Hello and, welcome to my new original book. This is something I've been needing to write without knowing how. This is an official work of my own art that hopefully people will read and, enjoy. I like none of what goes in my real life. Do not steal or copy my work; it's really not a wonderful thing to do.

This is mature for quite a few reasons. If I could name every reason then I would. Who doesn't love a little blood and gore? Who doesn't love a broken sisterly bond based off of real sisters? I somewhat do.

This story is dedicated to my one and only older sister; Nancy. Nance, you don't always think about things but, I love you. Don't know if you'll read it or not but, one day; you'll see the light. Also, thank you to the lovely Creativecolette for an amazing cover. It means a lot to me. Xoxo, The Madness 💫.

P.s. This is one of my original Wattpad novels. It is not fully written but, in the process. Proceed with caution 👌.

Chapter One: Movie Marathon Interrupted

It's like any ordinary movie night for two sisters until it all changes. They sit, waiting, watching and, not knowing of anything that goes on in the outside world. Why may that be? It's a scary place out there.

The youngest sister who recently turned seventeen walks into the living room carrying a bowl of buttery popcorn. She pops one into her mouth, plopping down onto the couch. Her dark green eyes were gleaming while her dark brown curl of locks was pulled into a tight and, neat ponytail.

The older sister is way too invested in the current horror film playing. Her hazel green eyes, wide in shock. Her strawberry blonde hair usually fell in waves but, currently held a loose ponytail. She was clutching tightly onto a green couch pillow to her stomach. Her nor the youngest knew they were being watched.

The two girls lived in a small two bedroom, one bathroom home that was quite rundown for it's price. The place was cleaner outside with a beautiful lawn but, no existing backyard. There were beautiful red roses sprung but, hadn't died since spring.

A noise caught the attention of the younger sister. She sucked in a gasp of air, slightly tilting her head sideways at her older sister. "Nance, did you hear that? It sounded like someone tripped over something outside."

Nancy was already freaked out due to the slasher film. Her eyes narrow into a glare at her baby sister. "No one is outside, Madaline."

Madaline could have sworn she heard a noise, shaking her head, she stood up, wiping her palms on the black leggings she wore. She tripped over the leg of the coffee table and, almost gave the floor a lovely kiss. She is thankful when she doesn't meet it. She uses her hands to clutch onto the table, shoving herself back onto her feet. "I'm telling you, I heard something!"

Nancy sighs, rolling her eyes at her baby sister. Sometimes, she thought she was pathetic. Other times, she didn't mind the non-logical thoughts her sister held. "Wonderful, movie night is officially ruined."

Madaline rolls her eyes all the same but, slowly moves to look out a window. She sees nothing but, the darkness until glowing yellow eyes catch her attention. Her breath hitches in her breath as she begins to slowly back up. "Um..."

"What is it?" Nancy asks, moving over to the window while somewhat bumping into her sister. Instead of seeing yellow eyes; she sees a different set of colored eyes- the eyes she sees are a pair but, the eyes are a mismatch of one red while the Other is blue. She doesn't know what to do. "It's probably a cat."

Madaline shakes her head vigorously in disagreement. "No, I'm pretty sure that is no cat, Nance. You know as well as I do that is no cat."

Nancy stood taller than her baby sister. The woman was around five eleven while the younger girl was five foot two. She tightly closed the curtain window, shaking her head. "I'm pretty sure there is nothing out there except for the shadows. What else can be out there aside from a stray animal?"

Madaline was prepared with an answer. "Something otherworldly."

Her words caused Nancy to whirl around so fast that she took ahold of her sisters shoulders roughly.

"Maddie, be realistic for a change." Nancy almost screams at Madaline.

Madaline sighs, knowing her sister would never approve of her way of thinking. When had the older woman? She hangs her head in defeat until suddenly the bell rings causing them to exchange a weary glance. "You can answer it. How about I go study?"

Nancy does not release her grip from Madaline. Instead, she disagrees with the idea. "Or we could answer the door together. Sounds like a plan."

Madaline slowly walked behind her sister, inching down the hallway towards the front door. The doorbell rings again, sending her nerves on edge. She really does not want to answer the door. She's shaking from head to toe. "Do we really have to? Can't we leave whomever it is on the other side?"

Nancy opens her mouth to speak when they reach the door. She is about to open it when suddenly the damn thing flys open.

There stood a freckled face boy behind dark brown hair and, scowling deep blue eyes. He was about as tall as the older sister. He resembled the fourty something more. He seems shocked to find them seeming frightened as his eyes land on Nancy. "Mom!"

Nancy lets a sigh of relief escape her. She pulls her youngest son into a long embrace. She buries her chin in his hair for a moment before pulling away. "Good God, it's just you!"

He shrugs. "Yeah, why wouldn't it be?"

Madaline shifts uneasily on her feet. Her hands are drenched in sweat. She eyes her nephew up and down, folding her arms, hugging her arms to her chest. "Will, did you see anything suspicious out there?"

Will turns to her. He sends her a scowl. "Of course, you'd be the reason for everyone being on edge with your crazy theories. You are a terrible aunt."

Madaline sighs, not believing, the idiot in front of her. She shuts the door, quickly paddlocking it and, turning to the two. "Would you like to tell him or shall I?"

Will looks from one to the other expectantly. "What's going on?"

Nancy rubs the back of her neck. She decides it best to tell him. She sighs. "We didn't want to worry you but, we saw weird looking eyes outside of the kitchen window. The pair of eyes were a different color; one red, the other blue."

Madaline's eyes grow wide. "I saw glowing yellow eyes. I don't like what it means."

Will seems to have a pretty good idea. He starts for the kitchen, letting the two follow his lead. He opens the curtains to find purple glowing eyes narrowed his way. He shudders, shutting the curtains while whipping out his phone. He puts the phone to his ear as he speaks: the two girls finally scurry into the room, "Bernie, we need you. ASAP!"

Nancy pales a shade of rosy pink at the name. She had plenty of conversations with Bernie who was a family friend and, roughly ten to fifteen years younger than her. However, she knew the the guy had some sort of desire for her which is why she opted to stay away.

Madaline stood quietly watching her sister and, nephew. A teasing smirk grow on her face. She lightly nudged her sister in the ribs. "Don't tell me you like the idiot too in return?"

Nancy can't stop blushing even after her son hangs up the phone. "Shush, Mad! Well, what has Bernie got to do with anything?"

Will smirks at his mother. "Fortunately, the guy will have some answers."

The two sisters exchange a knowing looking. Their entire world was about to change drastically.

"How long will it take him?" Nancy asks her son.

Will shrugs. "Not long. He's pretty fast."

"It'll all be fine, Nance." Madaline tries to reassure her sister.

Nancy sighs. "I pray you're right."

"We all do." Will snorts, shaking his head at the two.