Cat Attack!

Chapter 1



A power station exploded as a Minotaur brought his ax swinging down onto it. An alarm rang, singnaling all nearby guards to attack the beast.

In an igloo, on the outskirts of the city, two white cats lived, the older cat being a guard, while his son was an explorer. The alarm faintly rang, telling the older cat to fight the Minotaur.

"Icepop, this monster is very strong. I want you to flee. Don't engage with this beast. If the threat level increases, flee the planet. For now, try to wake up Snowstorm. Do not fight the Minotaur." The older cat instructed the younger cat.


The younger cat's father left, while Icepop reached over and grabbed a pair of pink earmuffs, and fit them over his head and onto his ears. He put an amethyst necklace on, which flickered with purple light. He grabbed a crystal dagger for protection, and left his home.

Outside it was snowing. Footprints leading into the city showed that Icepop's father had left. A small rack with a map sat at the door, but Icepop didn't grab it; he knew his way around. Black smoke polluted the usually pristine sky. A short pole with a compass on top was stuck in the ground a little ways away from Icepop's home, which Icepop walked to. The screen had two large letters on it: NS, which caused Icepop to groan.

"Great," he muttered. "It doesn't know where the Shifting Caves are right now. Peachy." Ice pop continued walking away, trying to get to an escape-pod silo. Suddenly, the snow under Icepop's feet moved, which caused Icepop to jump away. A short creature that resmbled a wolf appeared from out of the snow. Icepop was about to stab it, when it simply ran away.

'Strange' he thought. 'Usually the snow wolves attack. Are they scared of the monster?'

Icepop didn't let this thought bother him much, and continued on his way. While he was walking, he heard three beeps.

A robotic voice started talking, "Attention, all citizens! The Minotaur has destroyed three of the five power stations. The threat leavel has increased from level three to level four. If you are not necessary, or a guard, please evacuate the central city. Repeat, please evacuate the central city."

'Crud, I have to leave' Icepop began running through the snow, praying that the escape-pod silo still had power.

He finally arrived, after fighting a snow golem, and to his dismay, the escape-pod silo was out of power.

Icepop put his paws on his head, in between his ears, on his extra tuft of fur.

"Please tell me someone is coming to help us."

Outer Space

A Flying Saucer zipped through space. Inside, a green cat named Lucky and his two feline friends, a blue cat and an orange cat, named Azzie and Hurricane respectively, waited. A quiet beeping started up, and a screen appeared from a control table. On it, said Frigus, the number four, and a picture of a Minotaur.

"A Minotaur on Frigus, oh my," Lucky said. "Alright, set course for Frigus." The ship shook, then took off at speeds humans would be jealous of.

This is a story of adventure, battle, and heroes.

This is, Cat Attack!