AN: Here is a poem I wrote about my city.


This City


Everyday I hear these sounds

I hear sirens, babies crying, others dying

I smell the smoke that haunts this city

The city that has more needles than a hospital


I look out my window and see drugs

All types of people, Crips and Bloods

I chose to hide away from this life

So I can live past twenty and have kids and a wife


I see the bars closing on the city

Trapping every one of us until we're sixty

From mothers crying to babies dying

To the sirens wailing and those who are ailing

I hear it all in this city


The city that I love, the city that I live in

The city that has more dead every year

I hear these things everyday

The things that scare kids from going out to play


More blood is spilled, many men are killed

You'd think I was speaking about war

But I'm talking about this city

This city, that is dirty to the core


All my feelings, my anger boiling

I can feel the snake around my neck coiling

I cant take it anymore, like I could before


All one can do is fear the worst

Hoping you don't find yourself in a hearse

You have to think fast, think first

This city is a curse