I'm not important. Clearly I'm not. I'm just a girl with a crazy story that she will never tell.

What do people do when the movie ends and everyone else moves on. Sometimes only one person remembers it all. Or they make a sequel but can't get the love interest back so they make a bogus off screen break up to write into the story.

People talk about abandoning, not realizing that they imply that you are the one abandoning. Funny thing is all I feel now is abandonment.

I think I'm actually the choice in a video game everyone wants to pick but doesn't cause they lose out on some over choice.

Do you pick food or water. Which will let you survive.

Wouldn't it be funny if you googled my name in a walkthrough forum and the answer was just there in front of you.

'just choose'

Never gonna happen. Nobody can choose for you. Nobody chooses the risky option long term.

Like imagine you are in fallout and you see this person ranting to anyone who will listen that they are lost. That they are going insane and they just want to know how to get home.

You could lead the person home, or offer to look for their home for them. Or you could just ignore them, tell the security to block that person outside and move on with your life.

I mean who wants to go to all that trouble of saying something to someone who is upset.

You also don't promise someone you'll always be there and then block their messages. Now that was amusing.

For some reason my not getting back in, feels more and more like some people think its it's because I wanted not to. And not because the people that could accept me are following rules.

No. I am a abandoner. That's fine I can be that. With no other information to go on obviously that's all I am.