It was around the 1650s-1700s and Raine was outside his house watering the plants when he noticed something strange happening to one of the flowers he walked closer to the Edelweiss growing in his garden.

When he saw it bloom he noticed a human being sitting in the Edelweiss rubbing his eye slightly the odd coincidence was that this baby looked similar to him except he had darker coloured eyes, he took the baby inside and placed him on his sofa.

Before going to his kitchen to eat a cake when he returned to the sofa out of nowhere the baby stole the cake slice and took small nibbles out of it before licking the cake crumbs of Raine's face Raine didn't expect that and didn't like having his cake taken from him.

"You brat stop that right this instant this is mien cake, not yours stop poking my face"

The dark brown haired baby boy then started crying, got off the sofa and went into Roderich's room for the rest of the afternoon until the doorbell rang.

Oh it's Odelia"!

"Hallo Raine, what happened while I was out"?

"Not much Schwester"

Oh, my! It's a baby" she exclaimed happily while she held the baby in her

"What, that foolish child?"

"Raine he's only a baby I wonder if he belongs to anyone here in Salzburg

"Odelia I found this heathen in the Edelweiss flower"

"Aww he must be a country like us, I'll go and make him some food he must be starving

"He ate mien cake earlier

"Hahaha he must have such a big appetite for Austrian deserts despite being so young"

"We need to think of a name for him"

"Well it has to be a strange name for such a bad baby"

"Raine please" Odelia said as she flicked through the pages of a name book.

The small hand touched the area of the page saying Richard pointing to the Rich part.

Well we are quite wealthy that's what rich means

Richard? now that's a beautiful name that means you'll grow up to be a strong leader when you grow up,hey that's the same meaning your name has Roderich!"

Ok I'll call you Richard

The small baby then giggled happily clapping his tiny hands together.