Long ago, in the land of Japan, there laid a peaceful and prosperous town known as Orimono, named for the wonderful fabrics they produced and sold to other villages and towns. For centuries, the people of Orimono never knew strife or poverty and instead enjoyed the little slice of heaven that was their village. Sadly, even the best of things must come to an end.

On the night of a full moon, vile demons known as the oni attacked the town; shops and homes were destroyed, innocent people perished and precious livestock and fabrics were stolen. This continued for several nights, with more and more death and destruction each passing day. Wishing to spare his people, Ito, leader of Orimono, sent for help, calling any warrior brave enough to slay the oni.

Various mercenaries and assassins answered the call to aid, but each one fell to the oni in quick succession. All hope seemed lost for Orimono and the oni would achieve victory. However, all this changed one fateful day.

On a particular dreary and hopeless day for the village, a peculiar stranger strolled into Orimono. He carried a sword in one hand, a small satchel in the other, had a deep tan, wore his hair in a top knot and walked around in wooden geta sandals. The strange part was that this was all he wore; the stranger was completely naked and exposed to the elements otherwise. Naturally, his undressed state caused a commotion; women covered their eyes as well as the eyes of children while men shouted and yelled for him to put some clothes on. The nude stranger simply ignored the hysteria and continued wonder around.

Hearing all the ruckus going on in town square, Ito headed for the source of the noise and discovered the naked swordsman in the center of town. Flabbergasted by the wanderer's appearance, Ito sputtered, "Excuse me sir! What is the meaning of this!? Why are you not wearing any clothing; are you a deviant!? Have no decency!?"

"My name is Hadakamaru," the stranger finally said. "I hail from a village on the island of Marudashi, where all my people live this way. I heard you had a problem with oni and were calling on anyone with a sword to vanquish them. Perhaps I could help with that."

"And you plan on fighting the oni…like that?" Ito said, gesturing to Hadakamaru's state of undress. "You have no armor! You'll be killed in one hit!"

"I have practiced a special sword fighting technique that uses my nudity to an advantage. With no clothing, I lack proper defense but I also gain immense speed. I'll be too fast to get hit and fast enough to slay the demons," Hadakamaru explained, completely straight laced.

Ito on the other hand was bewildered by this naked man's audacity. He thought about waving away this man and telling him to never come back…but Ito then remembered all the other warriors that fell to the demonic ogres. If someone didn't defeat the oni soon, Orimono and its people would be all but forfeit. Seeing no other option, Ito sighed and said, "All right. On behalf of the people of Orimono, I hereby accept your offer to fight the oni. Simply name your price and we will accommodate you."

"I ask very little in the way of payment. I only need three things of you; a place where I can rest properly, three bowls of rice each day, and permission to remain as I am in the way of dress." Hadakamaru held up the satchel he was carrying and opened it up to reveal gold coins inside it. "I'll happily pay for board and food, so all truly need is your permission to stay nude."

"It's a deal. Your requests shall be honored," agreed Ito. "I must ask do you stay without clothing because it helps you fight better or are you truly a deviant?"

"As I've said, I come from a village where everyone lives the way I do. We stay without clothing for health reasons and to stay in tune with nature. My sword technique was developed to honor my village's way of life, not the other way around," Hadakamaru stoically answered. "And no, not a single member of the village is a deviant or a pervert or anything like that. As with you and your people, what goes on behind closed doors is no one's business."

Ito let a chuckle, seemingly at Hadakamaru's explanation. In reality, Ito was chuckling to keep himself from crying; he wondered just who he entrusted the town too…

Nightfall came and the oni lumbered into town, ready to unleash one last wave of destruction on Orimono. As they reached the town square, the ogres found Hadakamaru, naked and sword drawn in a fighting stance. Upon seeing the lone swordsman, the oni began laughing, a cruel and harsh sound.

"This is their last line of defense? It's more pathetic than the last time and at least the other guy was smart enough to bring armor!"

"Hey buddy boy! Did you lose a bet? You can borrow a pelt from us if you really need it!"

"Whoa fellas, looks we got two full moons tonight!"

"I thought streaking was illegal in these parts! Better hurry and cover up before you get arrested!"

Undeterred by the demon's jeering, Hadakamaru gripped his sword and dashed towards the enemies. Completely unrestricted, Hadakamaru swung his blade in the blink of an eye, decapitating one of the oni. Caught off guard, the rest of the demonic ogres ceased their laughing and raised their clubs to counter attack. The oni flailed their weapons around in an attempt to strike the swordsman, but each of their attempts missed, hopeless outmatched by Hadakamaru's speed. The naked swordsman slew the oni in rapid succession, with the brutes falling one by one until none were left.

Once the invaders were completely vanquished, Hadakamaru drew his sword back into his scabbard and called out, "People of Orimono! Rejoice as the oni that have bedeviled you have fallen! You may now know peace once more!"

Upon hearing this, the townspeople come out from hiding and, upon seeing the corpses of the oni, rushed to their savior and celebrated their newfound peace. Hadakamaru had saved the town and was honored as a hero.

It is often said that Hadakamaru remained in Orimono and continued to protect the town from other threats over the years. When he wasn't saving the town, Hadakamaru was said to enjoy peaceful pursuits, such as meditation, agriculture and tea drinking. Hadakamaru could often be found interacting with the townspeople and partaking in town affairs. And naturally, the people of Orimono honored their promise to Hadakamaru; the swordsman was allowed to be nude for the rest of his days with the townspeople now accepting of his lifestyle.