Colour of Life

Like a river, memories flow, damned only by the blood red sky.
Wine drips from the sun to stain the once clear waters,
But hope remains like a long lost pauper.
Despite all of this, it's time to say goodbye.

Crimson consumes every aspect there is,
Full clouds overhand like a threatening fizz,
I watch life fall from the heavens
And do nothing but make sad impressions.

Selfishly, detachment grips a hold of me.
I have seen this far too many times,
I can still hear the echo of faint, fearful cries.
If only I could do something other than watch and stand by.

Old spirits rain like freshly born babes,
Poseidon's horses struggle to catch each lost fate.
But those that are missed have nothing to fear,
For they are the pure snow on a new frontier.

As for me? I have overlooked the bank and neglected the river,
All I can do now is wait and shiver,
Another soul, another death,
I am doomed to see it all until the very last breath.

There is something oddly calming about this dark hue,
It's almost strange to think this colour constantly lies within you.
It drives your heart and flows through your veins,
Too bad it is also the source of all your pain.

This one saw pain, hurt, and sorrow
Alongside the empty calls of the sparrow.
The haunting dust of a broken soul calls out once more,
Wishing for a time forgotten long before.

Apart, the ashes of a shattered life seem daunting,
But can you hear the euphoria of a new day dawning?
Yes, the sky is brick red;
With smeared blood and the lost hopes of the dead.

This poem has a verbal reading on YouTube. If you wish to listen to it, simply type in 'Colour of Life Teddy Wyon' and it should be the first thing to pop up.