I feel a dull ache, down deep in my chest.

It never lies still, it won't let me rest.

So I give and I give, until I have nothing left.

Until I am empty, of all emotion bereft.

But that is not enough, I must keep on giving.

For as long as I breath, for as long as I'm living.

I give all I have, yet get nothing in return.

For all of my efforts, I get nothing but spurn.

For all that I give, they do nothing but take.

When I open my heart, they drive in a stake.

And as I lie bleeding, they lick at my wounds.

Announcing their victory in heart-rending croons.

I do not give freely, I expect to be repaid.

Just a few kindly words, and some true friends made.

Is that too much too ask, is it too unrealistic?

Or am I just naïve, too idealistic?