Nibelung, Dire Fortress old
Caution's tale, all Dwarfling told.

Seven Kings did Moradin sire,
From them sprung our Race entire.
The Father praised all but one,
Lame and runt, his Seventh Son.
Each brother raised a warning cry,
Illness shown in Alberick's Eye.

Twisted Intellect, vast and cool.
Malice, Greed, his only fuel.
They banished him to Deeperdark.
None survived its terrors stark.
The Seventh Son proved Depths' Dismay.
Stones wept blood in Alberick's Day.

Tunneling, funneling, hack and hew
Sundering, plundering riches new.
The hammer fell, the foundry smelt,
A yawning wound the Deep was dealt.
Darkness feared what Madness brung,
The Tyranny of Nibelung.

Platinum, diamonds, Warpstone wealth,
Beauties, wonders, stolen health,
Hoarded treasure the King reviews,
The Greatest torn from Claws of Ooze.
With toiling Slaves his Kingdom stem
Venture there and You are Them.

Now Alberick's praise always be sung
By the Wise in Nibelung.