A soft growl filled the abyss of his throat as fear completely settled in for the first time in his life. Utgard had encountered his death and frantically attempted to do all that was in his power to prevent another confrontation. Sweat droplets formed on his forehead as he shuffled through the CCTV footage of every square millimetre of the island. Images flashed on the screen and his head pounded but he kept going.

His life depended on this.

The chatter of machine guns sounded in the distance. A cloud of fire -flaming red, like the roaring fire of an explosion at its most destructive point-shimmied into the air. Utgard had every soldier out on foot, hunting Alex down like a group of ferocious wolves. Adrenaline rapidly flowed through him and dread clasped its ice cold grip on his heart and anticipation shook his core. At that moment in time, he truly felt that it was frost flowing through his veins. But in fact, it was blood. Perfectly normal, warm, red blood.

Blood soon to be spilt.

His heart thumped audibly in his throat as he slowly turned around. A set of perfect forest green eyes pierced through his soul and all the noise became dampened with fear, like having your head dunked in water. "You are mine," the rough growl sounded in his ears," and you are dead."

"No, I am not" Utgard roared with passion concealing all but a trace of fear in his quivering voice.

The silence that followed was bursting with anger and fear. A silence that could be heard, a silence in the middle of the chaos and ruckus of the outside. It slit through the noise and crashed into him, powdering the insides, spill the warm, salty and sour blood coursing through his veins. then it stopped out of the blue. First, he was in the jaws of death. Now nothing. Was this death? Was his life on the edge? Or had he been spared?

The instant pain that shot up from his leg told him that no, he hadn't been killed. There was still a chance to bring down his death. In a second he began barking orders, gathering every soldier on the island to come up with a strategy to beat the nuisance that had just entered his life.

Alex ran his hands through his hair frantically as the last few minutes ran through his head. What had he gotten himself into? He didn't have any backup and he was engaging one of the world's most wanted criminals single-handedly. Mildew's words floated through his head, was he seriously useless? Shoving these thoughts aside, he decided that if he was going to die alone, he wasn't going alone, he was taking Utgard with him.

No matter what the cost.

But first, he had to get Toothless.

Utgard holstered his rifle higher up on his shoulder, he was leading the main search, he would hunt every single inch of this island till he found that person who dared to threaten him. His eyes were narrowed with anger and determination, after all, he had to answer the leader too and getting killed just wouldn't do.

He glimpsed a flash of auburn, but then it disappeared. He could have sworn on his life that he saw something, stalking closer to investigate, he gave his men the signal to wait. Carefully brushing past the forest vegetation, Utgard crept closer to his unsuspecting target. Crouching behind a tree, he clicked off the safety on his gun. His muscles tensed. His heartbeat sped up. His senses became hypersensitive. Sweat trickled down the back of his neck. His forehead dampened with sweat.

He hurled himself into the clearing, letting loose three bullets into the air. Where had the boy gone? He could have sworn he saw the boy here just a second ago. Where could he have gone? Gritting his teeth, Utgard fired multiple shots into the trees, in a vain attempt to maybe hit something.

A roar of agony came from the forest. A sick grin formed on Utgard's face. He would kill whoever this was, even if it killed him. The man has the swagger of someone Utgard don't even want to lock eyes with, let alone cross. His arms are more ink than skin and his blonde hair so closely cropped that from a distance Utgard had mistaken him for being bald. Snarling, Utgard growled,"Who are you, and why are you here on my island?"

A laugh escaped the lips of the stranger, "I'm here for Alex."

The two men glared at each other, caught in a battle of wills, neither willing to back down. In a flash, Utgard's eyes hardened, he spun on his heel and stiffly walked the other way.

Alex watched this exchange from his vantage point on the tree. He looked with curiosity at the newcomer. This blonde man. He had a scar across his left cheek and there was a scare starting just below his eye and finish above his eyebrow on the right-hand side. Scurrying back into his cave, Alex plotted his next move. But now the plan became even more complicated. Not only did he have to face Utgard but also this new threat. His mind whirled with thoughts, letting distress set in.

Alex suddenly heard a hushed cough from the entrance. Leaping to his feet in alarm, Alex whipped his hand to his pistol before forcing the intruder to stare down the barrel of the gun. Andrew and Lily stood at the entrance. Alex's eyes narrowed, turning stone, an icy aura coming off of him. He took a deep breath, steadied himself, looked into their eyes, and fired.

The shock echoed through the cave, off its stone walls. Alex hissed, "Why are you here?". Gun still aimed at them, Alex let the anger flow through his veins, clouding his thoughts, numbing his heart as he threatened,"If I see you again, the bullet's going to be wedged deep in your heart, not the tree behind you." Ice seeped into his words, Alex letting rage lace his words. Andrew's eyes widened with terror, Lily's narrowed in fury."Fine, have it your way. Don't come to us seeking for help afterwards then."

Alex scoffed, "Come to you for help, the two people who I trusted the most but they still betrayed me in the cruellest way? Never."

Lily stomped out, dragging Andrew by the cuff of his collar behind her.


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