"Where is the paw now?" the reporter asked Mrs. White. "Where did your husband put it?"

Mrs. White was in tears the entire time. She did not want to think about the events that happened last week.

"He threw it away," she managed to say. "I do not know where though. I do not want to know either. I want that thing far far away from this place. I do not want to see that terrible thing ever again!"

Part One: Centuries Are Nothing More Than Time~

Bianca Wilson stared out the window as it down poured. She was home from school for two reasons: her migraine hadn't died away and she just had surgery on her eye so she had a patch that went around her head. Also there was a severe flash flood warning, so she didn't have to go.

Bianca tried to blink but then ended up holding onto her head and the left eye patch. "Stupid thing," she mumbled. "Where the hell is Jeremy? He said he would go get the medicine for me. Ugh, I'll just call Mom."

She got up from her window seat in her room and walked over to her bed with the floral comforter. Bianca sat down and picked up her phone. She unlocked it and called her mom.

A few seconds later, the call went to voice mail. "As usual," Bianca sighed and ended the call. She threw her phone a few inches in front of her on the bed. "Why would she answer at work?"

A lightning bolt flashed through the sky and lit up her slightly darkened room with a blue color. Despite how Bianca was sixteen and was too old to be scared of thunderstorms, she jumped in fright like a little child.

Bianca thought for a minute then said, "You know what? I'm just going to call Jeremy and tell him off." She picked up her phone again and called her brother.

"Hello?" Jeremy asked a few minutes later.

"JEREMY! YOU IDIOT. WHERE DID YOU GO?" Bianca yelled despite how her head pounded.

"What do you mean? Where did I go?"

"You idiotic brother! You said you were going to get my medicine for my head and eye!" Bianca demanded.

"Ohh, yeah about that…"

"Jeremy, I hate you sometimes."

"They said it wasn't ready yet, so I kind of sort of went and got some ice cream," Jeremy admitted.

Bianca got a disappointed look on her face and went silent before she said, trying to sound calm, "Dude, a few things. One, its pouring rain. Two, you could have told me about the med. Three, you're an idiot, and four, WHY DIDN'T YOU GET ME ICE CREAM?!"

"Fine, I'll get you some if you really want it. Plus I think the medicine's ready. I can go get something for you after then I'll head home," Jeremy claimed. "What do you want?"

"Vanilla and chocolate twist sundae with rainbow sprinkles."

Bianca heard a small laugh from her brother when he muttered, "Kid ice cream."

"Shut up. I like it."

"Whipped cream too?"

"With a cherry," Bianca replied.

"Alright, be home in about fifteen."


Jeremy hung up and just when Bianca did also, lightning struck again and she jumped and screamed. She then heard the front door open despite the noise outside.

"Bianca, sweetie?"

"Mom!" She squealed and ran downstairs.

Bianca saw her mom taking off her coat and boots by the door.

"Hi sweetie," her mom said when she saw her.

Bianca hugged her as she she said, "How's your eye?"

"It feels like its being stabbed with a sword," Bianca answered.

Bianca has Congenital Retinoblastoma, well had, which is a cancer. Retinoblastoma is where there is a rare malignant tumor in the retina of the eye. But since it was only in her left eye, there were several tumors in it which is known as Multifocal Retinoblastoma. Congenital means it's hereditary. The doctors thought it was Sporadic, which is not hereditary. She has had it since she was little but couldn't get surgery until now. The doctors thought it would have spread worse but it didn't. She had surgery over the weekend to cure it and she lost most of her eye.

Her mom let go of her and said, "Did your brother get your medicine?"

"He said it wasn't ready so he went to get ice cream. I told him to go get me some since he didn't tell me. He said he would go get it when its ready then get me ice cream," Bianca explained.



"Well, while your at it, tell him to go get me some," her mom laughed.

"You tell him! I'm not calling him again," she exclaimed.

"Well alright. I might not even eat it since I have to make dinner so I won't. What would you like?" Her mom put her purse down on the little stand along with her car keys.

"I don't know."

Her mom walked towards the kitchen and said, "What about ravioli with some sausage?"

"Ooo, yeah!" Bianca got excited.

The next day, Bianca woke up at about ten a.m. Her eye bandage's wrap around her head got tangled into her hair so she spent almost an hour piecing her hair out because she couldn't take the wrap off, otherwise the patch would come off and so would the cotton gauze that was on her eye. She was only supposed to change it at night since it bled sometimes.

Bianca walked down the hall a few minutes after and down the stairs. She almost tripped on the last step because she wasn't paying attention and because she got distracted by a paper on the stand by the door. She walked over to it and picked it up.

It read:

You wanna go to that creepy but kind of crappy antique story when I get home from school? Unfortunately, I don't have plans with my buds later so how about I hang out with my little sis? ~Jeremy

Bianca got that disappointed look on her face again like always. "Jeremy's such an idiot. No one goes there. Like I'd go and be seen with him. Plus both of my eyes hurt now, I need to take that medicine, I hope I don't have another stupid tumor," she thought as she put the paper down.

Jeremy ended up taking his sister to the antique place around four. Bianca sat in the front with her brother, arms crossed against her beige fluffy sweater.

"I can't believe you."

"Well, I can't believe your wearing a sweater. Its almost spring," Jeremy laughed.

"Shut up. Keep your eyes on the road so we don't crash and get injured," Bianca said, expressionless. "I don't want another surgery."

"Jeez, I will, don't worry. I've had my license for two months. I think I know how to drive, alright?" he responded.

"Still. Plus, I'm really cold."

Jeremy raised a brow and glanced at Bianca when he stopped at a light. "Why? The A.C isn't even on."

"I don't know." Bianca shrugged. "I just am."

"Ha, did the surgery mess up your brain's functions so you think its cold or something?" Jeremy joked.

"I had eye surgery not brain surgery, you doofus!" She gave him a smack on his arm.

"Hey! Alright, alright, I know. Just stop hitting me," he said as he started to drive again.

"You missed the turn," Bianca said a minute later.

Jeremy blinked. "What? No I didn't. Oh wait, I did. How come you noticed that? I'm the one who's driving!"

"Unlike you, I'm watching the road. Plus I'm going to get my license next year so I should pay attention to these things," Bianca remarked.

"Don't sound like your better than me," Jeremy said as he took a U-turn.

"No promises."

About fifteen minutes later, the siblings finally got to the creepy antique store. "Now what?" Bianca asked when she got out of her brother's Camry.

"Explore," Jeremy said as he got out of the car. "What else? Maybe even buy something."

"You do know antique shops are really expensive right? All the things they're selling are so old, they thing if they put a big enough price on it, people will think its really valuable," Bianca explained as she followed her brother into the store.

"Usually it is valuable."

"Exactly," Bianca muttered then screamed once she felt something on her foot. When she looked at it, it turned out that it was only an old doll that fell from a chipped wooden chair.

"Wow, Bianca. You got scared by a doll," Jeremy chuckled.

Bianca picked up the doll to put it back on its chair and looked back to her brother. "Shut up. For one, old dolls are really creepy!"

"If you're in a dark room with them," he brother said then walked forward to look at some figurine.

"Ugh!" Bianca moaned and followed him because she didn't know where else to go. "What are you looking at?"

"Wooden elephant." He was looking at a handcrafted wooden scene with elephants and their trunks together.

"You're weird."

Jeremy looked at his sister and said, "Wanna go to the magical section?"

"Excuse me?"

"Magical section," he repeated.

"I heard you the first time, dimwit! What do you mean by "magical?" " Bianca asked, not convinced there would actually be a section called that.

"I'll show you. It's where they sell really old items that have legends of having properties of magic," Jeremy said and pulled Bianca by the arm to another side of the store.

On the way, they passed a fashion section and floral spaghetti strap dress caught Bianca's eye, well her only eye she could see through at the moment.


"We'll come back later, come on," he said.

Afterwards, they came to an entrance to where it said above:

MAGICAL SECTION (Could they actually be?)

Jeremy and Bianca walked through and when she saw a little golden lamp with various colors of jewels on it with a sign that read: Genie Lamp, she said, "Of course not."

"Hey look, they have something new," Bianca heard her brother say like a little kid at the playground. She looked to where he was and saw a weird furry object on a stand on the counter. There was a sign next to it but she couldn't make out what it said from a distance.

Bianca walked over to her brother so she was able to read the sign, which read:

"The Monkey's Paw"

"Oh my god. Why the hell do they have an amputated paw from a monkey?" Bianca exclaimed in shock and disgust. "This place is just getting weirder by the damn second!"

"Did you even read the description?" Jeremy asked and looked at her.

"I don't need to, it has a disgusting sight already!" Bianca expressed.

"It says they found it near the ocean…"

"And goodbye!" Bianca said she walked back over to the genie lamp; at least its appearance was better than that weird paw.

"Whatever. Hey, excuse me?" Jeremy said as he tried to acknowledge the black girl who was trying to straighten a walking stick with a gem at the top. She looked at him and he continued, "Can I pick this up?" Jeremy pointed to the monkey's paw.

"Go ahead. Just handle it gingerly. That thing is about a few centuries old, mind you," she said.

When Jeremy touched the monkey's paw, he drew his hand back. It felt prickly and crisp. He went to pick it up anyway and felt the padding on the paw. It was somewhat smooth despite how the black girl told him it was a few centuries old.

"Hey Bianca," Jeremy said as he went over to her. She was reading the sign in of a ring called "Andvaranaut" that could produce gold.

She looked up at him and straight away she noticed the paw in his hand. Bianca jerked back slightly and screamed, "WHY THE HELL DID YOU PICK IT UP?" She cursed as she grimaced at the paw.

"You act like its going to kill you or something," Jeremy said. "Just feel the padding on the paw, its soft."

Bianca glanced at it again. "I wouldn't touch that thing even if it was the last thing on Earth that could save my life."

"Then, you're lost," Jeremy replied and walked over to black girl again. Her name tag read Faye. "Excuse me…umm Faye?"

She looked up again as the jeweled walking stick fell back to the floor. She whispered a curse word then said, "Yes?"

"How much is this?"

Bianca blinked slowly then turned to look at her brother.

Faye sighed heavily before she said, "You probably didn't read its description thoroughly but then again no one does." She walked over to the stand where the paw would've stood and picked up the sign that was next to it. She turned it so she could read it since she was behind the counter. "Twenty five dollars."

"Sweet," he said as Faye put down the sign.

"You want it?"

Jeremy looked back at his sister. "Should I buy it, Bianca?"

"Nope," she said.

Jeremy turned back and said, "Sure, why not?"

Bianca stomped her foot as she made a fist. "Then you better get me that dress, you idiot!"