My younger brother ruined my life. Most people say that in a since of "oh, he didn't give me what I wanted", but I mean it in the since of "You're that kid's sister? You don't deserve to be alive."

Maybe I should introduce myself before I go on about all of this. My name is Kylie Dalton. I'm fifteen, and up until recently, I was a student at Lovemont High, which claims to be this best school for miles around. It's not. Not anymore, anyways.

My brother, Roy, was never seen as unhinged; that was always my job, but it takes something special to go on a shooting rampage in your school. Just saying.

If you wanna know more about this day, you'll know everything soon enough. If you don't give a fuck, then you should just go away. This is my blog, and I just write what I feel.