Hello, I'm Kushi. I don't really have much to say... Just that this will be just a short, fun story I enjoyed writing.

This story takes place in a fictional city in Japan.

"The Red String of Fate, a thin red thread that leads people to their soulmate. Everyone has one, and are destined to meet them. The string may stretch, twist, or tangle, but it will never break."

I grew up hearing stories from my grandmother, but that one story always stood out.

"One day, you'll meet your soulmate, Fuyu. And when you do, always treasure your bond with them."

I gazed up at my ceiling, the shadows in my room being chased away by the rising sun.

A moment later, my alarm went off.

"Fuyu! Time for school!" My mom called from downstairs.

My name is Ichinose, Fuyu, and I'm...

A completely normal, sixteen year old high school girl. Boring, right? Yeah...

I got dressed, brushed my teeth and did my hair, then was out the door after grabbing my bag and a piece of toast. My mom called after me as I exited the front door. "Have fun at school!"

"I will!"

The door slammed shut, and I started running down the sidewalk towards school. A boy and girl were both waiting on the sidewalk in front of a stone house. I slowed down, and they both walked to my right.

"Hey, hey, Fuyu~ Mashu said you were sick, and that's why you didn't come to school for the last two days!" My friend, Niku -her parents are complete meat lovers- poked me violently.

"It's true. I had a terrible fever." I lied.

"Liar. You probably just wanted to get out of school. I heard the chairman had been annoying you for the last few months. So, what is it? Is he a pedophile? Or is he just amusing himself?" Niku poked me again.

"I... May have smacked his son. And he's been giving me extra homework as payback." I pouted.

"Why am I not surprised? Takushi is a total playboy." She sighed.

"You're gonna start spread rumors about him, aren't you, Nikuniku-chan?" Mashu flicked her forehead.

She yelped, then cried out. "You're so mean!"

Once we arrived at school, we all walked to our respective shoe lockers, changed our shoes out, then walked to our respective classes. The only class we all went to together was Home Ec, which Niku and I were both pretty good at. Mashu was much better, and always got praised. Not that we were jealous.

Maybe slightly. He cooks heavenly food.

After school, we met back at the shoe lockers and changed our shoes out. Then, we walked to the front of the school.

"Fuyu, me and Mashu are going to the movies, wanna come?"

I smirked. "And be a third wheel on your date? No thanks. And I planned to go shopping, anyways. I'll see you guys tomorrow." They glanced at each other, then shrugged.

"Ja ne~" They chorused, then walked to the left of the sidewalk, whilst I went the other way.

Instead of walking, I decided to take the train. Once I arrived at the station, I pulled my wallet out of my bag, waited in line for a ticket, and once I bought one I got on the train.

The train was relatively empty, so I took a seat instead of standing like usual.

Something rubbed on my pinkie, like a string would if tied, and I glanced down.

And jerked back, my head hitting the glass window of the train. I winced, but got over it and inspected my finger.

A red thread was tied in a neat little bow, but the string ended after it hung off about two inches.

I tugged on the bow, but it wouldn't unravel. I tried to slip it off, and yet it didn't budge. The whole train ride, I kept trying ways to get it off. Yet at the end of the ride, I still couldn't get it off. So, I ignored it. I exited the train, and walked around the mall I had arrived at.

I window shopped most of the time, but went in a few stores. I bought a necklace, and a pretty little ring I thought my mom would like.

I glanced back down at my pinkie, and almost jumped when I realized the string had grown. That, or I just couldn't see the thread earlier. I grabbed the string, and started reeling it in, wrapping it around my wrist loosely.

The string went taut.

Then was jerked. The string around my wrist was pulled, and clung against my skin tightly, almost painfully. I had no choice but to follow to string, since it was too tight to unreel.

It kept getting pulled, so I was forced to go faster. I was lead past buildings, over a road, and through a park.

I stopped when I realized the string had gone loose, and looked up.

A boy around my age was standing a few feet in front of me, red string tied around his wrist loosely like I had done earlier. His gaze traced the string to me, and then he smiled slightly, those pretty green eyes sparkling.

"So, you're the one at the end of the string?"

"I guess?"

He walked forwards, and held out a hand. "I'm Shiro. Nice to meet you." His unruly, black hair waved in the wind slightly.

I grasped his hand, thankful he didn't bow or do anything formal. I dislike formalities. "Fuyu. I hope we can be friends."

"Well, this string doesn't seem to be going away. I suppose we can be friends."

Yes. Very short. And crappy... Don't kill me. I'm a new author.