First off: All Characters below are mine.

Second: This was created to further put depth to my character Thief Locket and what his past was like.

Third: This is a plot from an rp site that I am in, you'll understand when you get to the third chapter.

Forth: All these stories are a bit scattered but it's the Zombie apocalypse what ya gonna do? Have fun reading ^^

Jay "Thief Locket" Knight
Old Lucky
Robin Knight - Brother
Sparrow Fox - Aunt
Darryl Michele – Brother's Friend
Lavender "Sunshine" Michele – Brother's Friend's Daughter
Matt Curtis – Childhood Friend
Nightingale Knight (Fox, took her husband's last name)– Mother
Gold Knight - Father

Thief Locket – Pre-Apocalyptic Promise

It was a rather slow day in Lucky's Locksmith store, Jay worked on a few key cuts that were ordered. He wore his favorite skin tight white t-shirt, a green workshop apron, and blue jeans. He wore steel toed work boots, not at all what he wore during his last days on earth. He wore no skeletal mask, his hair was cut short, not long, a kind and gentle smile as he worked. He didn't wear his famous skeletal hooded jacket, he wasn't always craving fruity hard candy, or wore old sweat pants, with running shoes that probably seen better days.
"Thief, once you are done, we are going to lock up," an elderly rough man said from his spot by the racks of keys.
"Yes, sir," he didn't question the time, he didn't question the man. He learned not to question much on what's going on anymore. Much to his older brother's annoyance.
"You're brother is coming to get you," the man said, filling in the blanks. This was why he didn't question. The old man knew his questions.
"Got it," Jay said as he finished the last key cut. It was a printed key, nice design, he hoped that they won't lose this one. The person that ordered it had a history for losing their key. Then again, he kind of hoped they did. He turned everything off, locked it up, noted the key. Old Lucky was already out and waiting for him. He grabbed the store keys, and walked out turning off the lights.
"Thief, Lock it," the man said and started for his car.
"See you tomorrow," Jay said as he locked the store.
"No you won't, you're aunt wants you at her candy shop."
"Alright," Jay said and turned to see the man enter his car.
"All weekend, behave."
"Yes, sir, see you Monday," Jay said and waited for his brother to arrive.
It was a good long while before his brother arrived, nearing dusk.
"Jay, I'm so sorry I'm late!" His brother was a large man, even larger in his uniform. Clearly he had some overtime that the sheriff was pushing on him.
"It's okay, kind of nice to slow down once in a while," Jay smiled, "have a good day, Robin?"
"No, more paperwork was pushed on me, they must think that I'm a machine! Get in, Aunt wants us at home," Robin smiled at his little brother.
Nothing in the world was more precious then Jay.
The car ride was quiet, Robin never liked talking while he drove. Jay didn't mind, nothing interesting happened all day. They later arrived at a two story home. It was nice, their aunt always hosted breakfast, lunch, and dinner during the weekends. It was nice seeing his brother walk in, right after work.
"Auntie, we're home!" Robin called out for them both.
"Oh, welcome home!" a woman, looking a little frail but still full of life walked from the kitchen to greet them.
A never fail situation.
Even if this woman was sick as a dog she would always greet them when they announce themselves.
"You are looking great, Jay must taking good care of you," Robin said smiling hugging the woman.
"He's a sweetheart, Jay, how was work?"
"Boring, I only made two custom locks, and cut a few keys."
"A good day, is when you make someone else happy," his aunt scolded lightly. "Look at your brother, he's always making someone smile," she said.
"Then I'm going to have a good weekend," Jay smiled.
"Yes, you are. Eight am sharp, mister!" He walked with his aunt to the kitchen. "Robin, make yourself at home! I got Jay to help me," she said then whispered to Jay. "Did you remember?"
"Yes, this is the right one?" He held out a nice looking wrist watch. Black leather strap, silver, and polished analog watch.
"Yes! He's going to love it," she said happily as she tended to the cherry chocolate cake.
"That looks so good! You have to teach me that," Jay said as he started on dinner preparations.
"You can start now, leave that to me," he walked over to his aunt as she showed him how to decorate the cake.

"Robin, what happened at work today? Jay, can you go get dessert?"
"Alright," Jay smiled as he got up from the table and walked into the kitchen. He took out a small box and put the watch in it. He put it in his pocket and grabbed the cake that was sitting in the fridge. He put the candles on and lit them up. He walked out, and started singing, his aunt joined in.
"Aw! Was that today?!" Robin laughed, a light redness on his face. Jay put the cake in front of his brother. The elder Knight blew out the candles.
"From me and Auntie," Jay said taking out the small box and handing it over.
"You shouldn't have," Robin said once he saw what it was. He gave Jay a tight squeeze and went over to the woman who organized the whole thing and gave her a gentle hug and a kiss on the forehead.
"Cut your cake, Jay worked hard putting that together," she winked at Jay, and he responded with a smile.

The next day, he arrived at the candy store as his aunt said. He unlocked it, and put the sign as open. "Morning, Auntie!" Jay called out as he walked behind the counter and put on a chocolate bar pattern apron.
"Morning, sweetheart," she called from the backroom. Jay slipped on a kids starting roller skate and started rolling around in the store with it. Rearranging the shelves, restocking some of the candy, turning on the chocolate fountain.
"Blue Jay!" a small squeal sounded as soon as the door to the shop was opened.
"Sunshine!" Jay responded crouching and giving the small child a tight hug. Her father Darryl wasn't far behind as he walked in.
"Hey, Blue Jay," the tall man smiled. His hair was dark and short, but held such a gentle appearance. "How was Robin's day yesterday?"
"You should talk to him sometime, he'd love to hear from you," Jay said as he put 'Sunshine' down. She ran over to the chocolate fountain. She looked like she was having trouble grabbing what she wanted, so Jay helped her out.
"Nah, he wouldn't want to listen to me," Darryl said and shifted a bit, and tentatively walked forward. "Can I ask a favor from you?"
"Sure," Jay said smiling as he watched the little girl enjoy her small treat.
"Can you look after Sunshine for the. . . the weekend?"
"Of course! I would love to have her!" his aunt spoke up as she walked out and greeted the little girl.
"Absolutely, we'll have ice cream everyday."
"No you will not!" Darryl said sounding horrified. Jay and his aunt laughed.
"Jay, why don't you take your break, I bet Sunshine would love to go to the park," his aunt said. 'Sunshine' squealed with joy and tried to drag her temporary babysitter away.
"Okay, okay, just let me take this off and we can go," Jay said and went to the counter, taking off the apron, and roller skate. He walked over to where the bouncing girl stood and she escorted him away to the nearest park.

"Blue Jay! Spin!" Jay laughed, took her arms and started to spin around. He let her down and she started to dizzily walk over to the now open swings. He followed after, trying his best to keep his own balance. 'Sunshine' got on the swing and asked for Jay to push her. He obliged and gently pushed. He knew that she wanted to talk when she got on the swings. After a few more pushes, she started to speak. "Mommy is mad at Daddy. . ." he immediately understood the situation. Darryl and Melisa weren't on good terms anymore. They didn't love each other like they used too. At least Melisa didn't, Darryl still wanted it to work. For Sunshine's sake.
"Lavender," Jay started gently, "You know how we were spinning before?"
"Yeah!" she said excited.
"That's what love is like, your mommy doesn't feel that way about your daddy anymore."
"Oh. . . are they. . ."
"They might, Sunshine, if they ask you who you want to be with. . ."
"I want to stay with you. . ."
"You can't, me and Aunt Sparrow would love to have you with us, but it's mommy and daddy's choice."
"Would I have to leave?"
"Maybe, sometimes people feel trapped here, like it's going nowhere. It's suffocating at times."
"I don't want to leave."
"Someday you might want to, but right now, you don't want to go. Best to keep your mind open to new places. Just like food, never know if you like it until you try it."
"Okay. Blue Jay. . ."
"Thank you."
"Let's get some ice cream."
"Yay!" She got up from the swing and jumped to Jay as she was swinging back to him. He caught her with a laugh, and carried her out of the park. He put her down as they reach the sidewalk, and headed down to The City Dairy.
"Blue Jay!" a friend of his called out, running up to them.
"Hi, Matt!" Lavender called out happily.
"Hey man, what's up?"
"Nothing baby, and hey sweetheart, how was the park?"
"It was fun!" Lavender grabbed a hold of Matt's hand, keeping herself in the middle and swung between them. Jay smiled at her, and was glad she was light.
"So tomorrow-" Matt started but was cut off.
"I can't, I'm looking after Lavender, and working at the candy shop."
"Later tonight?"
"No, my aunt doesn't like you."
"I have to stay home and help out-"
"You always do this to me! I need love too!"
"I can help you sneak out!" Lavender offered.
"Yes!" Matt said excitedly.
"No, she'll know what's up. Aside from that my brother is also staying over for the weekend."
"Speaking of 'brother', Hey! Robin! Can I have Jay tonight!"
"No. Jay what are you doing? You're suppose to be with Aunt Sparrow!"
"She asked me to take Lavender to the park."
"As. . . as long as she knows. . ."
"What's up?"
"It's nothing, see you tonight, Jay."
"Something. . . is up. . ." Jay said mostly to himself, wondering what his brother could be keeping from him.
"Never mind about that, baby," Matt said, "what about Monday?" Jay shook his head. "Tuesday?" Again, Jay refused. "ANY day! Come on, baby, I miss you."
"You two sound like my mommy and daddy!" Lavender laughed.
"Imagine how the people walking past think," Jay put in.
"They won't care," Matt said.
"You shouldn't care what those bastards think, for all we know they could be into vo-"
"Shut it."
"uh Volvo's. . . yeah. . . volvo's."
"Were you gonna say 'Vore'?"
"Who taught you that!" Jay stopped horrified.
"News. I heard some one say 'It's a vore fest'."
"No more T.V for you. . ." Jay said and they started walking again.
"You're funny, Blue Jay," Lavender laughed.
"Aside from Volvo's they could be into BDSM, I mean look at them. They seem to like pretty much anything."
"And you tell me not to worry what they think. . ."
"For all I know you could be into that too, should we try it?"
"There is a reason why I refuse to take our friendship further then friend."
"With the way we are going, we should be married."
"With the way we are going, I should have left a long time ago."
"Ouch. . . Baby, why are you picking a fight with me? I just thought we could try something new. . ." They walked into The City Dairy, and immediately Lavender went to get an ice cream.
"Having boyfriend troubles?" the woman smiled behind the counter as she served Lavender her ice cream.
"Yes! Any advice?" Matt quickly spoke up.
"Please say to dump his ass," Jay muttered, looking away from them.
"Close. . ." the woman said giggling.
"I like where you are going, but he won't give me a time of day."
"Time. . . of. . . day?" she said slowly.
". . . oh my. . . why didn't I think of that!"
"There you go," she said to both Lavender and Matt.
"This is going to be a long week. . ." Jay said and followed after Lavender, leaving Matt to pay.

The walk to the candy shop was quiet, surprisingly so. Maybe it was because Lavender was on his shoulders blocking out most of what Matt was saying. His friend opened the door to the store, and he walked in. Darryl turned and seen that his daughter was passed out on Jay's shoulders. The guy said something but he couldn't make out what he was saying. Darryl took Lavender back, "Thanks again, Jay," he said. "I'll see you after, Mrs. Fox, have a good day, Jay."
"See ya," Jay said and started for the counter. Matt stopped him.
"I'm stealing you away," Matt said lowly, then his aunt interrupted.
"Ahem, Jay we need more chocolates made," she sounded stern, and the tight grip on his shoulder never lifted. Only tightening, then leaving.
"See you later. . . Jay."
"There is something wrong with that boy."
"He's a good friend, I don't see what your problem with him is," Jay said and went into the back.
"He's a bad influence! He's making this city unclean!"
"How so?"
"I bet he told you to steal those things! My little Jay, that scum is corrupting my sweet little Jay! They all will pay!" Sparrow said bitterly, "When your mother married that trash of a father-" he couldn't bare to listen to anymore of what she was saying. He stepped out into the alleyway and just looked up to the sky.
"Aunt, Mom and Dad died. Why bring them up and curse their name? They were happy together. . . they loved each other, then the incident with my eye, they fell apart."

Night of the incident with his eye.

Five year old Jay was being looked after by his brother Robin of Fifteen. Their parents were out, Jay didn't know where they went. But when his brother showed him the new Swiss army knife, nothing else mattered. His brother was careful, he was always careful of everything. But that night, he left that out the window. He was excited to show his new knife to his little brother. Jay grabbed for it, and it caught him in the eye, when Jay yelled, Robin jerked his hand causing a small scar under his little brother's left eye. The knife forgotten and Jay rushed to the hospital. Their parents were called, and Jay didn't see much of his brother after that.

Now, when Robin graduated from military school, they are together. But he's always reminded of that night, when he looks at Jay. He didn't know what to do, he felt helpless, but after seeing Jay work hard to be semi normal. . . he figured it wasn't all that bad. It didn't stop him from apologizing almost every second. Three years, that wound is three years old. Yet it still looks fresh, still looked red.

Night of the car crash.
Robin had just come home after three years of not seeing him. Jay's eye healed up great, of course he couldn't see out of it. It was hard getting used to it at first, but he still looked up to his older brother. He didn't want to be a burden to him, so he worked hard at doing everything himself. He was excited to see his father again, his mother was getting his brother, and father from the airport. He stayed with his aunt as they waited.
He had something for his brother, the box was large for him to carry, but he remembered what his brother liked. He couldn't wait to give it to him. An hour had past, and the phone rang. He heard his aunt, she sounded worried. Then a knock at the door. Jay ran to get it, it must be them! He opened the door and seen a strange person there. But the eyes never changed, he recognized them first.
"Robin! Welcome home!" Jay smiled. Robin walked in stiffly and set his things aside. Jay had ran to get something, which gave him enough time to take out what he got for his precious little brother. He regretted the day he hurt him. Each day it hung over him, but it seemed like it had no affect on his brother.
"Robin, you're parents got into a car crash, they didn't make it. . . where's Jay?"
"He went upstairs to grab something."
"Best not to tell him right now."
"Yes, ma'am."
"Robin! I got you this!" Jay came down with the large flat box. For a moment he saw a look of worry over his aunts face, then it vanished into a smile. A smile that didn't reach her eyes. 'Something is wrong,' he thought. He gave the box to his brother.
Robin took off the lid and seen a black jacket with a skeletal torso on it. He pulled it out, and it was a large jacket. "Jay. . . thank you," his little brother remembered. He saw this jacket in the store and wanted it, he couldn't believe his brother remembered. He quickly pulled Jay in for a hug. He knows his little brother, even though his gift couldn't compare to the jacket. His brother will love it. The kid never asks for anything, always willing to give and never take. He pulled back and gave his little brother his small worthless gift. It was a small metal dragon figurine. He seen his brother's eyes go wide, he smiled. Maybe it wasn't as worthless as he thought it was.
"I made it for you," Robin said a small smile on his lips. It took fifty tries to get it right, he shouldn't have second guessed himself. His brother would love anything that was given to him.
"Thank you!" Jay said and hugged his brother. Robin stood up and tried on the jacket, it was still big on him, but he knew he'll fit it later. Maybe he can alter it to fit the winters here? Make it more, him.

'I still have that dragon,' Jay though looking up at the clouds passing by. He wasn't sure when his aunt changed, it might have been when his parents passed away. Or when he first started stealing. For a while now, his aunt is more irritable, calling people that don't live up to her expectations 'scum' or 'worthless'. She's even started on him for being worthless. He frowned, remembering the first tongue lashing he got from his aunt when he first got busted for stealing.
"Jay, baby, you okay?" Matt's soft voice startled him, and turned to him.
"You asshole," Jay said, annoyed that he came up on his blind side.
"I'm sorry, but it's the only time I get to see you for you," Jay watched him wearily. 'Only time? He's been watching me like this?'
"My aunt is ranting again."
"I see, come here," Jay hesitated before walking over to his friend, hesitated because he was walking further away from the store back door. What if his aunt needed something?
Those worries washed away when Matt hugged him.
It was probably the only time he can find self worth.
"Jay. . . please."
"How many times are you going to ask that?"
"As many times as it takes, and then some."
Why? Why was Matt like this? Why want him? All he got was apologies, and sent off to work. Nothing more was given, but when Matt is around. He never got apologies, he wasn't forced to work, he wasn't forced to do anything aside be himself. Was it really okay?

No. His aunt would never accept. He can already feel the disapproval. He pushed himself away from Matt looking to the side, the side where he wouldn't see his friends hurt expression. His blind eye.
He looked down to the ground, as he rested against the wall. Matt never pressed further.

Matt watched his Jay lean against the wall near the back door. He was enraged. He hated that woman for what she is doing to Jay. Each time he saw his best friend, he was sadder. She was killing him. Slowly. He hated her. He hated the woman called Sparrow Fox. Hated her for what she was doing to his Jay. Why can't he see how corrupt she is? How insane she was?! He needed to get him out! HE NEEDED TO GET HIM OUT NOW!
But his Jay won't go. He wants to take Jay away from this. He doesn't want to see his innocent Jay corrupted. He can already see that she has her claws in him. Working him.
He saw sorrow in Jay's body. He's so expressive, he loved that about Jay.
He stepped closer, keeping his steps quiet before speaking.
"Jay, baby, you okay?" He didn't know when he started calling Jay that, it just came natural. Jay never questioned it, and allowed Matt to call him that. He liked that about Jay, whatever anyone calls him, he'll accept. No questions ask, no instant refusal, no matter how stupid it sounded. Thief for example. That name came from Old Lucky, and it stuck, occasionally those close to him would call him Thief. Matt wouldn't, he didn't want to be like everyone else. He wanted to be different. Just like Sunshine, she called Jay, Blue Jay.
As he called his Jay over, he saw him hesitate, this worried Matt, but waited patiently for him. This was Jay. He was skittish. Sensitive to certain things that bothered him.
Jay was used to him and his advances.
He hugged Jay close, he didn't want anything bad to happen to his Jay. He wanted to keep him away from corruption. Robin felt the same, and stayed away from Sparrow as much as possible. He tried telling Robin of the things that their aunt is doing to Jay, but the guy wouldn't listen. 'Jay seems alright with her,' he would say.
He was suddenly pushed away. This wasn't something Jay would do. He froze seeing Jay look away from him.
Please, Jay.
His heart started to break, his Jay was changing. Because of that bitch. Rage filled his being. He glanced to the backdoor where the woman stood smug. He wasn't going to let her have him. Jay belonged to him.
It has to be Jay's choice.
He can sway him a bit. He needs to play his cards right. He can't let Jay see the woman. He can't let Jay see how sad he was at being rejected.
He placed his hands on either side of Jay.

"Jay, run away with me," Matt stated. Jay had looked at him, in shock.
Run where?
Siren wasn't that bad a place to be. He knew his friend hated it here. He heard him say that it was too restricted. Jay never saw any fault in it. Or maybe it was his brother?
Robin did look tired.
Was he the cause of it?
Of course he hadn't stolen anything in a few months. Not since he started working with Old Lucky. And that guy was full of war stories. Sure scared him enough to not steal when the old guy was around.
But why leave?
Jay shook his head no.
"My aunt. . ."
"No. She doesn't." Matt said sternly, but his expression was none of anger, only concern.
Jay can't let this continue. His aunt would never approve. If anything she would get worse. He had to drop this guy. He. . .
"Jay, do you believe that you are happy with her?"
His head started to hurt.
He doesn't like this question.
"Do you like hearing how awful your parents are?"
Matt, why?
"Jay, please, come with me."
Jay shook his head. No.
"Baby, you know I'll take better care of-"
"No. It was cruel of me to let this continue," Jay said looking away, he saw that Matt's arm never lifted, it fact it stayed where it was relaxed.
Matt's right hand balled on Jay's other side. His left hand was relaxed and showed no anger.
This wasn't his Jay talking.
This wasn't his Jay's way of thinking.
Matt leaned closer to Jay, the other noticed and looked over to him. Matt timed it just right as soon as Jay faced him he placed a kiss on his forehead. Matt pulled away just enough to whisper, "I'm stealing you away, no matter what. Wait for me, wait for me, and I will always come back for you. Always."