Back at his flat, Cosmic Star locked his door, placed a chair under the handle so it could not be forced open and strode to each window in turn, closing all the blinds. In the darkness he collected a metal bucket from the closet, placing it in the middle of his room. He then shoved the sofa to the back wall, and removed the rug, placing it in the bedroom. From the kitchen that was connected to the living room he brought a pack of matches, placing them beside the bucket. He then, standing on the sofa reached and removed the fire alarm from the ceiling. This was thrown on the bed beside the rug. Once Cosmic Star had confirmed that everything was in place as he desired he stripped.

The Cosmic Star costume that was still damp was placed in the bucket on top of the clothes he had worn back to the flat. Realising all his clothes were too damp for his intended purpose he grabbed a newspaper he had left lying in the kitchen, he removed the page talking about Vilanous's stealing of the death ray plans and placed the rest in the bucket.

Standing stark naked in front of the bucket, he slowly picked up the match box and took out one of the matches. He hesitated a moment before striking the match against the side of the box. The small flame in the darkness of the flat blinded Cosmic Star. He droped the match into the bucket and watched as teh newspaper slowly caught fire. The fire quickly spread in all directions, curing the paper ino black ash. The fire spread across the entire bucket then slowly worked it's way down far enough to reach his Cosmic Star costume. Cosmic Star watched as the fire struggled to light it on fire. The newspaper had almost burnt out by the time it finally managed to get a hold. Once the fire had a grip on the costume it feasted and the flame jumped up, high out the bucket.

Happy that his costume and the evidence of his fall from honour was being destroyed, Cosmic Star lowered his body to the floor. To his naked flesh, the normally cold wood floor, was warm to the touch. He stayed there, curled into the fetal position beside the bucket untill he fell asleep.

When he woke the fire had died out and all that was left in there was blackened ash, there was no way anyone would be able to figure out what had once been in there. He proded the still warm ashes with his finger, a couple of shreds of fabric remained in the bottom, blackened and starting to break up in his hand. Satisfied with the result he left to the bathroom and turned the shower on. He set the shower to scalding hot and jumped in, letting the feel of his skin on fire burn away the top layer of skin, with it the blood that stained him. Once his entire body was red from the scalding heat. He turned the heat completely off. As the shower temperature slowly decreased, he shivered but didn't retreat.

It was a while before he left the shower.

Instead of taking a towel, he just left dripping wet and still naked to sit by the bucket once more.

The smell of the burn clothes made him aware of the dull pain in his stomache that had accompanied him for a couple of days already. He knew he was hungry but the thought of food put him off trying to eat. It had been at least three days since he last ate, maybe more. He decided he would not break his fast anytime soon, now was too early.

As the blinds to the entire flat were closed, Cosmic Star was not aware of what time of day it was, nor did he care. He had been gone for a while already, he would remain gone for a while longer yet. His secret identity had probably already lost his job, again, but he didn't care about that anymore.

He slouched on the floor and stared up at the ceiling, his mind blank. If someone had asked him who he was he would not be able to answer with either of his identities.

The floor was cold when he woke up again. His body shivering outwith his control. He had spent too long moping around, but for some reason he couldn't force himself to get up and do something more productive. Despite the cold that was seeping into his bones, his body would not respond to his mind telling it to get up, go to the bedroom and put clothes on. Eventually he gave in to his body's lack of wanting to move off the floor and he just lay their prone, letting the cold wash over him till he was shivering too violently that his body forced him off the floor.

He stumbled to his feet, his vision going black as the blood equalised with the change in the acceleration of gravity. His feet threatened to give way and he found himself using the sofa to prop himself up. Using the wall as support he slowly made his way to the bedroom, his muscles freezing up, refusing to move normally. It took a lot of effort for him to drag himself into the room, then onto the bed. He squeezed himself under the rug and the blanket, sflinching as the cold sheets brushed against his skin. The weight of the blanket was comforting but too heavy for him to fight against as the strength of his muscles had been strippe by the cold of the floor. He curled up into the fetal position, hoping sleep would take him once again.