

Both get drunk and barely avoid getting frisky soon after.

Both say their goodbyes and avoid eye-contact.

But they can't deny the new chemistry between them.

And they just might start again later on.

He feels shame, as his actions contradicted the way he was raised.

She feels bad for him and wants him to shed his antisocial shell.

They need to resolve this emotional conflict as soon as possible.

They reconcile and apologize, clearing the air.

But can they give their bond another try?

And how far can they get this time?

Both need to put effort into preserving their relationship.

He needs to be more open about his feelings.

She needs to be more understanding of him.

She puts in the effort required,

And he does the same as well.

He finally finds true love.

They are practically made for each other.

But how long can they last?

Both are unsure.

She's dialed back the self-confidence a bit.

He's become less of a recluse.

They now have a stable relationship.