Change of Plans

Paul was sulking in his bedroom when he heard the doorbell ring downstairs. He wasn't in the mood to talk to anybody but he knew he had to answer the door so he groaned and reluctantly negotiated the stairs to the first floor.

He saw Nancy standing on the other side of the screen door, frowning at him as he arrived. She was wearing a flower-printed white skirt and a sleeveless pink blouse. Her long brown hair was in two pigtails.

"You weren't going to come say goodbye?" She pouted through the screen door.

"Jesus, how many times can we say goodbye, Nancy?" Paul groaned. "You had your party. We had you over to dinner the other night."

"I'm leaving today," she reminded him.

"I didn't want to stand in the driveway watching the moving van driving off with you guys following it," Paul sighed. "I'd rather suffer here in private where nobody can see me."

"Crying?" Nancy asked hopefully.

"Why are you here?"

"To say goodbye!"



"When are you actually leaving?"

"As soon they finish loading the van," She sighed sorrowfully. "An hour probably. Can I come in?"

Paul gave her a long look before slowly opening the door. "Sure, torture me some more," he grumbled.

"Your parents' here?" Nancy asked once she was inside the house.

"Golfing," Paul replied.

"I'm wearing this lovely locket you gave me," Nancy said, lifting the gold chain from underneath her blouse as she followed Paul into the living room.

"Thanks," he said as he took a seat on the couch.

"It's the best going away present ever," she said mournfully, her brown eyes large with sadness.

"This is painful," he complained. "Going through it again."

"I know." She blinked her tears back while tugging on her bottom lip. "I've been crying for days," she admitted.

He rested his opened palms on his knees and sighed. "What's the use?" He asked. "You're leaving no matter how many times you cry."

"Oh Paul," she sobbed, falling onto the couch next to him.

"Nancy," he sighed, rolling her name off his tongue like he had for years. "Will you miss me?"

"I already do," she said.

"Why did you wear that skirt?" He asked, noticing it had hiked up her tanned legs in her pratfall onto the couch.

"I knew you liked it," she smiled.

"It's not exactly moving clothes."

"That's what my mother said," Nancy laughed. "'You're driving across the country wearing that?' she said."

"I remember the first time you wore it," Paul recalled. "Mitzi Burrow's birthday party."

"My mother said it was too tight," Nancy frowned. "That it would ride up to much when I sat down. She took it out some."

"It still looks great," Paul said, blinking several times at the sight of her revealed upper thighs.

Nancy was staring at him now and he felt his head begin to spin. He saw the eagerness dancing in her eyes and he was momentarily confused. Was she going to kiss him goodbye now that the final hour had arrived and perhaps the secret feelings he hoped she held for him were about to come out? His heart skipped a beat in anticipation and he felt the sweat begin to bead on his forehead.

"Why do I feel like this?" Nancy sighed.

"Feel like what?"

"So sad," Nancy complained. "Moving to California is supposed to be a dream come true, right?"

"I guess," Paul shrugged.

"Oh God," she sighed, moving on the couch toward him, and that caused her skirt to hike up so high that he saw her white panties. "Are you really going to miss me?"

"More than you'll ever know," Paul admitted.

Nancy glanced down and noticed the conspicuous bulge in the middle of his gym shorts. "Oh," she said with surprise.

"Sorry," he said, embarrassed. "I saw your underwear."

She giggled. "Is that so Paul?"

She reached her hand for the hidden secret missile but she groaned with disappointment when his hand blocked hers from the treasure she sought.

"You shouldn't… touch it." He moaned from between clenched teeth and heavy breaths.

"Why not?" She asked innocently.

"Because we're only fourteen."

"So what?" Nancy protested, appearing to be on the verge of tears. "I' m moving away forever. We'll never see each other again." She burst out in sobs and dropped her head against his chest.

"Don't cry," Paul said softly, wrapping his arms around her in comfort.

Sniffing, she hugged him tight. They stayed like that for a long moment even though they both knew they were running out of time. They wanted to enjoy the warmth of each other and the steady thump of their hearts for as long as they could.

"You should go," Paul finally whispered.

"No," she insisted.

Paul gently pushed her away. "You must," he sighed, his voice quivering.

Nancy stood, but instead of heading for the door, she stepped in front of him for a long moment, staring down at him. Then she reached her hands up under her skirt and she pulled her white panties down her legs, kicking them away.


She sat in his lap, purposely right on his still stiff penis and that sent an unexplainable sensation shooting up his spine.

Nancy knew what she was doing because she made a particularly pleasurable wiggle and this time Paul let out a small groan. She leaned her face into his. "Are you alright?" Her voice was full of seduction and tease.

"You're so beautiful," He moaned. "You're so wonderful."

Nancy wriggled once more and Paul dropped his head back against the back of the couch. "Jesus," he whimpered.

"I love you," Nancy whispered, her voice deepened by lust.

Paul let his hands trail down her back and they slipped underneath that wonderful skirt of hers and he cupped her bare underwear-less ass. He lifted the skirt and saw her ass over her shoulder in the reflection of the wall mirror across the room.

"Oh!" Nancy exclaimed with approval when she felt his hands on her bare backside. "No one has ever touched me there before."

"I should hope not," Paul marveled. "I wanted to be the first."

"You are," she assured him in a low voice as she began to move back and forth on his lap, rubbing herself over his cloth-protected erection.

He lifted up the front of the skirt and peeked at her peach-fuzzed pubic hair over her slit.

"Oh, Nancy!" Paul choked out, his hands moving on her slim hips as she continued moving back and forth in his lap. He stared at her eyes and over her shoulder at her bouncing buns in the mirror and he wanted to cry.

"It feels so good," Nancy moaned.

She unbuttoned her blouse and pulled down her bra, exposing her small pale delicious breasts for him to see along with her farewell locket.

"You can touch them," she whispered.

Paul moved his hands from her ass to her breasts and he felt her young softness while the friction of their groins rubbing together created unbelievable heat sensations. Nancy reached down and pulled down on the elastic waist band of his shorts enough to expose his stiff penis which she touched with affection and amazement and that sent Paul into a pleasure-clouded haze as his hands returned to her ass and he pulled her closer to his penis.

"You make me happy," she whispered.

"You made me happier," he said with a moan.

"I want…"she panted in her erotic state. "I want to make you happy, Paul."

"You have," he assured her and she leaned in and kissed him on the mouth.

Nancy nuzzled him and he held her close as she continued to rub herself against his groin while holding his penis in her hand which she moved up and down, rubbing the shaft against her peach-fuzzed slit.

Paul's eyes widened and he was ready to burst as he began to groan and shake. Nancy knowingly stuffed his penis back inside his shorts but she kept her hand on it as he exploded his discharge into his underwear, protecting her from any contamination or evidence – she couldn't return to her empty house with no clothes to change into with a semen stain on her skirt.

"Are you okay?" She asked once he stopped spurting and moaning.

Paul didn't answer at first as he tried to catch his breath. "You didn't have to do that," he finally said.

"Yes I did," Nancy sighed, falling against him and starting to cry again.

"You're so wonderful, Nancy." He touched her cheek gently and she leaned into his palm, kissing his wrist.

"Now I have to go," she sighed, wiping away her own tears and mucus. "This is our little secret, you know that right?" She asked. "You can't brag your conquest."

"I never would," he vowed.

She kissed him once more before climbing off of him with a radiant smile on her face even though she was miserably sad. "You won't forget me, will you?" She begged.

"Never," He promised.

"I guess it really is time for me to go," she sighed, glancing around for her panties which she found. She put them back on and she purposely lifted her skirt way high as she did so to offer Paul one last farewell glimpse. "Keep our secret!"

"I'll never tell anyone!" He assured her earnestly.

"You should go clean up," Nancy advised.

Paul stood from the couch, the wet spot on his crotch obvious. He leaned in kissed her. "Thank you," he whispered.

"You're welcome," she smiled before turning and heading for the door. "Goodbye, Paul," she wailed, her voice breaking in heartfelt pain and he heard the screen door bang behind her.

She really was gone.

Paul waited until he reached the bathroom before he started to cry.