The Darkest Nights


Brightest moon of the darkest nights,

Howls of wolfs and the earnest cries

Stroke of midnight and no one in sight,

Slowly savoring the moment I rise


Double checking the door,

You stumble and fall

Oh look around the room,

Don't you see me at all?


A look of terror sweeps across your face

Powered by grief and then pain

Sweet and cold memories comes flashing back,

Déjà vu it was pitch black!


She was up there,

Singing with fieriness

Seeking my attention,

She lived with endearingness


Aura of charisma

Glowed through her,

Compelling me to touch

And embrace her


There she lay,

Sprawled on the floor

Heart beating slow

And blood turning cold


Gratified with my work

I heard your screams

You did not appreciate it!

time to explore Hades realm.


Thank you for your time. English isn't my first ( and best) language, but i tried my best to make something good out of it. i hope you would correct me where ever possible.

hope you enjoyed. :) :)