Tomo has been invited by Alice to her house. This is a usual event, but Tomo has just betrayed the BH Girls.

Once again, I stood in front of her door. I gulped. My nerves were getting the best of me again. My ever-present nerves. Bloody hell. If there was a single thing I could remove about me, it'd be those, and then maybe the armpit hair-

I bit my lip. That sort of chaotic thought process was exactly what had gotten me into this sort of situation to begin with. The sort that had gotten me scouted for the BH girls.

Are you sure you want to do this? A familiar voice chimed not in my ear, but my mind. Feels like a bad idea. You should go somewhere else. Not here. The Stella Girls would be far more welcoming to you, you know.

"I know." I took a deep breath. "But this isn't something I can give up on. Not in a billion years."

Fine. Eris' prescence in my mind faded. Make this a good meeting. I don't want to see you like this, Tomo. Sad, and alone. Change that.

I nodded, readied my heart, and knocked on the door.

Quickly, the door swung open, and my heart skipped a beat as I saw who answered it.

Alice. It was her, in all her beauty. She looked gorgeous. Her brown-blonde hair was done up in a stylish ponytail, and her glasses only accentuated that look. Her face was perfectly round in all the right places, and her lips, by Eris, her lips were beautiful, even without lipstick looking perfect.

Her small, kissable mouth curled up in a tiny smile.

"Well, well! If it isn't Tomo?" Alice turned, and gestured me in. "Come on in. Have some tea. We'll get right down to business, okay?"

My knees weak, I nodded. "O-Okay. Yeah."

I followed her in. I couldn't help but notice the swing of her beautiful, beautiful hips, her-

I looked up and saw Alice smiling at me.

"My! Awfully forward today, aren't you?" Alice frowned. "Well that simply won't do. I've been inspired today, Tomo. I've been burning with the deisre to get my words down on paper. And as much as I'd like to tease you, I have work to be doing."

Alice led me to the living room. On the table sat a glass of tea.

"That was supposed to be mine, but you can have it." Alice ran a hand through her hair idly. "If you want snacks, they're in the fridge. I have some pastries. The stuff I want you to proofred is in the printer. I was expecting you to be a little later, so I didn't take it out yet. And, yeah. That's about it I think?"

"...uh, sure. I'll... just run and get those?" I turned around. "Ha. Um. Yeah. Okay."

"You do that, honey!" Alice walked over to her writing desk, in the corner with her computer, and got back to work, typing away furiously.

I'll admit it. My heart skipped a beat when she called me 'honey'.

I walked over to the printer, also in the same room, and grabbed her manuscript. I sat on the couch, by where the tea was, and began to leaf through it just to see the general structure. It seemed okay.

Honestly, though. I don't know why she asked me to proofread. My patron was Eris. Goddess of chaos. Random marks aren't exactly the best way to mark up a manuscript. And while now Eris had accepted the usefulness of probability rather than 'true chaos', her way of thinking still affected me. Although that being said, we'd only originally bound together because of our similar minds, so maybe that was my fault...

I looked down at the tea.

I wanted to drink it. To taste even the remnants of her saliva on it... but of course, I was too embarassed. I, a tiny, short, bookish gremlin. Comparing me to her is impossible. She was practically a godess of beauty, with how she looked. How could I even stand next to her without looking plain?

"Oh, right, speaking of which." Alice looked over her shoulder at me. "Tomo, how's the eradication of all human minds going?"

"...oh, hell."

She'd brought it up. That wasn't supposed to happen! That wasn't-

No, no. I was forgetting myself. To be a messenger of chaos I had to be able to roll with the punches. To change things towards an identifiable end while still acting on total impulse.

"...I should redirect that question back at you." I stared her right in the eyes, as intensely as I of all people could muster. "How are you planning on eradicating love?"

"...I could go about it a lot of ways." Alice leaned back in her chair, and looked at her nails idly. "But really. I don't think that's necessary. If we go with Heart's plan, love should go along with people's motivation."

"I guess..." I frowned. "Listen, uh, Alice. Do you ever think that maybe the Stella Girls have a point?"

"Pfft." Alice gave me a sarcastic look. "As if. All their talk about love and hope? Just silly. Love is foolish, Tomo. A biological construct designed for nothing but sex. And people have plenty of sex without resorting to love. Hell, I don't even need to fake love if I want to get laid. People with me know what they're getting- a one-night stand for my pleasure and not theirs. So I've gone beyond love. It's pointless and stupid, and would only distract me."

"...that's kinda depressing." Especially for me.

"That's why I'm Black Hole Love." Alice turned back to her computer and began to type. "Not Stella Love."

"But do you ever think all the destroying is just kind of pointless?" I looked over at her. "Like, my thing with chaos... Stella Mind has constant order, but she kept beating me! Because even within my chaos, she saw the patterns and worked with them! I felt almost like... I don't know, like my aspect is just silly?"

"..." Alice spun her chair around, and stared me right in the eyes, quite intensely. I looked away, nervously.

"...Well," Alice said, "you seem to be doubting yourself a bit!"

Alice stood, and walked right over to the couch. I scooched over to make room for her, but she dropped down right beside me, our shoulders touching. I shivered. It was blissful.

"Listen. The Stella Girls are idealists. Their ideas are born of lack of knowledge." Alice looked down at me. "Right? We've been over this!"

"Right, but idealism isn't bad per se! It lets you be happy!" I looked Alice in the eyes. "If someone who knows more could believe in themselves the same way the Stella Girls do-"

"Right, right, whatever." Alice sighed. "Listen, Tomo, I'm a hopeless person by anyone's standards. I feel no love, and I only have sex because it feels good and fuels my inspiration. You are equally hopeless. Normally, you can't do a thing. You're too nervous. But when you do act, you act on every impulse, and are shunned for it. We're both broken. But that's where the world's gone, Tomo. That's just where we are now."

"...acting on my impulses, huh." I sighed. "You may be right. That I'm hopeless. That we're hopless. But here's an impulse. I'm ending that now."

Alice blinked, and looked at me, shocked. "...what?"

"Stella Mind... I think her name was Lily? We had a chat." I looked up at Alice. "I realized chaos is useless when there's no sense to it. Chaos for its own sake is foolish. And she taught me that. But to roll with the patterns, to make yourself unpredictable while still following a possible future... that's far better!"

"What are you saying?!" Alice stood, her voice rising. "Tomo, you stood for mindlessness above all else! The subconscious' voice was yours! What's happened?"

"...A lot." I pulled the Black Hole Gear from my jeans pocket, and looked over it. "But from now on, I'm not fighting with you. I'm not fighting with them, either. I don't think I can work myself up over something like that anymore."

Alice's eye twitched. With a single sweep of her arm, she undid her ponytail, and let her hair fall. She loosened her collar, and looked back down at me. From the pocket on her pants came the Black Hole Gear, which she held out in her left hand.

She swung it to the side, and it morphed into her sword. A bubblegum pink-edged monstrosity of twisting vine-like blades. It emitted a fog that distorted the air.

Eris had told me manifesting my weapon outside of a full transformation was near-impossible for any but the most skilled users of the Gear. I knew Alice was good. But not this good. But oh well. I'd prepared for this too.

I closed my eyes, and took a deep breath.

"Run me through," I said. "I dare you."

Inside, I was quivering.

But outside, for the first time, I looked brave.

"...oh, fuck." Alice's voice said, quivering. "You had to."

I felt a pressure on my shoulders, and I fell. I clenched my everything, my muscles readying for imminent death.

But when I opened my eyes, Alice was over me. Her breathing was heavy. Her locks of hair flowed downward, and her face was clearly heating up.

"God," she whispered, hardly restraining the lust in her voice. "You look so hot when you resist."

I felt my face flush a bright red. "H-Huh? I was gonna die, right?"

Alice smiled menacingly. "Oh, darling. I would never hurt you. That bravery... it touches me. Hair down, remember? All prior business is off."

I looked away from her intense gaze. Here I was, an utter gremlin... and I'd just been pushed to the floor and pinned by the person I idolize. An utter sex godess. Her body. Her motions. Her words. I'd be hard-pressed not to love her. But...

I held up my Gear, and willed chaos into it.

In my hands, it transformed into that familiar gun, which I pressed up against Alice's chest.

"This is wrong," I said . "As much as I hate to say it, this is wrong."

"...My." Alice looked down at the gun, now pressing into her chest. "I wasn't expecting that. But I don't see anything wrong with this, Tomo. Is this just some leftover Stella sentimentality? What is it that you see that I don't?"

"All of this." I sighed. "Alice, I love you. I idolize you, and I love every minute I'm near you. But you'll never love me back. Not that that's wrong. Nor anyone! You have such gifts and you deny the world them, not because you don't want pleasure, but because you don't wish for anyone but you to have it! You're selfish, selfish and rude! You despise love, and that's a huge problem! Because every last one of those people you slept with most certainly had it at least on their mind! And I doubt, Alice, that you would sleep with someone you hated! You're a hypocrite! I have a feeling that unless I get you in front of the Stella Girls, you'll never learn to love, either! You'll never understand the fallacy of lust without love! So here's what I'm doing. I'm taking action."

Alice chuckled, though it sounded pained. "You and your whims."

"Alice, if only you knew. If only." I pulled my phone out of my pocket with one hand, keeping my gun squarely pointed at Alice's head.

She knew it wouldn't kill her. But outside of a Gear, it would hurt like all hell.

I dialed a number I'd only just learned recently.

"Lily?" I glared down at Alice. "I've a deal to make with you."

There was no response for a moment. I worried, for a second, that nobody would respond. But before long, Lily's deep voice answered.

"What," she said in a monotone so sharp it could cut wounds.

"I've realized my mistakes. I've been associating with people so close-minded that they can't understand a thing I say. And a mind that cannot comprehend change cannot comprehend the chaos I wish for." I looked down at Alice. "Here's the deal, Lily. Stella Mind. I have Black Hole Love. I can bring her to you. In return, I want you to promise me one thing."


"The Stella Girls must defeat her. And the one to deal the final blow must be Stella Love."