Bianca wouldn't move, she was too scared she would bump and fall into something. She was blind. She couldn't believe it.

She didn't wish for this.

"Bianca, calm down," her mom said as Bianca started to cry. "Why did you take the patch off?"

"I thought…I thought." Bianca didn't know what to say because she didn't actually know the reason to why she took the patch off.

"Come on," her mom said as she took Bianca's arms. "This way. Its alright, Mommy's here. You won't fall."

Bianca's mom led her out of her room and down the stairs for she was too frightened to take a step on her own.

Her mom took off work that day so she could take Bianca to the doctor in the afternoon. When the doctor saw Bianca, he was surprised.

"Didn't she just have eye surgery?" he asked.

"Over the weekend," her mom said. "But she took the eye patch and head bandage off. Then she said she was blind."

Bianca sat still in one of the chairs in the room. She refused to sit on the examination table because she thought she wouldn't be able to sit up on it.

The doctor walked over to Bianca and noticed that her brown eyes had been lightened. "Bianca? It's Dr. Gibson. I'm in front of you. Do you see me?"

Bianca shook her head. Her vision wasn't completely gone though. She could make out a slight figure but barely.

"Did taking off the patch cause this?" her mom asked, anxiously.

Dr. Gibson took a little light and shined it into Bianca's eyes. Bianca jerked back because she got spooked of the little light that did pass through her eye.

"No," the doctor replied. "I don't think so. It's just the cancer itself."

"She still has it?"

"Oh yes. But there may or may not be anymore tumors," he said and glanced at her. "Retinoblastoma can cause blindness even after surgery. It doesn't matter that she took the patch off."

"So that wish was for nothing?" Bianca thought but then realized that wishing for both her eyes back would cause her to go blind anyway because she still had the eye cancer.

When Jeremy got home from school at three, he found Bianca sleeping in the arm-chair in the living room. He was surprised that she didn't have her eye patch on though. Jeremy nudged her awake.

"Hey Bianca, guess what?"

Bianca groaned but woke up anyway. When she opened her eyes, Jeremy gasped, "Whoa, your…your eyes are…"

Bianca blinked and a solemn look came across her face. "I know. Say what you want. I'm blind."

"But how?"

"My wish." Bianca closed her eyes again.

"You didn't wish to be blind though…"

"I wished to have my eyes back but it made me blind," Bianca claimed and put her head in her hands.

Jeremy thought for a second and said, "Wait!"


Jeremy ran to his room to get the monkey's paw and went back downstairs to Bianca in the living room. "I got it."

Bianca sighed, "What do you got?"

"The monkey's paw."

Bianca opened her eyes and widened them. She shouted, "Oh no, I'm not using that thing again as long as I'm blind."

"Come on. We got one more wish left," Jeremy said.

"No," Bianca cried.

"Then I will, again." Jeremy put the paw in his right hand and took a deep breath.

Bianca looked up at him despite how she couldn't see him.

"I wish this paw never existed."