Chapter 5

Paul knew there was no guarantee that Nancy would be waiting for him when he arrived at the Motel Six after bringing Jackie home. She could have easily changed her mind and headed up the mountain to West County – and he wouldn't have blamed her. This was all so new, bold and even risky. He could have even chickened out himself – Riverside was in the opposite direction and he could have just as easily driven off in that direction if the pull wasn't so great – and that's why he found himself driving into the motel parking lot.

Paul smiled with excited gratitude when he saw Nancy's car in the lot not too far from the lobby. He parked his car and nodded to her as she waved from the window. She waited in her car while Paul rented a room, emerging from the lobby a few minutes later flashing the room key card. Nancy slipped out of her car and subtly followed Paul to the room. He stealthy opened the door and stepped into the room, leaving the door open as he turned on the lights.

Nancy quietly snuck into the room a moment later, closing the door behind her. "I've never done this before," she admitted sheepishly, staying close to the door.

"Me either," Paul revealed, standing in the middle of the room.

"I was always faithful to my husband even though I knew he was deceitful in our marriage," she said.

"It's okay if you want to leave, Nancy," he let her know.

"I don't want to leave," She assured him. "I deserve to live my life. I've spent the last thirty years enduring change of plans and now I'm finally taking charge. I'm not just somebody's Grammie for god sakes."

Paul slowly walked to her. "Of course not," he agreed. "You are an attractive, desirable, lovely woman."

Nancy pressed herself against the back of the door and waited for him. Paul gently took her by the hands and he lifted her arms over her head while leaning in and kissing her. Nancy stuck her tongue into his mouth. She let her arms stay lifted while Paul slid his along her body, caressing her face and neck while they continued to kiss. He unbuttoned her blouse and he was intrigued when he noticed a locket around her neck.

"You kept it all these years?" He asked with amazement.

"Of course," she smiled, finishing unbuttoning her blouse for him and then removing her bra so that the locket hung just above her bare breasts. "It was my comfort jewelry."

Paul swallowed as he fingered the locket for a moment and then he briefly massaged her breast and nipple.

"Do you remember the last time we almost had sex?" Nancy purred as Paul dropped his head down so his mouth was on her breasts and nipples.

"The happiest and saddest day of my life at the same time," he acknowledged.

"Mine too," she attested as she finally dropped her arms down and began to unfasten her jeans.

Paul helped and they both shoved her jeans and panties down her legs to expose her fluffy pubic hair which Paul gladly rubbed, causing Nancy's breathing to hitch and some soft moans to escape from her mouth.

"You have a lot more hair down there now," he remarked.

"Yes," she agreed, breathlessly as she rocked her hips, slapping her buns against the door.

Paul continued rubbing her entrance. "I have always loved you," he told her.

Nancy didn't say anything but her moans said it all as she continued to rock and Paul kissed her just as she screamed into his mouth as she experienced an orgasm and, in the aftermath, she might have fallen to the floor had Paul not held her up, pinning her to the door as they made out.

"I've been waiting thirty years for you," Nancy practically sobbed.

"And I've always wanted to finish what we started that day," Paul replied.

"Do you think it's possible to fall in love when you're just a foolish kid?" Nancy asked. "That even when we were playing in the backyard and riding our bikes and doing all the kid things we used to do we knew even then that we were going to be lovers?"

"Yes," Paul determined with confidence.

Nancy smiled knowingly as she stepped out from him and walked to the bed, sliding on top of it and rolling over onto her back, waiting for him to join her. Paul undressed and he joined her on the bed, lying on his side and appreciating her beauty.

"You've gotten bigger thirty years later," Nancy observed, reaching out her hand and taking a hold of his penis just as she had done all those years ago during their great farewell sexual awakening.

"I feel like I'm fourteen again," he smiled as he went hard in her hand.

"We were so young," Nancy sighed. "But I wanted to show you how I felt before I left."

"Because you never thought you were going to see me again," Paul reminded her.

She smiled blushingly. "I certainly would have waited otherwise," she admitted. "I had nothing to lose that day."

He leaned in and kissed her.

"Did you cry?" Nancy asked. "After I left?"

He put his finger on her nipple and sighed. "Yes," he said truthfully. "I cried."

"I had to hide behind the Garrison's garage before I went home," Nancy revealed. "Cried like a baby."

Paul leaned in and kissed her again. "You don't have to cry anymore," he assured her.

She released his penis and wrapped her arms around his neck, pulling him closer to her. Paul maneuvered himself on top of her and she guided his penis inside of her.

"Finally," she purred happily.

Paul slowly moved back and forth inside of her, pumping until they both orgasmed – quietly, lovingly, peacefully, and happily, after their thirty year delay. It was welcoming and gratifying to make love slowly and gratefully, as if every movement was a memory in the making, a memory returned from the past.

When it was over, Paul rolled off of her and lay beside her, both of them staring into each other's eyes with their heads turned to each other on the pillow.

"Was it worth the wait?" Nancy teased.

"This was the best Change of Plans ever," Paul grinned.

"I think we're both going to be changing a lot of plans now," Nancy assured him.