"Either you do what we want or we torture you until you die." he said, cleaning the blood from beneath his fingernails

She looked him dead in the eye. "You can't kill me. I've tried."

Breaking the cuffs holding down her other hand, she showed him the scars and burns, none as deep as the valley along the length of her arm, about a half-centimeter deep. "Stopped bleeding after half a minute. Didn't lose enough blood to die."

She brought her hand up to her neck, pulling the turtleneck down low enough to show him the scar along the front of her neck. "This one di'n't work either."

She put the shirt back in it's proper place, then gave him a crooked grin, showing off the missing teeth prominently. "I've tried about a million different ways, kid. You ain't gonna find one here."

"That's a bold claim. We'll see if it holds up." he replied casually, releasing her the rest of the way. "'Sides, you don't have anywhere else to be, do you?"

"No." She shuffled forward. "Lead the way to my usual cell, Cap'n. I know the drill from the last time you guys got me."

"I'm not your usual buyer, you know." he said, strolling ahead of her. "I'm... special."

"You're not a Haythem, then? Well, I'm not gonna waste my time, then. I'm their science experiment, not yours." Her demeanor suddenly changed, unstooping her posture and speaking clearer. She brought out several silver and gold objects; teeth, he realized; and placed them carefully in her mouth.

"Wait. I said I was special, not that I wasn't a Haythem. I'm Sa'id, the head of the Haythems. I came down here to meet you. Since this stint's different from your usual gig, I wanted to play it different." He attempted (and failed) a cordial smile as he led her out of the dark room and into a red hallway. "Would you like to join me for dinner?"

"Sure, Sammy. I can call ya' Sammy, right. Sure, Sammy, I'll go eat with the guy who just tortured me for three hours. Why not?" She glanced at him, a curious little peek that made her look so innocent (but killers are always like that). "You got ribs?"

He nearly laughed. Nearly. "Yeah, we do. And anything else you'd like."

"Fries. And soda. Mix of Fanta Orange, Wild Cherry Coke, Sprite, and a shot of Mountain Dew. And a teaspoon of lemon juice. Cold. And a freakin' New York Cheesecake, gluten free. Or chocolate pie. No, a creme brûlée. And lots of beef jerky. For if I'll be staying awhile. Oh, and if we're going overnight, then I want a couch, my big bear from home, my white blanket- Wait, no, two couches. And my nightlight and computer and copy of Fairy Foals. And my skull sketchbook. And my red jacket. And, like, all my clothes. And the black leather bag. And my good black and silver shoes. Black leather, white soles, silver zippers on one side, black on the other. They're wedges, but they don't look like it. I'm'a also need my pink makeup kit. It's got silver. Jeff knows what I need. My roommate. He knows. Send Sarah, he knows her. Thanks!" She paused, and looked around. "Why is no-one writing this down?"

"Don't worry. I got you girl!" Sarah said, quickly running out.

"So, now that that's taken care of, what's the plan, Boss?" She idly itched at her arm through her sweater, looking just over his shoulder at nothing in particular.

He smiled, and turned to move down the hallway. "You'll just have to find out."