Chapter Seven: Getting It

Heaving in, heaving out, eyes wide while staring up at the small downtown library.

Madaline is bent over with her hands on her knees. She is exhausted and, out of breath. She wore a light peach creme sweater, dark blue jeans and, tan combats boots. She was a sight for sore eyes. "Do you think she's telling the truth or pulling out leg?"

Will sighs, casting a glance at his watch. He nonchalantly shrugs, unsure of what to believe. He begins to take a step forward as his aunt reluctantly follows him inside. He always thought the library a boring place.

The building was made of tan bricks on the exterior outside. Inside, was a lavender carpet, rows upon rows of bookshelves lining the walls, a giant peach wooden desk one could check out books at or get their library card. There was even a small are of four desks with four computer desktops sitting and, matching chairs. The interior walls were made of solid white bricks.

"This ain't gonna take forever." William sarcastically snorts. His eyes drift over each book in disbelief. This is exactly why he didn't visit the library. "It's bad enough we had to walk for three solid hours to even get here."

Madaline glances around at all the books. She begins the search for the mystery book while her nephew is standing around dumbfounded. She mentally face palms, knowing the boy would hardly be of any help. When was her nephew of any help when it came to books? She knows searching through the entire library would take over more than a day. In fact, she bet it'd probably take their entire lives if they didn't hurry up.

They didn't have the time to wait to retrieve Bernard and, Charles from the shadow realm.

"Will, it would probably go faster if you helped to look through thr books. I can't do this on my own or we will be here all year... maybe, even the rest of our lives if we're not careful." Madaline scolds, her hands flying to her hips.

A genius idea come to his mind. He holds up a finger and, heads to a computer. "How about we try a smarter, quicker solution? We are only two people after all."

Madaline leans against the desk while he takes a seat in the chair. She snorts, knowing his words were unrealistic. "According to Tasha, you are the only mortal in our lives."

Will frowns, nodding. He types something into the computer. He sends his aunt a quizzical look. "Then, does this mean that Bernie isn't human? If so, what the Hell is he?"

Madaline thinks it's a good question. "You're forgetting Charles too. Are they some sort of shadow people?"

Will seems to not agree with the theory. "What if they've been a part of the shadow monsters all this time?"

Madaline let the words hit her ears. Could she believe such a thing? The shadow monsters were not considered good but, they were considered mostly in the category of evil. "How does them being shadow monsters fit in the situation?"

"They could have easily been undercover. Tricking us, to get you two to head over into the shadow realm behind." Will mechanically speaks as if his theory would be the right one.

Madaline sucks in a sharp air of breath. She knows it's a rather large accusation. "Nancy won't listen to reason even if you are correct. Honestly, we're giving this whole other realm and, stupid theory too much thought. Can't we just focus on the task at hand?"

Will sighs, glancing to the computer. He grins up at his aunt who has already scurried off to the right aisle of books. He tsks, shaking his head to clear away anything negative. "I'm overreacting."

Madaline slowly pulls a red leather bound book with golden pages out of other boring books. The title was even in gold on the front of the medium size, think book. Her eyes scan the title so she decides to read it aloud. "The Mystery Book: A Shadow Realm Novel."

Will curiously snatches the book from her hands. He turns the book over to find no author being named on it. His eyebrows shoot up into his hairline. "Where the frick is the name of the author?"

Madaline shrugs, not knowing. "How should I know, bruh? I'm not seeing it anywhere either."

"You're a book loving nerd. You should know where it's at." Will lamely points out, pissing his aunt off. He anxiously rubs the back of his neck.

"Am I also suppose to know where your girlfriend is?" Madaline angrily fires back. She is ready to take the book and, hit him upside the head with it. Her anger was out of shack most days but, she did well to keep it in check.

Will turns a shade of red. He begins to grow angry with her. "My apologies. I thought you would know. You and, mom are the ones who read books in the house. It's really a compliment if you think about it."

Madaline grabs the book out of his hand. "You are the biggest idiot God poorly created. Love you but, you have got to stop being an arrogant little bastard."

Will is not pleased with the way things were going. He was use to his aunt telling him about himself. After all, someone had to put the ass jerky in his place. "Look, I-"

Madaline cuts her nephew off by hurrying out of the double doors. She was not about to waste anymore of their precious time. She took off like the flash, moving in the shadows of the burning heat of the day. She had completely forgotten how slow her nephew was but, she didn't take the time to make sure he was on his way. She found herself in the house in a breeze, having the wind once again knocked out of her.

She just about collided with Tasha and, Nancy in her hurry. She holds up the book to their view after almost losing her footing while attempting to steady herself. "It took a bit but, we finally found it!"

Nancy and, Tasha exchange a look.

"You've been gone half of the day. It took a bit more time. Maybe, you should have gone by yourself." Tasha corrects while Madaline slides the book in their direction.

Madaline furrows her eyebrows. She jabs her thumb behind her. "I left the spawn of Satan in my shadowy dust."

Nancy rolls her eyes, lightly chuckling. "So, what do we do now?"

Tasha sends her a friendly smile. "We cast a spell to open a portal into the shadow realm. I can make the ingredients."

"Spell?" Nancy asks, baffled. She held no worries to Tasha finding out that she was the one to murder her husband. In fact, thanks to the shadows, she was pretty certain she could keep the truth from her.

Tasha nods. "Sì."

Madaline has a bad feeling already about casting a spell. Magic and, it's dreadful feelings it brought with it. Yuck!