Richard is given an Interview

What is your name and age?

I'm Richard Edelstein and I appear to be 22 years old but I'm centuries older

What are your occupations?

I was a messenger boy and bartender during the Great Depression and Second World War

As well as a model, medic and part time artist

Do you have anything romantic going on?

I had an ex called Francis Bonnefoy but we had too many differences and it was killer literally

I later met a Korean called Hyung and Kelsie an Irish frau from Northern Ireland

Attempting a polyamorous relationship was messy I still platonically love Kelsie but my heart belongs to Hyung

How were your struggles in the past?

Well it's certainly been a train wreck ran away at 14, emotionally and mentally abused by my brother, always being seen as different and not good enough but being a sadist you sometimes have trouble with sympathy sometimes you feel it but can't show it and sometimes you can show it but you don't feel it you know?

What are your views on the LGBT community?

I am supportive of them

Gender wise I can understand why people don't always feel like a man or a woman being raised by sister and surrounded by traditionally "masculine" "manly" cousins I did feel like an outcast

I guess I'm a fem boy? I've never really been super insecure about my body but I've just been more of a "femmine" person

What was your boss like personally?

He was like a father figure to me

He would take me out to see theatre shows

And when we were in school together we got along but then we realized that ruling the world also results in destroying the world.

Kelsie: Richard you do realise what you were involved in back then

Richard: I'm sorry I'm sorry I'm sorry I'm sorry Francis I was a horrible boyfriend I'm sorry England that I have better control over youth than you I'm sorry America

Hyung: calm down Richard the interview is over now

Richard *sneering at Hyung*: funny since that was the name of a film that offended you so much you got salty with the producers of it

Hyung: Excuse Me kraut cum face

...the end?