Chapter One

Nasrin Galveston the iconic red wolf killer stalked through the deep dark woods back through the darkness into the opening of light coming through the village. With her red cloak swaying in the wind as she walked with grace. Striding by with her woven basket in hand carrying inside the head of the deadly beast that lurks through the woods. The wolves. In her other hand she held her shiny sliver hammer dripping with fresh blood of her latest victim of her wrath . And as she walked back to her master with his prize in hand. Not bothering to turn around in fear of the woods she embraced the darkness that was woven in between this deadly woods. She smiled a slow predator smile and made her way back to the house where she knew tonight she wold not be dragged down to a deep cell underground and be punished for not killing a wolf. she would have dinner and have her masters approval she would have a warm bed to sleep in and a nice bath to wash away the blood and dirt the clung to her tunic and pants. So she kept that smile feeling no regret as she made her way through the village. Not giving a damn at the looks she received knowing that well she looked like some sort of creature she was trying her best to protect her village from. Though the Nasrin kept walking. And as she made her way to the house at the top of the hill overlooking the village below and as the guards at the gate shuddered at her presence and opened the large golden gates letting her through she remained proud and smiled at the wolf's head and walked with dignity because this was all she knew the only thing worth living for was the hunt. She was the red wolf killer and she would not be caged.

Chapter Two

As the door creaked open and her master Ragnar Galveston killer of wolves appeared in all of his 6 foot brown hair glory and stared deeply into Nasrin's brown eyes she couldn't help but shiver. Ragnar reached out and lifted the cloth covering the werwolf's head Nasrin couldn't help her smile slowly disappearing as she feared her master would not approve and send her hungry and into the dark dungeon beneath the house. She felt her masters hands caress her bloody cheeks. "You did good my darling red". Nasrin peered into her masters eyes knowing her master would soon let her eat after her hard nights work. Her master motioned for he to walk through the door. As she walked through the candle lit halls she could smell the chicken and bread and even cakes Ragnar's cook had mixed up for everyone. She felt her masters large cold hand lead her into the dining room where her and the other hunters sit impatiently waiting for dinner. Nasrin looked at her companions and chose to sit next to Rona a blond girl around her age eyeing the wolf's head lingering in their masters hand. Nasrin reached to pull back her chair when her master grabbed the chair and pulled it of her. She wished he wouldn't treat her this way. Everyone already hates her because she was the only one Ragnar ever took in as his own. Nasrin was even gifted with his last name Galveston. The rest of them were on his door without a letter just given to the master wolf killer of Audris to become one of his students. She still does not know why Ragnar would want to take her? She will find out it has eaten her away the past years. Ragnar told Nasrin that he was out hunting one night those 17 years ago. He had found a crying baby wrapped in a red cloak underneath a tree. Ragnar said he saw a baby who could either wither away and die in the woods and be eaten by a wolf. Or learn to hunt to fight and kill them. 17 years later and Nasrin Galveston is the best hunter in all of Audris. She is the red wolf killer. She is blood death and the wicked night wrapped in one girl. "A toast her master raised his wine-cup and as did the rest of the table to our beloved red." Nasrin looked down at her red cloak it was the only thing she had that was a clue of her heritage. A clue that could one day get her back to her family. Ragnar went on "the girl who brings the bloody rain down upon these woods the girl who purges them clean with one swing of her sliver ax to our red wolf killer." Her master smirked and drank his wine slowly as did her companions and as did she. Nasrin would drink this wine slowly. She would savor the wine. Not knowing when she would receive wine again.