Chapter 8

Carin drove Kelvin home to the Greenville Pines after their mind-blowing dinner.

"Do you think Joan will spend the night with Bill in Miller City?" She asked.

"I don't know," Kelvin replied. "But I hope so."

"Do you think Kelvin will spend the night with Carin in Studio 1A?" Carin asked with a grin.

"If Carin will let him."

"Apparently, Bill and Joan said it was okay, right?" Carin asked.

"That's the sense I got," Kelvin concurred. He glanced at her as she drove. "You okay with that?"

"Yes," Carin said.

"And are you happy with that?"


They didn't talk the rest of the way to Studio 1A. Carin parked her car and Kelvin followed her through the sliding glass door into the studio apartment. Only a night light and the bathroom light with the door open shed illumination on the space.

"Welcome back," Carin smiled, giving him a meaningful smooch as they stood in the middle of the small space.

Carin wrapped her arms around Kelvin's neck and they shared long absent and missed kisses. Kelvin was happy to taste her soft lips once again, most grateful for the second chance and the permission to do so.

Carin walked him to the bed and gently pushed him so he fell on the mattress. He looked up at her with a happy grin. She fell on top of him and bit on his lip as they kissed some more.

"Do you forgive me?" Carin needed to know.

"You didn't do anything wrong," Kelvin assured her.

She felt the bulge in his pants. "Get undressed," she purred as she stood and started slipping out of the attractive dress she had worn to dinner with her uncle.

They were both naked within moments and Carin fell back atop Kelvin, kissing, cuddling and getting physically reacquainted after so much time painfully and sorrowfully apart.

"Maybe Uncle Bill should just move in with Joan upstairs," Carin said.

"And I could move in down here," Kelvin grinned, kissing her some more. "You're so warm and beautiful."

He moved his hands across her stomach and up to her breasts as he leaned in and kissed her nipple while caressing her breasts. Carin reached down and wrapped her hand around Kelvin's penis which she began to stroke.

"You're a man now," she reminded him.

"I know," he replied, moving his hand down from her breasts, patting her stomach, and then moving to her now wet entrance while kissing her breast and sucking a little harder on one of her nipples.

"I feel liberated," Carin said happily.

"I feel happy," Kelvin said as he positioned himself on top of her and began moving his hips against hers, his member rubbing along her entrance.

She helped him by guiding him inside of her. "I missed you so," she whispered, her eyes tearing up.

"I was so miserable without you," Kelvin sighed.

"Go slow," she urged. "Let's enjoy every moment."

"Oh Carin," Kelvin smiled happily as he entered her.

Soon Carin was moaning and rolling her head on the pillow as Kelvin thrust in and out, slow and sure as if every movement was a make up for the times missed. They both had their eyes opened, staring into each other's faces as if they were trying to memorize them from the lost times apart.

Their lovemaking remained slow and deliberate, calm and relaxed and Carin was smiling through it all, closing her eyes finally and almost humming as Kelvin slowly moved in and out.

In time, Carin let out a moan and Kelvin felt her channel muscles tighten around his penis and he watched as she orgasmed. She opened her eyes and smiled and he leaned down and kissed her passionately as he continued to pump inside of her.

"Do you remember our first time?" Carin asked.


"This is better," she told him. "I thought I lost you."

"Never again," he vowed, kissing her as they both caressed the other and he continued to make love to her, his hands now under her backside to push her against him and he finally released himself into her and she screamed out with happiness and satisfaction.

Then they lay together, nestling and cuddling and occasionally kissing.

"I missed Studio 1A," Kelvin told her.

"You're welcomed here anytime," Carin giggled. "I'm so relieved we don't have to sneak around anymore."