Note: This chapter has been edited to correct several grammatical errors. And I have stretched out the story a little to include more detail. I hope there is no inconvenience.

It was a calm, clear night in the Northern Territory, Australia, and also unusually cool. As a result, brothers Michael and Zac were out hunting in the hills near their parents farm in Alice Springs. They had shot 2 dozen foxes and rabbits and were starting to tire when they hit a clearing and decided to spend the night there.

Later that night, they were both woken up by a rumbling noise."What's that noise?" Michael yawned, sitting up.

"It's probably nothing", Zac murmured, already reaching for his gun."Better see what it is though."

Zac led the way while Michael, protecting the rear, followed his younger brother outside. They looked around and couldn't see anything. "Well, back to bed," Michael was starting back towards the tent before he had a reason not to when a bright light fell on the clearing they were in. He looked up with a sinking feeling in his stomach, but immediately forgot it. It was a flying saucer. "What on Earth..."Michael's voice trailed off as it landed. It was rather large, several dozen metres in several minutes, a hatch opened and two reptilians stepped out.

"Good evening. Who are you?" Zac enquired politely. The two figures started, not having noticed them. Michael started too, uncertain as to whether it was wise to address them. However, instead of answering, the officer (he was clearly an officer by his weird uniform) turned to his companion (an engineer based on his greasy overalls) and hissed.

" You said this area was uninhabited."

"It is sir," the engineer begged."I conducted an infrared scan which indicated the area to be only populated by mammals."

Zac was annoyed. "We are mammals," he interjected. Bringing both mens attention away from their argument. The officer was annoyed too.

"Uninhabited indeed!" He snarled while the engineer cowed in embarrassment. The officer stepped forward.

"And who, might I ask, are you?"

"I asked first," Zac pointed out.

"I am Captain Saurus, and you?"

"Zachariah Fraser, and my older brother Michael." Zac shook hands with him. But by now, Michael was very nervous about the two aliens, but of course he couldn't say so.

"And what are you doing here?" Michael interjected. Captain Saurus turned to him.

"We're collecting biological samples from this planet in preparation for colonization," he explained.

"Oh," now Michael was really nervous. As slowly as he could, Michael started edging towards the edge of the clearing."Well then. You just continue. Lovely talking to you and all,we don't want to interfere with what you're doing here. C'mon Zac." he whispered hurriedly, before turning to run. Unfortunately, neither of them had noticed several robots disembarking from the other side of the saucer and surrounding them.

Captain Saurus pulled out a blaster. "Want to see inside our ship?" He asked in his snaky voice.

Zac played along."Heck, yes. I've always wanted to see inside a U.F.O." He pretended to be excited, then frowned and pointed behind the Captain."What's that other ship landing over there?" Zac looked alarmed.

Because reptiles have smaller brains, Saurus didn't see through Zacs trick and whirled around furiously. "I thought we wiped out that other force of-" WHACK. Michael stepped in and knocked him out with the butt of his rifle. Zac quickly grabbed the blaster and showered laser bolts onto the swarm of robots.

"Great," Michael breathed a sigh of relief. "Now let's get out of here."

"Uhhh... Michael?" Zac asked nervously. Michael whirled on Zac.

"What now!?" he yelled. Zac pointed and Michael followed his finger. Several nearby trees were on fire.

Zac was trying to look innocent. "I might have hit several trees by mistake." The engineer screamed (lizards are attracted to heat but scared of fire) and ran inside the spacecraft.

"Quick," Zac ran towards the hatch. "Inside."

Michael groaned. "This won't end well." And followed the 15-year old on board.

Once on board, the engineer confronted them with a large wrench and pointed towards a cell. "Inside," he ordered. Zac raised the blaster and shot the tool out of the lizards hand - and onto the big red button labelled 'LAUNCH'.

"Sorry," Zac apologised sheepishly. Next moment the hatch shut, there was a huge jerk and the saucer shot up through the air and into space.

The slight quake as the engine started knocked Zac, Michael and the engineer off of their feet. However, the force of the anti-gravity pulling the ship upwards stopped them hitting the floor, suspending them in mid-air.

Zac rolled onto his side using one hand on the floor to steady himself. "That's a ballet pose you're in Michael," He noted in surprise. Michael tried to move into a standing position; no way was he going to tell Zac he took dancing lessons (only for his girlfriend of course). Unfortunately, he fell and hit his face on the floor.

The engineer swam/floated over to a locker and reached in, pulling out a pair of magnetic boots and strapping them on. He stood up and turned around - only to find two rifles and a blaster pointed at him. Michael gestured over to the cell. "Inside," he ordered.

Several minutes later, the engineer was in the cell, Zac was in the pilot's seat reading the instructions and Michael was checking out the food supplies (no luck there, just mice, spiders and the like). He walked over to Zac.

"Well, where are we headed?"

Zac put the book down."We'll be reaching the Moon in about 5 minutes. So please, sit back and enjoy the ride."