Unless you live under a Eseynish Rock. You'll know of the Melting Cake Mead Hall. Founded in Caligula 7th 886. By An Adventure known as Tostig Melting Cake. A bold and brave man who fought all manners of evils. He brought his family his wife Athelswithe and their only son Michael. Athelswith would become famous for her homemade melting cakes. Unlike most mead halls Tostig remained neutral and swore no fealty to a noble. Dozens flocked to his hall paying respects to a well known adventure. Pilgrims, merchants, and travelers would pay up to nine dollars for the famous melting cakes.

The melting cake would also serve as a "adventure" hangout. Of would be champions eager to be hired and proved themselves. Michael would follow in his father's footsteps. Michael fought many battles bringing more fame to his family. Though unlike his father who befriend all. Michael befriended farmers and merchants. The farmers would send caravans of milk and eggs for the cakes. Runners from merchant would risk sending sugar, spices, and homemade mead recipes. Michael would eventually settle down near his family mead hall. Many say he lives a happy life marrying and fathering seven children. The melting cake is somewhat of a famous landmark in Eseyn.

It also served as a makeshift base during the doll and clown incursion. Dolls and clowns were flooding Eseyn in the thousands. Using his own funds saved for years. Tostig formed his own makeshift army of adventures. The Melting Cake was a rest stop for weary warriors. Athelswithe tended to the wounded and lift their spirits by offering free cakes. It would take many kings and adventures to stem the tide. Even the standing volunteer army The Voluntarius. Had trouble and many in Eseyn considered them the first true army.

The Melting Cake family would lose one child who refused to retreat. A tapestry to the fallen would be made. Tostig made sure his grandchild and twenty adventures who died under his command. Would be listed on it reminding the people of bravery, honor , and sacrifice. Even at the ripe old age of sixty (A Long Life For Many Eseynish Folk) Tostig is his chipper and boisterous self. The Melting Cake Mead Hall runs as it always had full of mirth and cakes.