The Bars of My Cage

My heart clings to the bars of its' cage,
it knows no other way.

The walls get closer and closer still,
The ceiling gets farther and farther away.
The lock is too high to reach-
The key has been long since forgotten.

My heart holds no pain,
My heart holds to joy.
It is empty, it has been drained.
My heart is alone.

It sees the walls closing in, it sees the end approaching.
The light is a lie, it now knows.
There is nothing at the end of that tunnel.
Only darkness and death,
Perhaps that is best.

It could escape, it knows how.
But it has lost the will,
And with that it has lost the way.

Somewhere deep inside it feels a pull,
A strange emotion dubbed love.
But perhaps it doesn't really exist?

No. It must be real, it must exist.
My heart knows, it just knows.
Someone loves it and so it will hang on for them.

My heart knows it will be free,
For it has found love.
And love will set me free,