Andrew dropped into the speedboat as Lily finished setting up the motor for the most dynamic execution of outputting raw power. The speedboat came to life with a tremendous roar. The little vessel reeled away from the wharves and crashed side to side with the might of the waves, grappling to head in the correct direction. Andrew manhandled the boat back into position and forced it to go in the right direction. He grunted with the strain as the waves fought against him to push the boat eastwards, making the task arduous and enervating. Staunch currents protested against his movements and his muscles cried from the physical pressure they were being coerced to exert.

Heavy breathing filled his ears, his lungs smothered with flem and strangled with lack of air as he suffocated on his own blood. His muscles retched with lactic acid and a burning feeling stimulated his nerves to go into overdrive as he struggled to grasp the gravity of his situation. Mildew's words hung over his head like an ominous cloud and he began to doubt the loyalty of those he considered his best friends. He knew it wasn't that uncommon. In the world of criminals, even the best of friends would stab each other in the back for their own gain, maybe he had been a burden on them and they had decided to finally do away with him, letting fall straight into a trap waiting for him. A bitter laugh escaped his lips as his eyes filled up with tears, astringent brackish tears. Realization finally dawned upon him, he had been betrayed, cruelly and insensitively betrayed. It hurt him to think about it but he knew he had to face the truth, but for now, he let himself feel the pain and anger and melancholy of betrayal and hopelessness. Anger rampaged through him with unstoppable power and melancholy numbed his brain into an inability to make decisions with a cool head for his own protection and survival. The pain sent his nerves into overdrive as they struggled to cope with the titan force ripping the strings of his heart, turning it into ice, the ice shards destructive enough to destroy the world. But he took reign of his brain and heart and steeled his face into a hard mask of stone and his heart into a block of ice, good for nothing but pumping cold blood around his body, ready to take on whatever the world decided to throw at him next. A manic grin clawed its way onto his lips, sowing the seeds for a blossoming ruthless enemy to all who got in his path to stop Ecto, and with a final ounce of hatred directed towards life, he growled,"Black Ice Blazers are no more, and Ecto shall meet its demise with my dealings, even if it makes me a sinner or a murderer. I vow vengeance on all."

Utgard sensed a dangerous presence nearby, in his very forests, someone was out to get him and would be a formidable force to reckon with. The shock of fear sent him reeling as he struggled to process the unfamiliar feeling. It took control of him and felt like a knife twisting in his gut, rupturing the arteries and veins alike in its charge to seize control of him, and as history has told us many times, fear is the most powerful weapon of man and his greatest downfall. Steve grunted behind him, causing Utgard to swiftly turn around and lay his gun back on the moist forehead of the titan who dared to challenge him. Gobber watched nearby, his face blanched with terror. A soft growl emitted from deep within Steve's throat, despite his best efforts to stop himself.

Utgard fired.

Into Steve's foot.

A deep sigh of relief rushed through Gobber's lips as Utgard spoke gruffly, "Watch your actions you filthy piece of scum, I hold the power of life and death over you, be careful not to push the limits of my hospitality."

"Some hospitality this is. Torture, death threats, tiny cells and the company of an obnoxious first-class criminal. Wow! Just love the place don't you!"

"Watch it ginger"

A snarl of protest echoed around the room as Steve made his opinion on the subject clear. Steve watched as anger boiled up within him again as one of his friends was taken to be tortured and cries of anguish and desperation soon followed. His fingers curled tightly into a fist, he could to see the man's neck snapping in his mind and it felt good. He could feel his fist smashing into his nose, splattering red blood on the metal, speck less walls. What an improvement that would be. Alas the chains he was bound by had been reinforced after his previous outburst since Utgard was too scared to take Steve on again. Survival instincts kicked in and Steve wrestled with his chains to get loose.

A bullet whizzed through the supposedly impenetrable glass and embedded itself into the wall opposite. Utgard's eyes widened and he rounded on the window. "Who was it? Show yourself coward! Do not force me to kill you!"

"I am your demise"…

Author's note

I know I've just put up about 8000 words but I've got a lot more on my hard drive since I've wanted to put this up somewhere for a long time. I had it up on fanfiction before but it stopped really being a fanfictoin and a story in its own right(IMO at least). Please leave a review and some feedback it's always nice to see a bit of support for your writing and feedback to build on.


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