My Friends

Through the darkness I see,
My demons smiling at me.
The twisted grins and the feral growls,
All are apart of me.

These devils were created by none other than I,
I fear I can no longer pass them by.

They know who I am,
Perhaps better than all others.
Maybe because I am them.
I have created these horrors.

The shadows that swirl about them,
Formed by the sins I committed,
The pain they show so openly-
The pain I try to hide.

They thrive on my terror,
My scars mar their flesh.
I created these monsters,
But they are much more than that.

Within their -within my- shriveled heart,
There is pain and joy and love,
Freedom and grace and exuberance.

I am proud of them, of me,
For they are none other than I,
And they are my friends.