The clicking sound of frantic typing filled the otherwise void room. Three hi-tech monitor screens glared in the dark, gloomy room. The users were absorbed in their work, it was difficult, but not necessarily dignified. They were cyber-pirates. Hackers that scoured the internet, similar to the pirates of the dark ages. But they didn't jump aboard ships and raid them, they took control of the flow of data from your computer to the internet, scouring it for valuable passwords and details. Currently, they were working on the computer of a rather rich retired businessman. They were going to have yet another enemy by the end of this. And an extra few hundred pounds in their heavily encrypted bank account. Lily shifted in her seat as she worked. She was inputting the symbol of the "Black Ice Blazers", as they called themselves. A line of binary code she had memorized over her years of cyber piracy. The group understood that in their field of work they were younger than most others, and even though they were probably better, there was still the risk of them being hacked too, the whole reason behind their heavy encryptions on all of their devices.

That had been one of the rather stressful raids in comparison to other raids they had carried out. It had been worth it though, they had got access to bank accounts with funds of over a few million pounds. Yup, definitely worth it. Alex loved what he did, even if there were about uh… about a whole world's worth of police after them.

Alex Stevenson had a mop of flowing ash brown hair that reached just below his nose and captivating celadon eyes with a mischievous glint in his eye. His tall lean shape gave him a slightly intimidating appearance in the "lean and mean" sort of way. He had a sharp and defined jawline with slight stubble. He carried two shorter-than-average katanas strapped to his back and three StG 44's on his right hip.

Andrew Smith was shorter than Alex but a lot more muscular and strongly built. When he was younger he had been very arrogant and egoistic but that had changed as he matured to a much more sensitive and caring person. He had closely-cropped coal hair with a goatee. He carried a war hammer that looked a bit like the hammer that Thor carried. He had a TAC-338 Lapua on his back.

Lily Turner was a tall, slender blonde with sparkling cerulean blue eyes that looked like they could glare holes through you and an equally deadly temper. She carried a double-bladed axe on her back and three pistols visibly holstered on her left hip.

The group had their own residences but they all operated from the same place. Their "headquarters" of sorts was on the same street as many other cyber pirates. They were located on an island of unknown location that had been the safe haven for pirates in the middle ages and cyber pirates in the modern era. In both periods of time, only pirates of some sort had been able to find it. The island had no runway for planes and no clear landing area for helicopters, so you had to get there by ship, but that was protected a blanket of heavy fog and a maze of sea stacks. The combination of this and the heavy encryption of the cyberpirates on all the devices made it almost impossible to get to the pirates and the money that would go into successfully capturing this safe haven was too much to be worth it.