Date 3/7/2018

The Monarch

The Wars are everlasting and the intervention of the different powers and the corruption of the government the uncertainty of the conflicts has ripped apart the empire and has killed any chance of peace for a whole lifetime.

Chapter 1 the beginning

The last 50 years has caused much trouble for the empire the monarch was once a revered title has now become a sly insult the head of state and the protector of the empire has become a forgotten relic the head of state is now under the control of a bunch of warlords who have never respected the tittle of head of state and they now struggle against themselves rather than the very real foreign threats that face the empire the Imperial throne has been vacant for more than 50 years.

The Imperial council of lords has not been in session for more than 25 years the countries version of parliament and its used to be elected by the people for the people but for the last 50 years the time after the monarch has been absent they have become more and more disconnected from the people they pretend to represent and they are now the nobility of the country and the nation that has seen so much trouble is the high nation of hightallia the nation has seen so much sorrow for the last 50 years.

The Nation of hightallia is situated in the south pacific a nation for one continent located between New Zealand and Argentina and the south of Easter island in a very isolated but safe part of the world at least before the time of troubles the nation had withstood the test of time until now the nation of hightallia has been called the lucky nation for its beauty and location in a world where geography is the difference between life and death for the nations of the earth.

The nation has been a bulwark in the region for a very long time and the nation's enemies and friends alike have a begrudging respect for the countries location and for how long it has withstood against the test of time the nation of hightallia begun its journey long before many of its enemies and friends even existed this proud nation has stood here for more than 700 years.

In the year 1368 the empires origins started in Eastern Europe mainly Russia and where the countries origins began is well documented but mainly used for warlord's propaganda but for histories sake the countries origins cannot be biased the nation of hightallia origin's began near current day St Petersburg in northern Russia where the countries people started at the time the hightallins where living around the st Petersburg region from there all the way to south to Smolensk and to Arkhangelsk in the north these people lived in this region for hundreds of years.

To call these people Russian would be accurate until 1368 the history of the region was troubled but at least stable for a very long time most of medieval history of Europe didn't include hightallia until after the decline of the byzantine empire the hightallins where concerned that the fall of the byzantine empire would allow Muslim and christen forces to expand into eastern Europe and threaten hightallin power the time of the byzantine empire was coming to an end the hightallins and the Byzantines where friends for centuries when they were once rivals but as byzantine power declined due to Muslim invasions.

The wars between the Byzantines and the Muslim powers of the region destroyed byzantine power over the century's every time the Byzantines came back from the brink they came back a little weaker and they could no longer hold back the Muslim hordes and required help they couldn't get help from the western powers bescesuce of religious differences and any help from eastern powers was out of the question the help can only go come from the north they couldn't hold out forever.

The wars kept going on and on and the territory was lost over time the hightallins became concerned about the balance of power in the region falling apart for they knew that what could be a threat to the Byzantines today could be a threat to them tomorrow Constantinople was the last major Christian stronghold in the region the hightallins started to get invested in the region around the year 1000 AD back than the hightallins where called the easterners a group of people that would become the hightallins.

The Wars of the Byzantine Muslims worried the easterners that the continued destruction of the Byzantine Empire would make them too reliant on the Easterners and they would be dragged into endless war and the continued loss of population and money would mean the long term destruction of the region and the byzantine empire western nations for a very long time had little to no information on the easterners and assumed the Byzantine empire was bigger than it actually was.

The Western nations like France and the Holy Roman Empire didn't know much about the Easterners until about 900AD when there forces expanded into modern day Poland and came into contact with Easterner traders and where surprised by how advanced the easterns were and were expecting nothing but primitives and nomads the easterns civilization started their rise around 700 AD.

Easterner Technology and culture flourished through trade with Byzantine merchants until the Byzantine empire learned more about its civilization around 780 AD and its jealous emperor decided its trade was not beneficial enough from their point of view in 820 AD their 2 empires went into what they called limited wars and they were bitter rivals over the Crimea and the black sea they came into contact 765 and started conflict around 820 AD.

The wars these 2 medieval powers had was nothing to scoff at and the medieval powers mostly had navel battles neither side came close to wiping each other out bescesuce both the Byzantines and the Easterners had many enemies with The Byzantines having the Abbasids and their successor states and western powers like the pope and the franks and the Easterns having to deal with tribal nomads and other powers from Mongolia and Siberia and from northern Scandinavia like the Vikings.

The Successor states to the Abbasids where never as big but where just a ruthless as their Ancestor in pursing and destroying Byzantine assets in the eastern Mediterranean Sea and driving the Christians out of the Middle East region the Middle East would become a battle ground for countless centuries' for most medieval powers with the crusades and the Vikings being destroyed In the Baltic changed the power of balance in northern Europe.

The Vikings invaded many places in northern Europe including the home of the Easterners the capital of the Easterners was around the St Petersburg region the name of the capital was Sarastopl and it changed from time to time depending on the ruler the many rulers of the nation came from this region and the military of Easterners was structured around stopping the Viking invasions and the constant invasions from Siberia and Mongolia.

The Western powers eventually all found out about this mysterious eastern power and they figured this by the way the Byzantines mysteriously had these odd looking mercenaries in their armies the wars of the Byzantines and Easterners where over by 875 bescesuce Byzantine domination of the black sea became less important as making sure the Turks and the Muslims didn't cross into Europe from Anatolia.

The western powers reaction to the easterners was mixed from the mysterious and curious to the odd and the violent the Europeans where amazed by how such an out of the way civilization could be so advanced but where baffled and concerned about how women in the easterners nation where given more rights and privileges then in western Europe and they were outraged and appalled by how women could divorce and marry at will and they were even more shocked by women enjoying the right to marry who they loved even the nobility could and arranged marriages where not looked upon fondly and eventually where banned later in their history.

The wars between the western powers had plagued much communication between the western powers and the easterners and they were constantly changing their powers and monarchs meanwhile as the easterners where usually more stable as there were no great powers from the east as the Chinese the Byzantines and Muslim powers where simply too far away to be a real threat from land the powers that be where simply too far away from the Easterners to be a real threat.

The Power of the Easterners where not to be trifled with and they were growing increasingly concerned with the threat of radical forces in the Catholic Church as the Viking threat ended medieval knightly orders where bashing each other's heads in the Byzantines and the Easterners where facing the real threat to the east like the Muslim Turks and the neo Mongols from the southern steppes some say they are descended from the white Huns that helped destroy the Western Roman Empire and Attila's Huns.

The problem both the Byzantines and the Easterners faced was that if either empire had a really bad emperor or one of the powers collapsed the other one would be completely without allies and military support this was the main weakness of both parties in this alliance of convenience and they both knew it even if they both hated to admit it to themselves the empire of Byzantium wasn't going last forever even if they wanted it to an empire can collapse and this ones best days where well and truly behind it no empire can last forever and this one was no exception.

The Byzantine empire was free at first to pick its battles wisely as it not only had to fight both western and eastern powers but was concerned that any major disruption to its alliance with its main ally could signal weakness to other major European powers like the Franks and the huge Holy Roman Empire that was still relatively stable before it became a joke.

The Easterners where always expecting to deal with other major powers at some point but as the holy Roman Emperor was always struggling to hold onto power with his many many provinces the problem was that eventually the Easterners might face competition closer to home and they were not ready to face it just as they might have wanted to cough cough the Mongols.

The Vikings where the only real serious threat close by to them and most of the time they just raided not settle or though they tried later on in the 1100s they were not considered to be as a serious threat as more major European powers by chance per say the Holy Roman Empire untied under one banner or the tribes in the Urals became more organised and there raids more destructive and managed to damage a few of their more eastern cities.

The time of byzantine supremacy came and went with the battle of Menzikert in 1071 in the Byzantine theme of Iberia the Easterns did not directly participate in the battle but they had sent a lot of mercenaries to the byzantine empire over the years and they did enjoy quite a lot of leeway and extra payment for both nations having such good relations

The cost of the battle was huge for both nations as over 5000 of the Easterns best mercenaries where at the battle another thing to add is that the Easterns allowed their women to become Temporary soldiers in times of national crises but not permeant soldiers or mercenaries at least not until 1368 and beyond at the battle of Menzikert there where over 5000 Easterners as infantry and 200 horses Cavalrymen and surprisingly 20 women sneaked away from the easterner homelands and became mercenaries.

These women would never see their homeland again as at the battle they and the rest of the Easterners fought bravely just like if they were defending their homes they fought to a single man and women on the field that day the women of course where disguised as men and only a few Easterner men knew what they really where the battle of Menzikert sealed the fate of Byzantine Anatolia and the empire itself for the Byzantines a loss of faces to their Easterner allies and to the Easterners themselves a relook at policy decisions.

The battle forever changed Easterner and Byzantine relations and a new outlook was needed to be established to see if the 2 powers friendship was worth it the battle of Menzikert also changed the face of the region and heralded in the crusades and allowed Muslim forces to get ever closer to Constantinople the main problem for the Easterners was to determine if this realsonhips was worth it.

The Lack of battles and loss of faces afterwards angered the Easterner Monarchs and the leading force in the region looked more and more to be Muslim and not orthodox christen the Easterners where not fully Eastern orthodox but they were more sympathetic to their cause then to the western church under the pope this would become a source of tension during and after the crusades as the crusades allowed western nations to fully find out more and establish military contact with the t easterners.

The Pope in Rome had heard of the Easterners not long after 900 AD when the Holy Roman Empire Established contact with them and he concluded that they either must be heretics or must be sent from god to help Christianity against the Muslim hordes and they must have decided to help the Byzantines in their hour of need despite the disturbing news of how Easterner society was run.

Granted the pope would have only gotten a few fragments of information about these mysterious foreigners and there near heretical ways including how they treat their women and how their monarch was chosen the pope would only have gotten these pieces of information over a very long period of time considering the distances and how they communicated and such the letters the pope would have gotten from the holy Roman Emperor would have been near disturbing had not been for them fighting the Muslims.

The thought of having to deal with yet more heretics worried the pope to no end including the need to summing the Holy Roman Emperor to discuss these new events in 915 and they would need to be careful not to anger other Christian monarchs and make them suspicious of the pope's intentions and making sure the Holy Roman Emperor remained loyal to the church of course the wars between England and France would distract them and the Spanish would be focusing on their internal problems including the Reconquista.

The pope was always busy especially when at this time the pope could still safely be political and was debating whether the church needed to reform or weather to use these new foreigners as an excuse to execute heretics and be more radical like some previous popes much debate was made and when news came of the Holy Roman Emperors death from smallpox came he was torn between having to help deal with these new groups like the Easterners or focusing inward and making sure the church was pure.

The was sad the emperor was dead and of course the incoming civil war that would result he was sad he could not meet with the emperor and formalise a strategy to combat these new and curious threats or opportunities and every new day came the chance that a new threat could perhaps even the return of the Vikings or maybe new Moorish invasion against the Spanish state of Castile or Even Portugal.

The threats continued to abate or change after the death of the pope in 917 interest in the easterns would decrease or be forgotten until the crusades and the battle of Menzikert the battles of the medieval lords and the tier knights plus the Vikings would put the interest of the Easterners on hold as well as the 10 year civil war that rocked the Holy Roman Empire the Empire that was neither holy or Roman and conflict would put these interests behind any conflict in western Europe would change any sort of wars in the future and the decline of the Byzantine would breed new states and occupy the churches time.

The Creation of these new states in Eastern Europe would worry and annoy both church and Easterner alike as it would mean increased competition for decreasing resources and less living space for future populations any new threat in Eastern Europe would have to be dealt with by the Easterners and the Future allies or enemies of them the process of colonising or conquering Modern day Poland happened over a few decades with clashes happen between the Easterners and scouts and Farmers from the Holy Roman Empires many many provinces.

The whole series of events started with the fall of the Byzantine Emperor at Menzikert and that allowed Byzantines enemies to for the first time in 200 years get a proper foothold in Anatolia and humiliate the Byzantine Empire the process of removing the Byzantines would take 30 years after Menzikert but would happen nonetheless the Byzantine emperor Romano's the 4th who was a good friend of the Easterner King Peter the 2nd who was good advisor of the Byzantine Emperor and helped him in serval wars and campaigns the wars of the Byzantine Muslims would never be the same afterwards as the fall of all Byzantine authority in the region allowed the Muslim Turks to gain a valuable foothold and crush all further resistance and edge ever closer to Europe and Constantinople the capital of the Byzantine Empire.

The fall of Menzikert and the humiliation and capture of the Byzantine Emperor signalled the end of the Byzantine golden age and a rapid decline in its fortunes the world forgot this battle but the Easterners would never forget and they would continue to fight but effectively they could sent any big armies into the region as that would violate Byzantine Sovereignty and any large Easterner army would have to cross over 600 Miles of territory or use their navy to cross the black sea and this was something the Easterner King was not going to risk.

Usually the capture of an enemy leader in battle would usually mean their death or if they were lucky the speedy end of a war and a large ransom paid but this would be an unusual case in that the Byzantine Emperor was treated well by the Seljuk Turks and they were unusually kind in their negotiations and his imprisonment was actually very humane by the days standards the war was effectively over in that any further Byzantine resistance would be scattered and isolated and the Worst part of this whole affair in being that the Byzantine state became more divided than ever and became itself a battle ground in that civil war would rage not long afterwards and a very unlucky Emperor would not survive it.

The Byzantine Emperor would eventually be released when a small ransom would be paid the Turks probably knew that the Emperor would not be on his throne long a captured Emperor is no Emperor at all and they were probably just humouring him for the afterlife the Turks were not complete barbarians they let a dead man walking have his fun and maybe explain to them why some of his mercenaries where women and looked odd they were of cause curious when they found dead soldiers with breasts when they were looting the bodies.

They decided to burn the bodies out of respect for the dead as they fought to the last and they deserved that much as any conflict is brutal and this was one especially so and they had a rare feeling of mercy any battle fought to last was rare epically with mercenaries who usually just flee when the battle is not in their favour these mercenaries where Easterners and as expected of them fought to the last and they held their ground as long as they could while other remnants of the Byzantine army fled the battle like the uncivilised Normans.

The Battle would forever be remember by the Easterner army as a source of pride and shame and later on confusion and maybe disbelief in the 20 women that fought there any battle fought by Easterner forces would carry more detailed documents of each soldier to prevent this from happening again i.e. the first military used by an army since the Romans and the Early Byzantines as the Turks buried the bodies but news spread of the defeat and they included how well the battle was fought by the Easterners but most of the reaction from news of the battle came from the capture of the Byzantine Emperor.

The Emperor was to freed but he did not know what the Turks where talking about when they mentioned the Mercenaries of course all he really cared about was getting his release and not getting tortured he was one of the few captured Monarchs in Medieval history not to have this displeasure and they were not going to do that lucky him he decided to try to bargain for his life and if he was lucky get the Turks to give him an escort back to Constantinople safely and securely he was wise enough not to push his luck and he didn't.

The Turks asked but they would not get their answers as to why a group of Mercenaries fought so well and why they had women with them why fight so well when you had no personal allegiance to man your fighting for that statement was repeated by the Turks many times to the Byzantine Emperor and he with language misunderstandings did not get what they were saying the Emperor never really tried to understand his enemies he had his Generals do that that's what they were for right? But in this case he should have done some private study because he came to regret that the Turks did not have a translator with them in the immediate battle space and they thought it wasn't worth it at the end of the day with their hard fought victory they were more focused on more future conquests.

The Emperor would never get his own answers himself why didn't apart of his army follow his orders and why did such a small apart of his big army fight so hard any battle has there hero's but this one was unusual in such a small group fighting on but no matter the battle was over and the Emperor had more pressing concerns like how to get the hell out of here or to save what's left of his dynasty if he couldn't he had no direct heirs because his greedy wife and uncles made sure of that he was left to think a lot in those days in solitude.

The Emperor didn't have to think very long as less than 6 months but he wasn't expecting a welcome home party for he knew about the ongoing civil war and his fate was very much sealed he would fight but it was hopeless for he died less than 3 years later in a monastery from infection from being blinded from his rivals and without his throne for an Emperor captured is no Emperor but a coward who left his empire leaderless the empire didn't cry for him for they were struggling between his uncles and his whore of a wife who not long after his death remarried and to add insult to injury less than 5 years after this Monarchs death another monarch died not a Byzantine one but the Easterner King the friend of the Dead Emperor Peter the 2nd.

The Next Monarch on the throne was his daughter Sofia the 1st and she would be the first female monarch of the nation and one its greatest and most controversial rulers as she would have to deal with such a big defeat on her doorstep and make do with a permanently weakened ally in the Byzantine Empire and of course have to deal with its corrupt court and the death politics of its nobles who for centuries' had their family connections to bribe and buy political and eventually military positions this became worse and worse over the decades and could of played a part in the Byzantine armies poor performance at the battle of Menzikert.

The future of the Byzantine empire was at steak and was on the defensive for the rest of its life and many years of decline will take its toll until the Seljuk Turks where at the gates at Constantinople the empire would be playing defence while begging Easterner and later Western Nations for help the nations of Europe would not be so generous as the Easterners the Protectionism of the Easterners was over and the battles of the future the Byzantines would be alone.

The protection of the Byzantines from the Easterners was never rosy and at times it was very shaky and the pressure of the attacks from the outside like the Turks and the Western nations but the Easterners would gladly help with the defence of the empire from the Turks and other Muslim states but the wars against the western nations because they were a lot more further than the Turks and more civil than the Muslim powers the Easterners also didn't consider them to be as much of a threat because they were usually to be busy fighting among themselves.

The New Queen of the Easterners Sophia had to make a lot of hard decisions regarding the Byzantine Empire she had to make decisions regarding the loss of such good troops she had to also make a few decisions regarding the expansion of the Holy Roman Empire and the increased aggressiveness of the nomad tribes in the southern steppes the ancestors of the Cossacks and rumours of a large force of nomads from the east the wars of the nomads where usually ignored by the Easterners but the situation had become a lot more serious.

The Queen chose a period of moderation in her own court and chose to not send aid to the Byzantines a decision that would affect Byzantine Easterner relations for the next few centuries but she would be forced to send an army when the situation became more serious when the Turks started moving into Central Anatolia her Military decisions would be scrutinised a lot harsher than her predecessors this was partly of course being not only a women but the first female to hold the post of Monarch and few other reasons like the critical timing of situation considering this was the biggest Byzantine defeat in about 400 years since Muslim forces besieged Constantinople itself with the loss of outer Anatolia this allowed the Seljuk to breach the hard outer reaches of Anatolia and this allowed them to get into the heart of the empire.

The main forces of the Turks where still intact as they routed a large number of the Byzantine army 20000 troops had deserted before the battle started but any army who wins a great victory will enjoy a great boost and this decided events in the near future as for the first time in a long time the Turks and can do more than just raid they can conquer and hold territory and this would mean not only more territory and influence but more population surplus for their armies to recruit and train more land equals more people and taxes and both means a larger army the long term battle between the Byzantine forces and the Muslim Turks changed considerably.

A long term struggle such as this will change and evolve but the battle meant the end of Byzantine dominance once and for all the Easterner Queen decided that current corruption and civil wars of the Byzantines and the Seljuk Turk expansion was too much for any one power to handle perhaps the Byzantines would learn their lesson and not decide to put court politics over the affairs of the realm and they would have to learn quick as the Turks would not wait for the Byzantines to have a breather the idea of kicking the enemy when they were down was popular back than and even today it still is.

The Power projection of the Byzantines was changed forever and not above all the loss of territory but the loss of such an important figurehead and leader to lose your leader is a colossal error but to lose the leader in an autocratic system was unforgivable and extremely damaging for even if the leader was still alive and released the loss of face was irreparable and they would not hold their throne for long this happened not long after the Byzantine Emperor was captured.

This conflict would not have any bigger battles than this in scale and certainly not importance not at least until the Easterners send an army to intervene 15 years later and then eventually the crusades and even than the absence of a strong Byzantine army would cause a lot more heart ache for them in the years to come the Byzantines would never have a strong centralised army again instead relying on foreign mercenaries and this would come to bite them in the ass as more cases of desertion became more common the future wars after this would pale to have a battle as important and as big in scale as this the core of the Byzantine Empire would be taken and loss of manpower be catastrophic.