Cosmic Star spun out of the grip from Vilarous and slammed the dagger he had freed from his grasp into the super villain's chest.

Vilarous looked down in suprise as they was stabbed with their own dagger. Cosmic Star quickly pulled out the dagger from Vilarous's chest but at that point the damage had been done. Plastered over his face was horror as he had realised what he had done, and he watched as the Super Villain stumbled backwards, cluching their chest silently falling to their knees.

Vilarous looked up at Cosmic Star, their hands red from the blood that was leaking onto the floor. A small grunt of pain escaped past their teeth as they attempted to speak. "Y-you won, Super H-hero. You finally defeated me." A weak laugh escaped their throat before they started coughing.

Vilarous grabbed onto the blue spandex covering Cosmic Star's chest and dragged him in close, pulling his ear to their mouth then whispered "When the end becomes the begining, come to the place it all started. That shall be the place it all ended."

When Vilarous let go, Cosmic Star stood back up looking confused down at the dying villian. "What do you mean?"

"You will understand when it is time. Remember these words and tell no one. Take them to your grave." Vilarous gasped as they sunk to the floor, their face pale. The dagger had stabbed into their heart, at this point they were beyond saving, they had lost too much blood.

Cosmic Star just watched too stunned to move, staring at the person he just murdered accidentally, watching him die. Just yesterday he was chasing after the notorious villian before they stole away with the blueprints to the 'Death Ray' back to their secret lair. This Super Villain had been his arch nemisis for 5 years now. They had grown into their super power together fighting like two kids on a seesaw, helping each other grow, learn, improve, no one having the upperhand for too long.

But now they were dead.

And he had killed them.

He was supposed to be the Super Hero, if anything, Vilarous should have been the one to kill him.

Cosmic Star wasn't sure how long he stood their staring at the body of his arch nemisis grow cold, it could have been minutes or hours, it felt like an eternity. Eventually though, he had to leave. After paying his respects to Villarous's corpse he left the abandoned hut and headed out into the forest. his cape dragged through the pool of blood on the floor as he left. After walking a few meters away from the hut, till it was out of sight and he was completely surrounded by trees he looked down at his hands, seeing the blood staining his yellow gloves, he threw up.

It was a dark by the time he left the forest. He had found a stream to wash the blood of his costume, returning it to the blue spandex suit without a blood red handprint but with yellow splodges (to represent stars, but is acctually just patches he has used to repair the suit). His yellow gloves and cape were no longer stained red. He had found the road using starlight. Realising he was no where near where he originally entered the forest the only thing he could do was start walking in the directiong he thought was the correct way. After finding the north star, using the big dipper as guidance, he headed along the road.

Cosmic Star was glad that he had time alone to walk and clear his head, giving him space to process what had just happened.

He had killed someone.

He was a murderer.

He had no right to call himself a Super Hero, he couldn't even save Vilarous from himself.

The sun was already rising by the time Cosmic Star came across civilisation.